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How to See Who Saved Your Instagram Post?

If you are wondering how to see who saved your Instagram story, converting your personal account to a business account would be the answer for you! In this post, we shall be telling you the various methods to check who is saving your Instagram posts

With billions of users, Instagram keeps up as a great platform for us to interact with our dear ones and find new ones. This job is intensified by posts. These right away show our mood and lifestyle to friends.

When one posts a picture on Instagram, the sole motto is to make others know and respond to it. We can evidently engage through a number of likes, shares, and comments. But, Can we calculate the engagement through the people who saved our posts? How to see who saved your Instagram post?

If you are looking for the answer for the same, you are in the right place. In this post, we will try answering the question for you. 

Can You See Who Saved Your Instagram Post?

Instagram is a popular social media platform because of the number of nifty features it offers. One of them is privacy. For Instagram, the privacy of users is a paramount priority. Thus, it doesn’t allow anyone to see if any specific person has saved your post.  Doing this ensures the privacy of the users who saved it. Thus, if you ask How to See Who Saved Your Instagram Post, it is not possible for a personal profile. 

However, the features differ in the case of business accounts. Business accounts are created to promote and sell products. A business user can see the number of people who have interacted with the post in the insights section. However, they cannot find these users individually. Thus they need to check how many have engaged to and saved the post. 

How to See Who Saved Your Instagram Post –  Few working Methods

As mentioned earlier, there is no feature that Instagram offers you to check who saved your post. However, there are some working methods that you can use to get nearer to your query: How to see who saved your Instagram post. Let us mull over them:

Convert Your Personal Profile to Business Profile

We have already discussed in the previous section that business profile users can see insights into how many people have engaged in the post shared. The recent update of Instagram replaced this with a feature to create a parallel professional account. You can mimic the same by converting your personal profile to a business profile to check the insights of your posts. Here’s how you can convert your account:

Step 1: Launch the Instagram application on your device and log in to your account.

Step 2; Go to your account on the bottom-right

Step 3: Tap on the three lines on the right corner to enter the menu.

Step 4: Now, tap on Settings and select Account in the new screen.

Step 5: Tap on Add New Professional Account. Follow the steps to create your personal, professional or business account. 

If your Facebook and Instagram accounts are linked, you can convert in the facebook itself. You can go to settings>manage account>Instagram

Once you have made your account professional, you can check out all the insights of each post. But remember, this only happens in professional and business accounts.

In this image, the encircled portion shows the number of saves. However, getting to know who saved the picture is not possible. This feature has not yet come to Instagram. 

Share In story To Ask Directly

If you want to know who has seen and saved your post, Why don’t you ask people directly? You can take the screenshot of the post and share it in your story with a question: Have you checked it out? People will love to react when the story is adorned with trendy questions or statements.

You can easily judge how many people have interacted. Moreover, this can increase the reach of your post too. The responses may not give an exact idea, but preliminary particulars are abundant in this scenario. You can also share the post directly in the story. 

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

Does Instagram give any notifications when a picture is saved?

Instagram prioritizes users’ privacy; it never gives notifications for pictures saved either to the users or the saver. If you have saved someone’s post, don’t worry! The person can never know that you saved their post. 

How to check saved posts on Instagram?

Checking those posts you saved is as easy as saving them. Here’s how you can check out your saved posts:

Step 1:  Launch Instagram on your device and tap on the profile icon on the bottom right corner of your screen.

Step 2: Now, tap on the menu—the three horizontal lines— on the right -top side of the screen

Step 3: In the list that appears, tap on Saved.

Step 4: Now, tap on All posts to see all the saved posts.

How Many Posts Can You Save On Instagram?

Thanks to Instagram for keeping no limit for the number of saved posts. You can save any number of posts in your saved gallery.  Choose your favorite post and save it to access whenever you want. However, some users complain that they cannot view those posts that were saved a long time ago. Instagram shares nothing in this context as of now. 

Concluding Thoughts

One of your friends may come and say that they know you saved their post. You would wonder how they can know about it. Instagram actually makes no intimation about it. They can find you since they may have a low number of followers among whom they can guess easily. Thus, it is imprecise to confuse guesswork with an Instagram feature. 

There are some ways to indirectly or directly make out the engagement to the post. You are free to apply any of these if you like. You now know the answer to your query: How to see who saved your Instagram post?

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