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Mechanical Keyboard Vs. Regular Keyboard. Which one is better?

If you are a computer or a laptop user, you must know already that how important a keyboard is?

We all know about it, but in this blog post, I would like to discuss about the Keyboards in detail. We will talk about the Mechanical Keyboard and Regular Keyboard as well.

What is a Keyboard?

The keyboard is an external input device that can be attached to a computer either with wire or Bluetooth. It is used to input the letters, characters, and different commands to the computer.

Despite being an external input device, Keyboard is an essential part of a computer because, without it, you cannot input letters, characters, etc. to your computer. However, the onscreen keyboard can help you if you don’t have a physical keyboard but that is for urgent cases; that cannot replace the external keyboard at all.

The computer keyboard is also called QWERTY Keyboard because the first row of letters is arranged as QWERTY. We have shared the history of QWERTY Keyboards in an old blog post a long ago which you can read by clicking here.

When we talk about Computer Keyboards, Membrane Keyboard and Mechanical Keyboard are the most talked types. Let me explain more about these further in this blog post.

What is a Membrane Keyboard?

A membrane keyboard is also known as Regular Keyboard. This keyboard uses rubber-like membrane underneath the buttons which makes contact with circuit whenever the buttons are pressed. Because of the use of the membrane, it is called Membrane Keyboard. And, it is called regular keyboard as well because most of the places you will find this type of keyboard because it is cheap and also when you get a new computer, you get this keyboard by default.

Image Credit => mechanical-keyboard.org

Membrane keyboards are good but not that great for someone who has a lot of typing work because typing for long hours on this type of keyboard your fingers may start paining a bit.

Later in this post, you will read Mechanical Keyboard vs. Regular Keyboard. But, let me first introduce Mechanical keyboard.

What is a Mechanical Keyboard?

The keyboards that use spring and switches for each button are called Mechanical Keyboard. There are different switches used in these keyboards but the German company Cherry dominated this industry, and their Cherry Switches are used in most of the Mechanical Keyboards.

Such keyboards are the best for those who have a lot of typing work. It is great because when you press a button, it bounces back because of spring fitted in the buttons, and you don’t feel pain in your fingers even after typing for hours. Another great thing is Mechanical Keyboards are a bit loud so that when you press the keys, you are sure that those are pressed well. With regular keyboards, this is a big problem where sometimes the buttons are not pressed, and you don’t realize when you type without watching the keyboard which ends up into spelling mistakes in typing sometimes.

I am a die-hard fan of Mechanical Keyboard, and I am using TVS Gold Bharat for years which are Indian Mechanical Keyboard. The sound of it makes me feel great while working.

I would say this is one of the cheapest Mechanical Keyboards out there otherwise there are so many costly Mechanical keyboards are available in the market which sometimes don’t fit pocket

Let’s talk a bit about Mechanical Keyboard Switches

There are two types of Switches: Linear and Tactile.

To actuate linear switches you have to press the keys all the way down which is kind of a Membrane keyboard keys but to actuate Tactile switches you have to press the keys halfway through. I love to work with the Mechanical Keyboard that uses tactile Switches as they are comfortable. As long as you finish pressing, the key bounces back quickly because of spring, and the typing becomes pleasant. You can read more about Mechanical Keyboard Switches here.

Why Are Mechanical Keyboards Better For Gaming?

I have been being asked by some of my friends that why mechanical keyboards are good for gaming because they were using the regular one, and wanted to know more about mechanical keyboards. And, that is why I thought to mention this in this blog post.

Mechanical Keyboard is perfect for gaming where you have to repeatedly press a few buttons to move characters or fire bullets. The sound confirms that you pressed the button. Gamers feel that double tapping a key on the Mechanical keyboard because of its sound. Above all, while you play games, you press keys harder sometimes, and that can be tolerated only by Mechanical keyboards. Even you do that hard pressing, they last longer and on the other hand regular keyboards’ keys may stop working suddenly if you press so hard.

Though I am not a hardcore gamer, I would always love to play games using my Mechanical Keyboard because its sound gives a great feel while playing some action games.

This is why Mechanical Keyboards are better for gaming than any other keyboards. I even don’t like Laptop’s keypad much as I feel pain if I type so much.

