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Permatex Super Lube – The Best Lube for Keyboard Switches?

The switch technology generally classifies the keyboards. There are various types of keyboards like optical keyboards, membrane keyboards, dome-switch keyboards, scissor-switch keyboards, capacitive keyboards, roll-up keyboards, and the most well-known mechanical keyboard. Each key of the mechanical keyboard contains a switch beneath it. Each button is made up of housing, spring, and a few other essential components. To keep all these components working efficiently, lubricating the keyboard switches is critical. 

Mechanical keyboards have multiple small parts whose functioning is dependent upon their condition. Reaching such small parts to clean them is a complex task, so lubricating them is the best option. Mechanical keyboards have a good lifespan. However, lubricants can make the machine perform even more efficiently. 

What is Permatex Super Lube?

One of the best lubricants for the mechanical keyboard is Permatex Super Lube. Permatex is one of the leading companies that has been essentially providing excellent chemical products for automotive maintenance and repair. Permatex super lube is known for its quality as it is not just another regular lubricant. This is a petroleum-based product which is great for mechanical keyboards. The product is considered to be one of the best all-rounder lubricants. 

Permatex Super Lube Features


Permatex super lube is an excellent lubricant that helps individuals not just to lubricate their product but make it go all the way to perform more efficiently.  The best part about the product is, it has long been regarded as the ultimate solution to the lubrication of the mechanical keyboards.

When it comes to the lubricants, one of the most essential and unique features is if the products are less viscous and still have a high retention rate. The super lube stands tall on this font. It is not the most viscous product that you would have in the market, but then it surely is the most long-lasting that you can have. Permatex super lube is a durable product. 

If you are staying in an area that is humid and you are facing issues with your keyboard keys, then there is a fair bit of chance that the reason might be the weather. In such a case, there is hardly a lubricant in the market that can help you more than Permatex super lube when it comes to lubricating the keyboard switches. The products are salt resistant and anti-corrosive, which makes it a perfect choice for humid conditions.

For the environmentalists, it surely can be an issue if the product is not nature friendly. Well, the company itself takes all the measures to make sure that the product is 100% nature friendly and can be disposed off easily. Thus, with Permatex, you can well get your lubricating needs met without worrying much about the environmental impact.

With these features, the product is one of the best that you can have of its type. Also, never to do away with the fact that this product is one of the most reasonably priced that one can have in the market. If you are a bit tight on your budget and at the same time want to have a good lubricant, then you have it right here.

Different Kinds of Mechanical Keyboards

Before we get to know the best lubes for Lubing the keyboard switches, it is advisable that we know the various types of mechanical keyboard switches that are available. Having a better understanding of the switches would only help you have a better understanding of the lubricant that you might be needing. 

 So, while there are various types of keyboards, of which mechanical keyboard is a type, mechanical keyboards can further be classified into three different categories, namely linear, tactile and clicky.

  • Linear Switches: These switches are the simplest form that one can have in the keyboard. They also are possibly one of the easiest to clean as they have comparatively lesser parts and conjures.

  • Tactile Switches: These keys are smooth and on pressing give a feedback. While it’s in the middle of the journey down, it sounds a click, which helps you understand that the click has been registered.

tactile switch

  • Clicky Switches: If you are someone who is in love with the click sound whenever you press a key and it helps you understand that the key has been pressed, then well, you have it here for yourself.


Clicky switch
The clicky switches are not much different from the tactile ones, the only difference being that they have a louder sound and a more definite click on pressing.

Buying Guide for Lubes for Lubing the Keyboards:

While buying the keyboard lubricating products, there are certain things that you need to make sure that you keep in mind. It’s almost equally crucial for the lubricating of all other mechanical devices. Here are a few essential factors that you would have to keep in mind.

  • Base: Every lubricant has a base. You must keep the base in mind while you are checking out for the best lube for your keyboard. Lubricants generally have various types of bases, namely water, silicone, graphite, oil, grease, and many others. However, when it comes to mechanical lubricants, they generally come in two bases, oil-based and grease-based.
    Oil-based lubricants are liquids with added additives. They are easy flowing and helps provide a layer below the keys, which helps in their smooth movement.
    On the other hand, when it comes to the grease, they are oil, churned with thickeners. Some believe that grease enhances the properties of oil and thus are more desirable.
    Generally, lubricants with an oil base are less viscous as compared to lubricants having grease base.
  • Viscosity: Even though the grease-based ones are denser than the oil-based ones, but still, there are lubricants which have oil or grease base and have more viscosity than the other variant having the same base. When using the lube for keyboard use,  one which has low or medium viscosity as it would be easier to apply in the spring and other small parts of the keyboard.

  • Use: If you are someone who hardly uses the system, but you are looking for one of the products that can help you keep them smooth for a very long time, then possibly you can choose the viscosity to be a shade higher than for those who do use the keyboards every day.
    On the other hand, if you look forward to using the keyboard daily and it is something that you use diligently for extended periods every day, you might go for the ones with lower viscosity as they would get the work done efficiently and extensive working would keep the keys free from and jitter.
  • Price: Well, that is something that is entirely upon you, but then, we do believe that you must get a glimpse of if you have a budget by your side, then you should have a look at the price tag before making the call.
  • Durability: When you apply a lubricant, it’s very important to understand how long it would last. Putting in technical terms, how durable would the lubricant.


