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YouTube Comments Not Showing on iPhone. How to Fix?

YouTube Comments are the most essential elements for both YouTube creators and subscribers. They provide very valuable information for both of them. Not being able to see comments can be a very annoying experience for YouTube users. 

YouTube comments not showing on iPhone has been one of the most common issues we tend to come across quite frequently. If you are wondering why can’t you see comments on YouTube, the tips and suggestions here should help you fix the issues with no hassles. 

YouTube Comments Not Showing on iPhone – How to Fix?

You can use YouTube on iPhone in two ways – on the official YouTube app, or on the iPhone web browser. There are times when YouTube comments may not be showing only on the app or on the browser. If that is the case with you, it can be a good idea to switch to the app or browser (as the case may be) and access the comments. 

Having solved your problem with those initial steps temporarily, you can move ahead to fix it through a few specific steps and methods.

Apply these basic fixes first:

Before moving ahead to address the other fixes to get your comments back on your YouTube videos, check out these few basic fixes. 

  • Check if YouTube is down: It is possible that YouTube is experiencing a few glitches. You can check the social media services such as X to find out if that is the case. 
  • Check your internet connection: If you have a patchy or slow internet connection, the comments may fail to show up. 
  • Reload the video: Reloading the video can sometimes fix the issues and the comments section may come back. 
  • Update or reinstall YouTube: An outdated version of the YouTube app may cause the comment section to fail to show up. Update your app or reinstall it and check if that resolves the issue for you.

Having attempted the basic fixes, you can now move ahead to the specific fixes to comments not showing on YouTube. 

Fix 1: Change your YouTube account

At times, a bug or glitch can affect your Gmail account associated with your YouTube app. Check if changing your Google account fixes the issue for you. 

To do this, you can simply tap on your profile icon. Tap on the icon next to your account name. On the Accounts page that shows up, tap on Add Account to add another Google account. Now sign up with this account and check if the comments show up on YouTube. 

Fix 2: Clear the YouTube cache and cookies

Cache and cookies are designed to simplify your browsing experience. However, the cache and cookies can grow considerably in size and can create issues. You can clear the cache and cookies on your iPhone to find out if you can view comments on YouTube. 

To clear the cache on your iPhone, you can follow the steps here below:

  • Tap on the Settings icon on your iPhone
  • Now choose General Settings

  • Under General Settings, choose iPhone Storage. This will open the settings for all your installed applications. 
  • Choose Safari if you are facing issues on the web version of YouTube, or your YouTube app if it is associated with the  official YouTube app
  • Locate and click on the offload app.

Once the app is offloaded, choose the option to reinstall the app on the same screen. This action will install the latest version of YourTube app or Safari as the case may be. This action will not lose any data on your YouTube. You will not need to log in again as all your data will remain unaffected. 

That would do it and the complete cache and cookies on your iPhone should now be cleared. Once it is done, launch the YouTube video that had issues with you and find out if the comments are showing up. 

Fix 3: Disable the ad Blockers 

Ad blockers can sometimes block intrusive and annoying ads. But, it may sometimes so happen that the ad blockers may create issues with the proper functionality of the app itself. This is why YouTube is not showing comments. Disabling the ad blockers can help you get your comments back on YouTube videos on your iPhone. 

Here is how you can disable ad blockers on iPhone:

  • Tap on Settings on your iPhone. 
  • Select Safari and then choose Extensions

  • Check out the extensions for Ad Blockers and turn off the toggles for them.

That would do it, and the ad blockers on your iPhone will be disabled. Now, launch YouTube and check if comments are showing up for you.

Other Reasons for YouTube Comments Not Showing

If you find YouTube comments not showing on your YouTube videos, or any other YouTube videos that you are watching, following the steps and fixes above should typically help you fix the issues. However, it may also be possible that there are other reasons that may make YouTube videos stop showing the comments. 

One prominent reason can be that the YouTube algorithm is blocking access to comments. This can happen due to several reasons. 


It might be possible that you have posted similar comments multiple times. This can make the algorithm assume that it is spam. This will make the YouTube algorithm block your comments. This can also happen when other users on YouTube have flagged your comments as spam. 

External links

YouTube does not appreciate it when you post comments redirecting to a third-party website. If you have a comment that redirects to a website outside YouTube, the algorithm will block it. 

Hate speech or explicit language

YouTube is a community-based platform. That would make it obvious that it does not allow hate speech or explicit language. Your comment is bound to be blocked in such a case. 

Comments pending review 

Some YouTube creators might have applied the settings for comment moderation. That would mean your comments will not be available publicly until they have been approved by the creator or channel owner. 


Wondering how to see comments on YouTube? Well, the fixes here should prove to help fix most of the issues that you may be going through with respect to your YouTube comments. The fixes shown above should ideally help you understand and fix the issues where comments not showing on YouTube. Check out the fixes above and find out how they help you in getting your comments back on YouTube. 

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