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Will I Lose My Matches If I Uninstall Tinder?

Starting all over again on Tinder can be menacing. You can’t afford to lose all your matches just because you decided to take a break from a dating game. After all, getting a ‘Right‘ swipe on Tinder is not easy (Guys will better feel this).

Suppose you found your first date on Tinder and then it started. When you decided to take a break, you didn’t want to lose my matches. As you were about to hit the uninstall button, the first thing that came to my mind was, “will I lose my matches if I uninstall Tinder?”

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If you are also planning to uninstall Tinder, or accidentally uninstalled it, here is the answer to all your questions whether Tinder deletes matches when you uninstall the app or you will be lucky. 

Will I Lose My Matches If I Uninstall Tinder?

No! You won’t lose even a single match if you uninstall Tinder. It disappears only from your phone and not from Tinder’s database. So, it will continue to exist on Tinder. Whenever you reinstall the Tinder app on your phone, all your matches, their messages, photos, media, and also any new matches will be notified to you. In short, nothing will change. You can start exactly from where you left off.

When you create a Tinder account, all your data is saved on its server station. Tinder exists online on its website also. So you can even access it without any such app installed on your device. When you uninstall the app, Tinder data will be removed only from your device directory. All your profile information will still be available on Tinder. You would still be able to access your Tinder account from its website. To remove all your Tinder footprints, the only solution is to delete your Tinder account.

Upon uninstalling the Tinder app, your profile becomes inactive and so your Tinder profile will be pushed back and will not be shown up at the top of the list. However, you may lose Tinder due to zero activity and no response to your matches. It might be possible that they may ‘Unmatch‘ you.

Difference Between Uninstalling Tinder App And Deleting Tinder Account

Most Tinder users don’t know the core difference between deleting a Tinder account and uninstalling the Tinder app. And this is where all the confusion takes birth. Let me help you out in understanding the fundamental difference between uninstalling and deleting Tinder. 

First of all, make this thing very clear in your mind that deleting a Tinder account is not the same as deleting Tinder App. Deleting the Tinder app means you are just uninstalling it from your device but deleting a Tinder account has many permanent imprints of your action.

You may delete your Tinder account either by logging into the Tinder App or may visit the official Tinder website. When you decide to delete your Tinder account, get ready to lose all your previous matches, messages, links, and everything associated with it. In other words, your old Tinder account no longer exists in this world. Contrary, when you uninstall Tinder from your current device, all your matches, messages, and everything will still be alive.

Usually, Tinder users decide to delete their profile when account security is compromised or they don’t want to date anymore. In case, if you just want to take a break from the dating phase of your life, you should better hide your Tinder profile instead of right away deleting it. Yes, Tinder allows you to temporarily hide your profile.

When you hide your profile temporarily, you will be able to use your account usually. You may chat with matches, like them, and see them but you will not be recommended by Tinder to new ones due to constant inactivity.

When One Should Uninstall Tinder App?

Now I am assuming that you have read the previous section of this article and you know the difference between uninstalling Tinder and deleting a Tinder account. It is also important to understand when you should uninstall Tinder instead of deleting it permanently. The answer is simple. When you need a temporary solution, simply uninstall the app. Here are some situations that I believe are ideal for uninstalling the Tinder app from your phone.

  • When you are not active on Tinder and your phone space is running out.
  • When you want to take a break from dating.
  • When you are not getting the right matches from Tinder.
  • When you find other dating apps better than Tinder.
  • The error occurs in operating Tinder on your device.
  • When the Tinder server has crashed.

When One Should Delete Tinder Account?

The idea of deleting a Tinder account is absolutely right when you have decided to permanently take off from dating scenes. In the following situations, you might feel so.

  • When your Tinder account security is compromised.
  • When all your matches went away.
  • When you finally meet with your ideal life partner.
  • When you are getting married.
  • When you don’t believe in love anymore.
  • When you believe in arrange marriage.
  • When you want to delete your old Tinder data forever.

Pro Tip: As compared to deleting the Tinder account, I would personally recommend you uninstall it and keep your Tinder account alive. This way you would be able to store all your messages and pictures exchanged between your matches. Also, you won’t lose your matches.


Is there any confusion left between deleting or uninstalling Tinder? You should go through this FAQ section that probably will answer all your unanswered questions regarding uninstalling, reinstalling, and deleting Tinder.

If I Delete My Tinder Account Can I Use The Same Number?

Yes, you can use the same phone number again, if you already deleted your Tinder account. As per Tinder’s clarification on the matter, a phone number can be verified only on one Tinder account at a time. Since, upon deleting your Tinder account, all the data associated with it will be erased by Tinder, you can use the same old phone number to create your new Tinder account. However, the verification process remains in its place and so you have to verify the number again. If you face any trouble in verifying your phone number, the following quick workaround you may do to fix the issue.

  • If you are not getting SMS verification, wait for some time as there could be delays due to a slow or weak network connection.
  • Before you are all set to verify your phone number, make sure your phone is connected with a secure and strong network connection.
  • You may alternatively contact your network service provider, in case messages are blocked on your number for any reason.

If You Delete The Tinder App Does It Still Show Your Profile?

To answer this question, I would again like to reiterate the difference between deleting Tinder App and deleting a Tinder account. When you delete the Tinder app, all its data will be removed only from your device and not from the Tinder servers. You will be still shown up to other Tinder users and they can right-swipe you. However, your profile will be marked inactive and less visible to active Tinder users. Contrary to that, when you delete the Tinder account, your profile no longer exists on the Tinder database and hence it will not show your profile to anyone.

Upon Deleting Your Tinder Account, How Long Your Profile Will Stay Active?

Tinder has written bluntly on its Twitter handle that any profile that remains inactive for more than 7 days will lose its visibility to other Tinder users. Keeping that in mind, it can be assumed that it takes 7 days for your deleted Tinder app to disappear completely. However, the general rule is that inactive profiles will be pushed down to the row and appear less in other Tinder users’ searches. In fact, when you have deleted the Tinder account, the app itself will immediately disappear forever from Tinder unless you create a new one from scratch.

What Can Be Done To Recover Mistakenly Deleted Tinder Account?

Ah! it’s so downcast. Well, whether you deleted your Tinder account mistakenly or purposely, you can never recover your deleted Tinder account again. The only thing you can do is create a new account right from scratch. Please note that, when you create a new profile, you will not be able to get old matches and media back. Sadly, It is all gone.


Tinder is a wonderful dating App with all the needed features for finding your perfect date. Being an online date-matching platform, it is very crucial to take utmost care of the security and privacy of users. Tinder understands this and hence makes its policies very clear upon uninstalling and deleting the account. Hope you all are now able to differentiate between the two scenarios discussed above and get your answer to the question: will I lose my matches if I uninstall Tinder?

Still have questions? You may also visit Tinder Online Support for spot-on answers to all your queries regarding Tinder.

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