Generally, grease or high viscous fluids are more durable than the thinner variants. However, the best kind of lubricants is those that are thin and yet durable cause they provide lubrication for a wide variety of products, In case of keyboards, it is recommended that you have a slim yet durable product that doesn’t need repeated lubrication.

Alternatives of Permatex Super Lube

  1. Krytox 205g0 Buttery Lube

Krytox 205g0 Buttery Lube is an excellent lubricant as it works in a dynamic temperature range which makes it easier to use. This product is not flammable, which is a remarkable feature offered. However, this product is extremely reliable as even exposure to radiation does cause only a minor amount of decrease in viscosity (8 %). Krytox 205g0 Buttery Lube is a great product, but it is a bit expensive due to the quality and features offered. However, Permatex super lube provides better quality and features at a reasonable cost. Unless you are considerate about the radiations that you might be having at your place, you obviously can have the super lube.

  1. CAIG DeoxIT FaderLube

CAIG DeoxIT FaderLube is considered to be one of the best lubricants for keyboard switches and other purposes. This product is highly durable and has a fantastic rating of 4.7/5 which clearly shows that people buying it do not regret. On the contrary, the product is quite expensive in comparison to Permatex super lube which is one of the prime reasons why it is not much preferred by many. Permatex super lube offers better quality, more comprehensive temperature range and is cheaper as compared to CAIG DeoxIT FaderLube. But overall, FaderLube is surely a good competitor of super lube owing to the features that they both offer to the user.

  1. CAIG Laboratories DeoxIT

CAIG Laboratories DeoxIT has excellent features like it reduces intermittent connections, improves the conductivity, has a decent temperature range and also deoxidises. These features make CAIG Laboratories DeoxIT one of the best lubricants. This product is not just a lubricant for mechanics; it can also be used as a cleaner for electronics. This product offers excellent features which makes it useable in dynamic temperature conditions also. Hence, CAIG Laboratories DeoxIT is a decent lubricant and can also be used as a contact cleaner which makes it special.

  1. Tribosys lubricants

Tribosys lubricants are an affordable product that offers decent features. Tribosys lubricants have some remarkable features like it seals out moisture, food-grade, rubber preservative, and have a wide temperature range. Tribosys lubricants are decent lubricants. However, they are made for daily budget usage. Tribosys lubricants lack some minor features which make it less preferred by people. Permatex super lube is more preferred as it is affordable and offers excellent features. Although for keyboards, the temperature hardly is a constraint, if you are still looking to have a wide temperature range product, then do not leave out on Tribosys lubricant.

  1. VPF1506 Thin Lube

The VPF1506 Thin Lube offers excellent features and is considered to be the primary choice for individuals who are looking for keyboard lubricants. This product is a bit expensive than the benchmark of keyboard lubricant because of its premium quality.VPF1506 Thin Lube has received a high rating by the users, and they often suggest others to buy this product. However, Permatex super lube offers the same quality and improved features which outperformVPF1506 Thin Lube as it is a multi-purpose lubricant. So although you might just take a shot at the Thin Lube, if you can have both of them, you should have the super lube instead of the thin lube.

Why Permatex Super Lube is the Best Option?

Permatex super lube is one of the best lubricants all because of the quality offered and the features. Permatex is one of the leading companies since 1909, which are providing excellent chemical products for automotive maintenance and repair along with home and hardware markets. This product is a petroleum-based product that is great for mechanical keyboards and can also be used around the house. This product is considered to be one of the best all-rounder lubricants. Permatex super lube is a great lubricant for lubricating keyboard switches.

Permatex super lube has changed the manufacturing world as this product enhances the performance of the mechanics and makes the machine more efficient. This petroleum-based product is considered to bring a revolution in the world of mechanics. Permatex super lube helps individuals to lubricate their keyboard, which helps to make them improve their performance. With the help of this product, individuals who were issues like jamming keys, noise from keys while typing and performance issues can be fixed efficiently. This product helps individuals to improve the performance of their keyboards. 

Permatex super lube is the best choice for keyboard lubricants as they offer remarkable features and quality at a considerable cost. This product is more affordable and has remarkable features in comparison to other lubricants. Hence, Permatex super lube is one of the best keyboard lubricants.

If you want to know how to Lube Mechanical  Keyboard Switches, do watch this video


‘Permatex has created a benchmark in the world of mechanics by producing one of the best lubricants that can be used for multiple things including keyboards.

Overall, if you are looking for an all-rounder when it comes to your keyboard lubricant, then we have the best option for you, and that indeed is the Permatex super lube. The company has a long history of having been known for producing the best lubricants that one might have. Surely among the various features that we have listed above, there would be the ones that would suit your need.

The petroleum-based product comes from one of the most experienced companies in the fields of lubricants as a result of which, we can also trust the authenticity that the company brings along and the expertise that they have. The various features like the anti-corrosive and salt-resistant just add to the great features that the products have.

Mechanical keyboards require a decent amount of maintenance which improves their functioning and lifespan. With the help of Permatex super lube, their performance can be enhanced. Hence, the super lube is the right choice for individuals who are looking for keyboard lubricants.

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