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What Does KMS Mean On Snapchat? Slang Meaning & Usage

Do you know what is so tricky about social media slang? There is no dictionary of it so that you can open and search for its acronyms. Social media slang is quite popular and always used by its users. It is not just quick but fun talking in the all-new language of the internet.

Somewhere or the other, this lingo is developed by social media users themselves, and the new joiners often get confused about this acronym vocabulary. To help all of them, today we are going to tell you one such often used Snapchat slang which is KMS. Read here What Does KMS Mean On Snapchat?

What Does KMS Mean On Snapchat

KMS on Snapchat of course, doesn’t mean Kilometers. It is something very unexpected. KMS on Snapchat means ‘Kill Myself’. It can be used as a melodramatic expression to show fake anger to your beau, bae, or buddies on Snapchat. However, on a serious front, it may be a threat of suicide or expressing depression, sadness, or disgust.

The central idea of the acronym KMS is an exaggeration of feelings. Say when someone is saying KMS, it doesn’t mean to kill himself but to exaggerate the situation or overreact to any unfavorable situation. In other words, it is a way of showing how upsetting or wrong things are. However, if someone uses it in a sincere mode, it is alarming and needs to be paid attention to. KMS is quite popular among teenagers who often use it to show their irritation or disagreement with social media posts.

Disclaimer: This content might contain some sensitive subjects like killing oneself or suicide. The owner of the website has no intention to promote or propagate such things. It is just an information piece of content and we strictly condemn such things or practices. 

What does KMS mean on Snapchat

What Does KMS Mean On Discord

Discord is also a social network but quite different from Instagram and Snapchat-like platforms. On Discord, there are various channels and communities based on work, culture, and interests. The idea is to filter out the unnecessary and uninterested people, and only a handful of friends can hang out together.

Discord is also not untouched by the wave of slang and talking, particularly about KMS, it means the same as on Snapchat. KMS on Discord also mean ‘Kill Myself’. There is a no different meaning of this term on Discord. Since the meaning is the same, its usage must also be same in the similar contexts.

What Does KMS Mean In Cars

Yes, you all guess it right. KMS in the cars world is ‘Kilometers’. Kilometers are a unit of measurement which measure the length of how much the car is driven. ‘Kilometers’ is the most commonly known full form of the acronym KMS. However, on social platforms, it has a far different meaning.

People often check the Kilometers or KMS of cars to judge how old the car is on the road. Before buying old cars, KMS is the best factor that gives an idea of the physical condition of the car. Record of the correct number of Kilometers is essential to upkeep the car.

What Does HMU Mean On Snapchat

Another popularly used Snapchat slang is HMU. HMU means ‘Hit Me Up’. Unlike KMS, this one is used positively to ask people to get in touch with you. Meaning that when you get a text from HMU, it means that the person is inviting you to connect via call or text.

Many Snapchat users also use HMU on public posts which can be taken as an open invitation to get connected or asking subscribers to subscribe or followers to follow back. A lot of people also post HMU to tell that they are looking for something exciting to do and ask people to join them.

HMU can also be used by social organizations and NGOs to call for public support for a good cause. Say for encouraging masses to join campaigns for girls’ education or helping the needy. 

Other Similar Terminology Used on Snapchat That You Should Know

Apart from KMS, there are many other terminologies that you should know to mark your effective presence on Snapchat. We have sorted some frequently used slang on Snapchat for you.

What Does GTS Mean on Snapchat?

GTS is used as an acronym for writing ‘Good Times’. Alternatively, it is also used as ‘Go To Sleep’. Both are equally correct and used as GTS. The meaning of the term GTS is interpreted as per the conversation. Say, if someone sends you old pictures to revive the memories from years ago, GTS means Good Times. But at the same time, if you are showering useless texts or pics to someone late at night and the other person texts you GTS, chances are there that it means Go To Sleep.

What Does SU Mean on Snapchat?

This one also has dual meanings and both are exactly the opposite. SU means ‘Swipe Up’ and SU also means ‘Shut Up’. Again, we would say it depends on the nature of the conversation going on. Say, if a friend sounds irritating or extra teasing, you may tell him to Shut Up. On the other side, you may write SU in the caption of your new stories on Snapchat as a call to action button, which means Swipe Up.

Concluding on KMS

Probably acronyms are the reason why Snapchat is so engrossing for its users. The more we use them, the more such slang words keep coming up. Who knows in the future, maybe this slang will take over the internet soon.

KMS is not intended to be a wrong or objectionable word unless it is used in that way. It is just a way to react to any unpleasant or irritating situation or thing. We hope you got the answer to what KMS me on Snapchat and next time you won’t scratch your head when someone uses KMS in his post. Hopefully, your Snapchat acronym knowledge is improved now than before. You can use it to give an angry reaction to anything you don’t like on social media. It’s so much fun!

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