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15 Sexiest Fairy Tail Female Characters

If you are a Manga fan, you would surely have seen the famous Shonen Manga Fairy Tail. The manga anime series has caught the attention of almost every anime fan. It is a perfect combination of action, fantasy, and adventure. The anime series is known for the fan service in a very heavy dose. The series Fairy Tail is also known for its exciting collection of female characters

How about checking out the best and sexiest Fairy Tail female characters?

Top 15 Best Sexiest  Fairy Tail Female Characters That Take Your Breath Away!

Well, without moving around the bush, let us check out the best sexiest Fairy Tail female characters that are set to enthrall you. 

15. Yukino Agria

Yukino Agria is a Celestial Spirit Magic user in the series. She is in possession of Pisces and Libra keys and is the only character after Lucy to possess her own gold keys. She is indeed one of the sweetest characters in the series. Her beautiful smile is what would make you fall for her. 

Yukino Agria

She has light blue hair like her sister Sorano. However, you would find her hairstyle to be cute and unique. She is blessed with big brown eyes and wears a dramatic white. Her attractiveness makes her one of the sexiest female characters in Fairy Tail. 

14. Millianna

Millianna is a slave and a friend of Erza. She later joins Jellal in the Tower of Heaven. After Jellal is defeated, she becomes a part of the Mermaid Heel guild. She is also seen taking part in the Grand Magic games. 


She is a cat girl and has warm brown hair and dark brown eyes. She is seen with cat ears and a small, catlike nose. You would find her dressing sense very unique and sexy. 

13. Sherry Blendy

Sherry Blendy is perhaps the personification of the hottest-ever female character in the Fairy Tail series. She is introduced in the series as an antagonist. She belongs to the group looking to revive Deliora. She is one of the beautiful waifu characters in the series. 

Sherry Blendy

She is blessed with blue eyes, pink hair, and a curved body. Despite the limited screen time that she gets, she is able to garner a huge fan base. She marries Ren Akatsuki of Blue Pegasus. She does impress despite being a minor character in the series. 

12. Levy McGarden

She is another mage from the Fairy Tail and one of the sexiest female characters to explore. She is a part of the Shadow Gear team. She is also a scholar and loves reading a lot. As the series progresses, she falls in love with Gajeel Redfox and joins the Magic Council with him.

Levy McGarden

She is shown as a small and petite woman. She has wavy blue hair that is tied with a headband. She has a great dressing sense and wears very cute and sweet outfits. If you have been a Fairy Tail fan, you would really find her to be the most sexy female character ever in the series. 

11. Flare Corona

Flare is another antagonist who changes over to a good girl as the series progresses. She is very hot and sexy. She is a part of the Raven Tail guild and also participated in the  Grand Magic Games of Year X791.

Flare Corona

She has fiery red hair. In fact, that’s a part of her weapon. She is seen keeping her hair in two equal braids and wearing a beautiful red dress. The deep neckline and high slit make her the sexiest female character in the Fairy Tail Shonen manga. 

10. Ultear Milkovich

That is one of the tragic characters in the series. She loses her mother and is guided through a bad path at a very early age. She joins Crime Sorciere. She begins her journey as an antagonist but is seen sacrificing her life to save Gray. 

Ultear Milkovich

She is quite like her mother and has dark purple hair. Her hair reaches her shoulders. She also has beautiful red eyes and very fair skin. Her hot bodysuit makes her a beautiful and sexy female character in the series. 

9. Minerva Orland

Her personality is very underrated. But she still impresses with her beauty. She is a Mage from Sabertooth. The character of Minerva was initially introduced as an antagonist, and she is seen ill-treating Lucy. 

Minerva Orland

She has a truly mesmerising hourglass figure and olive skin. She keeps her hair in a two-loop style and has green eyes. She keeps changing her outfits throughout the series and ensures that she keeps them sexy throughout. 

