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What Does SSB Mean On Snapchat? {Meaning, Examples, and Usages}

You might be reading here maybe because you feel left out among the new graduates of the internet slang and social media acronym subject. Out of all social media, Snapchat is the one where you can see most of the trending and widely used slang and acronyms. We all know a few basic acronyms like LOL, ILY, TTYL, FYI, and F9, but that newly added everyday slang makes us feel old-school. Hopefully, there could be some dictionary wherein you can search acronyms and find out what they mean in no time. But no worries, we have compiled this article for you to get an answer to what does SSB mean on Snapchat?

What Does SSB Mean On Snapchat?

SSB has multiple meanings and we are going to discuss them all. To begin with, the most common context when you can see SSB in comments, captions, and Snaps on Snapchat is ‘Send Snap Back‘. This means that when your friend sends a Snap with SSB, he wants you to Snap him back with your picture or video. In other words, it can be concluded that SSB is sent for beginning the messaging trail with anyone on the Snapchat App. This is nowadays even shortened to SB which simply means ‘SnapBack’.

The special thing about SSB is that it is specifically used on Snapchat because Snaps are the feature of Snapchat only. You would have never seen SSB on other social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook or Twitter. SSB is also sent for continuing the Snapstreak with friends. Snapstreak is a quite popular feature of Snapchat.

SSB meaning on snapchat

Snapstreak is an activity of exchanging Snaps (A snap could be any photo or video) that continues for 3 days once every 24 hours. When Snap streak forms, a fire emoji appears next to your profile name. Also, a number displays beside the fire emoji which reveals the number of days of the Snap streak so formed. When Snapstreak is about to end, a timer emoji will appear. The timer emoji is an alert to the user to exchange the Snap as soon as possible.

SSB doesn’t always require a reply. If you get an SSB text with a Snap, but you’re not in the right mood or do not want to have any conversation with that person, you may simply ignore him. Although, doing this will break the Snapstreak with your friend.

What Does SSB Mean In Texting?

Besides Snapchat, SSB can be used in many other contexts. What does SSB mean in texting is far way different from what it means on Snapchat. To escape you from the trouble of confusion, let us make this very clear that in context with Snapchat, SSB has only one meaning. And in the rest of the world, what it means we have listed the majority of them below.

SSB – Secret Single Behavior

SSB also means Secret Single Behavior. It refers to how one behaves when he/she is home alone. We all are ashamed of doing silly things when somebody is around. And quickly execute such things when we get the chance to stay alone at home. Behavior in this ‘Me Time’ is termed as SSB Secret Single Behavior. Wonder where this concept comes from? If you remember the HBO series “Sex and the city” was released in 1998. In one of the scenes, Sarah Jessica Parker (as Carrie Bradshaw) and co-starring Kristin Davis (as Charlotte York) discuss Secret Single Behavior when people are alone at home, they do quirky little things and no one is around to notice them.

SSB – Super Smash Bros

SSB Super Smash Bros is an online game. This is the digital and online version of the retro classic game, people used to play on the video game consoles. In this game, all you need to have is the skill of shooting, jumping, and running. SSB abbreviation is also used for this adventure game often. This game has multiple versions, the latest of all is Super Smash Bros Ultimate. You may have seen SSB on social media in context with losing or winning in Super Smash Bros.

SSB – Sucks So Bad

Send Snap Back is the full form of SSB only for Snapchat. For other social media, it means something different. Say if you see SSB on Instagram, you can’t interpret it as Send Snap Back, because there is nothing like snap on Instagram. Rather it means Sucks So Bad. This is used when you have to express sheer annoyance or anger or irritation on or from something. For example, exams are coming so if someone posts “SSB, tomorrow is an exam and you have to study the whole night”

SSB Meaning

As already we have shared, SSB meaning is not unique. It does not have a single meaning. It has different meanings in different contexts. In context with Snapchat, SSB is completely unique. SSB on Snapchat means ‘Send Snap Back’. This is used when a sender of Snap wants the reply back from the receiver generally to maintain Snap Streak.

Alternatively, on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter SSB means ‘Sucks So Bad’. This acronym is used to show anger and annoyance at any event, person, place, or thing. There is one more popular SSB definition in the very general context which has nothing to do with social media. This is ‘Secret Single Behavior’ and ‘Super Smash Bros’. The former is the theory introduced by two Hollywood movie characters and the latter is a popular game among gamers. To gain a better understanding of this, read ahead of the SSB examples in all contexts.

SSB Examples

So you know the full form of the acronym but that’s not just enough. It is important to make use of it in the right post and in the right sense, otherwise, people make fun of you. We are here illustrating some situational SSB examples to help you out understanding exactly SSB usage on social media.

When Snap streak shows timer emoji and your friend doesn’t want to break the chain.

So your friend sends a snap with a cup of coffee and Write SSB.

Hereby SSB your friend means to say that you also sent him a snap in which you are holding a coffee mug.

Your friend sends you a childhood picture of his together with you, to recollect memories, he writes

SSB, let us recollect old childhood memories.

In this Snap, the sender wants to make a collection of old memories and so sends SSB to his friends and expects a Snapback from them.

Read this post copied from one of the Instagram accounts.

SSB, break up from bae. Still miss her.

In this Instagram post, by writing SSB, the user wants to express the depth of his grief post breaking up with his girlfriend.

Other Lesser Known SSB Acronyms

Here is an exclusive list of some lesser known SSB meanings in a general and universal sense. These meanings may vary depending on the place and context of use.

  • Safely Surrendered Baby
  • Same Sex Blessings
  • Sandy Spring Bank
  • School Sponsoring Body
  • Sector Skills Body
  • Self Service Banking
  • Service Selection Board
  • Service Separation and Blending
  • Short Selling Basher
  • Since Sliced Bread
  • Single Side Band
  • Single Site Browser
  • Single Switch Ballast
  • Site Specific Browser
  • Skin Surface Biopsy
  • Small Smart Bomb
  • Small Software Business
  • Social Sciences Building
  • Soldier Support Battalion
  • Soup, Salad, and Breadsticks
  • South Side Branch
  • Space Studies Board
  • Spawning.Stock Biomass
  • Special Separation Benefit
  • Spinning Side Band
  • Split System Breaker
  • Staff Selection Board
  • Stainless Steel Bowl
  • Standard Sector Board
  • Standard Setting Body
  • State Seismological Bureau
  • State Statistical Bureau
  • State Street Bank
  • Stateless Session Bean
  • Strategic Support Branch
  • Student Services Building
  • Stupid Son of a Bitch
  • Subscriber Busy
  • Subsystem Bus
  • Sugar Sweetened Beverage
  • Super Smash Bros
  • Supply Support Battalion
  • Support Software Bulletin
  • Switched Service Bureau
  • System and Switch Board
  • Systems and Synthetic Biology
  • Surveillance Support Branch


SSB is a very commonly used internet slang on Snapchat. Snapchat users often make use of it in their Snaps and texts. Besides Snapchat, SSB has multiple meanings in varied contexts. It all depends on the reader how he is interpreting the meaning. The new Snapchat Users will surely find this page useful for learning newly added internet slang.

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