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Top 7 Best Topre Keyboards {Topre Switch} – 2020

Topre keyboards are perhaps something that you have rarely heard about. They are quite rare, whether at the business workplace or at your personal places. For the uninitiated, Topre is a Japanese keyboard manufacturer who is known to create a unique mechanical keyboard that differs considerably from the traditional options that we usually use. We thought of sharing a few of the best Topre keyboards that can dramatically improve your typing experience. 

What is a Topre Keyboard?

A Topre keyboard is one of the unique options that come with a unique mechanical keyboard construction. In sharp contrast to most of the keyboards that use a mechanical switch called Cherry MX, the Topre keyboards come with a different switch, called Topre Switch.

One of the unique and comfortable designs in the history of mechanical keyboards, the Topre keyboards use the custom made keyboard switch. Unlike in the case of the traditional keyboards, you will not have physical contact or actuation on a Topre Keyboard. 

What are Topre Switches?

Topre switches, as we mentioned above, are named after their original manufacturer. It is a Japanese company involved in the manufacturing of keyboards with the same name. These switches have been manufactured as an alternative to the standard mechanical keyboards and their switches. 

Topre Key Switch
Photo Credit: xahlee.info

The best Topre keyboard Switches work with a beveled, rounded, top that is connected to an electric circuit. That would mean the keystrokes are transmitted or transferred not through the physical contact of the key switch, but through the means of electric circuitry. There are electric sensors that transmit the keystrokes to the circuitry underneath. 

Topre switches

Topre switches remove the bounce experienced by the keys, thereby helping you achieve the much needed smoother action. The electric nature of the key contact makes them get back to their resting place almost instantly.

How Does a Topre Switch Keyboard feel?

The best Topre keyboard Switches give you a feel as if you are typing on a rubber dome. Unlike the hard, flat, and curved surface that you would come across in the case of a mechanical keyboard, you will have a very smoother experience in your typing needs. The rubber dome can also be adjusted depending upon the tactile feel you desire. 

Sometimes you may feel as if the Topre Switch is pushing at you. This can appear to be a little strange until you get used to it. That would be a different experience you may find with a Topre keyboard. In fact, the Topre switches tend to be very easy to touch, and there is not much weight behind them. 

The exact use of the Topre keyboards and their usage would be dependent on the type of user you are. It would be dependent on whether you are a heavy-handed user or a person who uses a light touch. 

Overall, the best Topre keyboard Switches and best Topre keyboards provide you with a truly wonderful experience with a smoother and enjoyable typing. Having said that, some people may not like the feel generated by a Topre keyboard, while there are a few who find it an enhanced experience on its own. 

The Sound of a Topre Keyboard

While the Topre keyboards do give out a click sound as in the case of a mechanical keyboard, but you will find it to be less springy or metallic in comparison. The pleasurable sound is perhaps one of the reasons that people prefer buying a Topre keyboard in most of the cases. 

Rather than explaining the sound, we thought presenting a couple of videos for the best experience can prove to be a great option. 

Realforce 87U 55g Topre and HHKB Sound Test – Topre 45g Sounds

Realforce 87U 55g Topre Typing Sounds

HHKB Sound Test – Topre 45g

Are Topre Keyboards Suitable for People with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Yes, Topre Keyboards are suitable for people with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or Arthritis. If you have any mobility or dexterity issues such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, arthritis, or any other similar issues, or any other flexibility issues, the best Topre keyboard are an excellent option ever. They require a lesser movement of your hands. Moreover, the keys spring back to their original position instantly and thus do not need any micro-adjustment requirements. 

Since the Topre Keyboards are easy to use, typing on them is never tough and challenging. That is precisely what makes them one of the prime options for addressing concerns such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or other similar issues. 

Top 7 Best Topre Keyboards

Let us now dig a little into the best Topre keyboards and alternatives to the Topre Keyboards that can prove to be helpful enough. 

  1. Happy Hacking Keyboard (HHKB)

HHKB or Happy Hacking Keyboard has been one of the clear leaders when it comes to the best Topre keyboards. The legendary manufacturer of the Topre switches has gained a name for itself for obvious reasons. The design initially was launched in 1992 by Prof Eiiti Wada. 

The keyboard comes with a light and compact design with 60 keys design. The compact design is one of the features that would make it one of the best options for portability. The keyboard can easily fit inside your bag. 

The construction of the keyboard is primarily made of plastic. The keyboard also comes with six DIP switch on the back. You also have a clear documentation for the functionality of each of the DIP keys. The layout is a little non-standard, and you may need to get used to the keyboard and a proper typing experience on it. 

  1. Topre REALFORCE 104UB-S Silent Keyboard

That should be one of the best and powerful Realface Topre keyboards you would come across. Equipped with non contact electrostatic switches, you can get access to a truly receptive experience in a smoother typing. The individually weighted keys are what would make it one of the promising options ever. The hard to reach keys can be activated with less force, while those within the reach can be activated with a heavy force. 

The keyboard does come with a considerably longer lifespan that can take around 30 million keystrokes. While you would find this degree of lifespan on a mechanical keyboard, that would be quite a rare lifespan for a Topre keyboard. The keyboard comes with a full sized form factor and has 13 programmable or function keys. 