8. Meredy

Meredy was initially a member of the Oración Seis group. But after this guild was destroyed, she became a part of the Crime Sorcière under Jellal. She began her stint in the series as a little girl, but later grows up into a beautiful woman. 


In fact, many of the fans of the series did not like her initially, but after the time skip, she has become the hot favorite of everyone. She has long pink hair and a ponytail, which further enhances her beauty. She typically wears a red outfit, which further makes her look very sexy. 

7. Wendy Marvell

Wendy is a dragon slayer in the series and the youngest among them. In fact, she is the cutest girl in the guild. Initially, she was portrayed as a timid and sweet character but was later transformed into an exponential growth. 

Wendy Marvell

As the story progresses, she becomes a brave person who stands up for herself. In fact, this growth has made her win over a huge fan base. She also has another talent that makes her stand apart from among the other female characters in the series – her singing ability. 

6. Kagura Mikazuchi

Are you looking for a cool character in the Fairy Tail franchise? Kagura is the coolest character you would ever witness in the series. She belongs to the Mermaid Heel guild. She is very proficient in sword fighting. 

Kagura Mikazuchi

You would love the vibes associated with her character. Her purple hair and hazel eyes make her a beautiful woman that everyone would wish to fall for. She is also known to be non-tolerant of alcohol. She is a warm person and gels well with everyone. 

5. Cana Alberona

Cana Alberona is the resident drunkard of the series Fairy Tail. She is Gildarts Clive’s daughter. She has become a group of Fairy Tail ever since she was a child. Her father is the strongest Mage in the series. 

Cana Alberona

Her fashion sense is what makes Cana stand out. You would witness her changing her outfits quite frequently throughout the series. She is both good-looking and a heavy drinker. Her card magic should make her extremely unique. Her slim-fit pants, along with her tops, make her even more seductive. 

4. Mirajane Strauss

Mirajane Strauss is one of the hottest characters in the Fairy Tail series. She has been one of the most popular characters in the world of Fairy Tail. She is one of the strongest members of the guild. She is incredibly beautiful. 

Mirajane Strauss

She was once a pinup model, and she definitely has a beautiful body that really fits her looks. She is quite curvy in her looks and has blue eyes that look very innocent. The wavy white hair makes her look extremely attractive. 

3. Juvia Lockser

Juvia is one of the hottest girls in the Fairy Tail anime series. She is always after Gray. She is a Mage in the Fairy Tail anime series and initially belonged to the Phantom Lord guild. The prime factor of her character is that she is madly in love with Gray Fullbuster. 

Juvia Lockser

She is a beautiful teenage girl with blue hair and beautiful eyes. You would love her snowy complexion and curved figure. She was initially a little out of sync with the guild members, and now she has become one of the most important members of her guild. 

2. Erza Scarlet

Erza is not only the sexiest female character in Fairy Tail but also the best and strongest character in the series. She is, in fact, Tatania, who is the queen of the fairies. The character is known for her strength and beauty. 

Erza Scarlet

The hourglass figure that she is endowed with should make her personification of seduction. She is also blessed with several armours and costumes. Each of those armours makes her look nothing less than a goddess. In fact, when it comes to the number One female character in Fairy Tail, the competition always remains between Erza and Lucy. 

1. Lucy Heartfilia

She is the narrator of the series and one of the main characters of the show. The story begins with Lucy joining the Fairy Tail. In fact, she has been the emotional core of the anime series. Her beauty and sexiness should prove to be one of the best and should make you an excellent character you would come across. 

Lucy Heartfilia

She is known to wear revealing dresses and even gets herself in an embarrassing situation. Her long blonde hair and big brown eyes would definitely steal your heart. And yes, she is cheerful, warm, and one of the kindest girls in the series.  


And that was our ranking for the 15 best sexiest female characters in Fairy Tail. The list is definitely not exhaustive in any way. However, it should help you explore the beautiful characters in the series and make you enjoy the series even better. 

Are you a Fairy Tail fan? If so, do you agree with our ranking of the hot girls in Fairy Tail? Share your views and inputs with us. 

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