Benefits of a Mechanical Keyboard

  1. Most of the geeky people, love to hear the sound of keystrokes. And, Mechanical Keyboards are the best at it as they produce sharp sound when buttons are pressed.
  2. Because of the spring, when you press buttons, they bounce back which improves your typing both in terms of speed and comfort.
  3. If you are a hardcore gamer, you don’t need to go for the extra keyboard if you are already using the Mechanical keyboard because it’s great for gaming as I discussed earlier in this post.
  4. You can type for longer hours without getting any pain in your fingers.
  5. As already discussed earlier, the spring beneath each key allows the keys to bounce back fast. This makes the typing faster and painless.

These are a few best advantages of Mechanical Keyboards.

Mechanical Keyboard Vs. Regular Keyboard (Membrane Keyboards)

  1. Mechanical Keyboards use Switch and Spring beneath the keys which make them comfortable for typing whereas Regular Keyboards use membrane that touches circuit when pressed. Due to membrane keys are not much comfortable.
  2. Mechanical Keyboards are expensive whereas Regular Keyboards are quite cheap.
  3. Mechanical Keyboards are a bit loud which may be great for some people but there may be many who may not like the sound or their coworkers or family members may get annoyed whereas Regular Keyboards are not loud at all so no coworkers or family members will be disturbed.
  4. Mechanical Keyboards’ keys easy to press even they are old whereas Regular keyboards’ keys start to stuck and become harder to press.


I am sure you have an idea now that why are mechanical keyboards better for gaming and other purposes. Though we talked more about Mechanical keyboards, that doesn’t mean Membrane keyboards are bad. It is just that the Mechanical Keyboards are great for most of the purposes. Moreover, it is a personal choice and comfort of using Keyboards.

Many people are happy with regular keyboards, and many are more comfortable with the Mechanical keyboard.

Which Keyboard are you using? Do you have something to say? Please write in comments.

Below are a few nice Mechanical Keyboards:

  1. Aula Moon Slasher SI-2008 Mechanical Keyboard
  2. TVS Gold USB Bharat Keyboard
  3. Logitech G413 Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

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  • Hi Atish,
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful review.
    Yes, as the technology is fast growing more and more new gadgets comes out with a lot of new features for our easy use.
    Thanks for the wonderful comparison between the two.
    Nice that you put in the merits and demerits of both.
    At the present moment, I still love the mechanical keyboard, and I have been using the same for many years and in fact, I am more comfortable with the mechanical keyboard. I have been using the one the TVS keyboards in office and now at home.
    Thanks for the detailed write-up.
    May you have a great rest of the week.
    Keep sharing
    ~ Philip

  • Yes i agreed with you,peoples have different taste in this world.
    Many Peoples still working on Type writer for them Mechanical Keyboard is good because of their habit and a sound which comes out after pressing the keys of Mechanical keyboard but yes some peoples want silence like me who like to work on Regular Keyboard.

    Thanks for the share !! 🙂

  • Hey, Atish,
    You are absolutely right and i want to give this post 100 out of 100. I have recently faced a problem with my regular keyboard of my laptop. When i pressed the keyboard buttons they remain down and automatically letters pressed when i want to write any words. This is so disgusting and irritating. Then i bought a mechanical keyboard and now i can write comfortably. Thanks again for writing such a great post. People can know which one is better to use now.

  • Hello Atish,

    This something very unique over here 🙂

    I never knew that there are so called mechanical keywords, which tends to get writting easy while working on a computer.

    The comparison you made between the two keyboards are pretty awesome. I think I should get a mechanical keyword as
    I need to work longer hours of day to work and compose my blogging skills.

    Thanks for the share.


  • Wow, I also love mechanical keyboard. When I became an expert touch typist, I would get comments from people when they hear the speedy and sharp sound of the keyboard while I’m typing. I love it. Moreover, I like the speed and the comfort they offer which can help in typing for longer hours without too much pain.

  • I never understand why my keyboard(Membrane Keyboard) lose WASD buttons so frequently.
    I blame my Adrenaline for this. But I feel now I can get my gamer back with these mechanical keyboards.
    One more thing is Mechanical keyboards sound so crispy <3

  • Obviously Mechanical keyboard are the best. In my experience once you get to use and adapt to Mechanical keyborad, I dont think you very think of going back to membrane keyboard. But as the author said, it depends on your choice and what makes you comfortable.

  • Mechanical keyboards are far far better than then normal membrane based keyboards. If you mechanical keyboards then you won’t go back to membrane ones.

  • Don’t you love the typewriter feel and the feather softness of a mechanical keyboard Atish? A cool invention for writers and hipsters alike. Top notch research, by the way, loved reading your post.

    • Hello Kostas,

      I do love Mechanical Keyboards only mate. I mentioned that Mechanical are way better than regular ones.

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