  1. Happy Hacking Keyboard Professional 2

This is one of the prominent keyboards in its genre, and perhaps something that lives up to the expectation with an enhanced experience par excellence. You would find it providing a true Japanese keyboard experience. 

The number pad on the keyboard is removed to make it more portable and sleeker. So, if you own this keyboard, carrying it around should never be a huge concern by any standard. The keyboard is equipped with the capacitive switch in a similar manner as on the Realface keyboard. That would make it all the more sensitive and easy to use. 

You will get access to a smoother matte, a grey finish, and a professional appearance. The keyboard can be your best bet for all your needs in an office setting. While it belongs to the genre of Happy Hacking Keyboard, it can double up as a good option for programming keyboard as well. 

  1. Seasonic Topre REALFORCE RGB AEAX01

The Seasonic Topre REALFORCE RGB AEAX01 USB Wired 108-Key Keyboard is an excellent gaming keyboard and provides you access to a very enhanced gaming performance ever. Of course, the keyboard is not marketed as a gaming keyboard as such, but does come with a series of features that makes it one of the excellent options for the purpose. 

The capacitive switches make it quite easy to work with. One of the factors we found extremely interesting lies in the fact that the keyboard lets you change the point of actuation. That would make it a great choice if you are picky about typing. It can also be a go-to option for those of you if you have any sort of dexterity issues. 

The changeable RGB backlight is yet another plus point on the best Topre keyboard. The customisable function keys would further improve your experience in your programming needs. A whopping three year warranty should further make it a great choice. 

  1. Leopold FC660C

A 65 percent mechanical keyboard with Topre switches, the Leopold FC660C keyboard can be one of the best contenders for the best Topre keyboards. The keyboard comes with electrocapacitive switches. You would find the price of the product quite fluctuating, which may be a little difficult to buy it at the best price. 

The keyboard does come with a wide range of colors that include black, blue and grey, white, and grey. You can pick between two different switch options viz Topre 45g and the Topre Silent 45g. A tight, compact 65 per cent keyboard construction can make it one of the prime options which should be almost equivalent to the 60 per cent keyboards. 

The keyboard does offer you access to an improved and wonderful experience in an enhanced typing experience ever. As for the sound, you would get access to a truly wonderful and soothing sound as can be seen from this video: 

  1. Epomaker Niz Plum Atom 66/68

The Epomaker Niz Plum Atom 66/68 is one of the cheapest options among the best Topre keyboards. Of course, rather than a Topre keyboard, it can be called a Topre keyboard clone. It can be one of the prime options for those looking for the budget-friendly Topre keyboard options. 

The keyboard is equipped with the Topre imitation keyboards. You would get almost the similar Topre like experience even with the off-brand electro-capacitive switch. You can make a choice between 66 and 68 key interfaces. You would get a slighter variation of the 65% keyboards. 

You can get access to a series of advanced features that include PBT keycaps, entirely programmable keys, detachable USB-C cable, wireless/wired connection, and RGB lighting. Despite being a budget option, it does come with almost all the features that you would look for in an advanced keyboard option. 

  1. Cooler Master Novatouch TKL

This is yet another Topre clone keyboard, but yet it comes with improved performance characteristics. Of course, it is not officially Topre in terms of appearance, but still – you do get access to almost all the features you may be looking ahead to the best standards. The hybrid capacitive switches would definitely provide you one of the prime options ever. 


The keyboard does provide you access to N-key rollover for Windows and is not compatible with Mac operating system. The TKL keyboard does provide you access to 87 keys. The repeat rate modification offered by the keyboard is yet another enhanced experience in every respect. That would perhaps make it one of the excellent options for gaming. 

The aesthetic design coupled with a laser-etched keycaps can be what should make it one of the prime options in every respect. The O rings that come with the keyboard and keys can perhaps make it one of the excellent options making your keyboards much quieter in almost every respect. 

So you have the list of the 7 best Topre Keyboards. Let’s talk a little more about Topre switches to explore it a little more.

Topre vs Cherry MX Switches

It is quite difficult to compare Topre switches with Cherry MX Switches because Cherry MX comes in many variants with different features. However, if we talk about both of these, Topre switches are pretty much similar to Cherry MX Brown switches but with better tactility.

Topre vs Cherry MX Brown

When we talk about durability, whereas Cherry MX switches last for 100 million keystrokes, Topre switches last for 50 million keystrokes. Now, if we talk about actuation force, a Cherry MX keyboard has a similar actuation force for all key switches but Topre switches have different actuation force depending on the key location on a keyboard; such as keys in the middle will have a higher actuation, and keys on the sides will have comparatively smaller actuation force.

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Wrapping up!

Well, Topre keyboards are quite rare, and finding one with a reliable Topre switch may be quite difficult. The Topre switches are incredibly unique and have been unique in their own right. They offer you a very unique design, feel, and of course, sound. Of course, you may find them to be expensive when compared to the other regular keyboards, but the smoother performance and a better tactile feel are a few of the exciting features that would make it a great choice. 

The choice of the best Topre keyboards outlined in this compilation should help you arrive at the best gaming, programming, and other needs in an improved keyboard experience ever. 

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