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What Does WCW Mean On Snapchat?

Internet slang has made our life easy, fun, and quick. Although our mobile phones have that ‘Autocorrect spell’ feature, it will not be of much use since this slang is introduced. WCW is one such slang that is trending on all the social media platforms nowadays and those who hear this for the first time must be scratching their heads what does WCW mean on Snapchat. We have answers to all your questions about WCW.

What Does WCW Mean On Snapchat?

Among all the social media, Snapchat is the one where acronyms are used more than anywhere else. Snapchatters seem to be busy and so make use of acronyms that can explain their feelings in a few letters instead of long phrases.

WCW means ‘WOMEN CRUSH WEDNESDAYS’. This one is an appreciation of slang made for women all around. More than text messages, it is used as a hashtag that indicates appreciation and encouragement to women by the post maker. There could be many incidents where one may use WCW to present a token of appreciation to women around you.


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Many people mistake that WCW is only for your bae or girlfriends or lady love but that is a pure myth. The WCW hashtag can be added for any lady whom you want to appreciate irrespective of the relationship you have with her. WCW is used on Wednesdays however there is nothing wrong if someone uses this hashtag on any other day of the week. It’s legal after all!!

WCW Examples

Still confused? How, where, and When to use WCW on Snapchat? To better get an idea of WCW usage on social media, here we are giving some examples. Read these tweet examples showing how WCW is used.

When a boy finds his love of life:

Lucky to have my love with me #WCW, she is terrific, great, and the BEST!

When a home lady wants to self appreciate her:

Being a home lady makes me feel like a superman #WCW

When you congratulate your lady colleague:

Congratulations my dear friend Sara on your promotion #WCW

When you take initiative to encourage and recognize women’s work around you:

It’s high time that we people should work, think, and encourage women around us #WCW.

When women win the Olympics:

Bravo! To all the #WCW who won medals in the Olympics.

When a local newspaper started a campaign to support Women:

Upliftment of women on the financial, mental, and physical front is an emergency now #WCW.

When one woman becomes a torchbearer for other fellow women:

Now is the time to raise our voices for justice, and equality, and exercise our rights.

How To Add WCW Stickers On Snapchat?

When you have funny and eye-catching stickers to make your chatting fun and engaging, there is no need to text WCW on Snapchat. Snapchat has thousands of stickers that you can send at just the touch of your finger. Stickers are nothing but a kind of funny representation of your imagination. Like others, WCW is also readily used on Snapchat, so it might deserve a sticker. Here is how you can add a sticker of WCW in any Snapchat conversation.

  • Open Snapchat on your mobile phone.
  • Tap on any Snap.
  • On the top right corner of the Snap screen, you will get the option of ‘Stickers’.
  • You may get thousands of funny and interesting stickers. To find WCW stickers, you may use the search option. Once you use it, it will appear in the list of recent stickers so that next time, you won’t need to search for it.
  • To set the position of the sticker, you may drag and place it anywhere you want.
  • To increase or reduce the size of the sticker, simply use your thumb and index finger to pinch it in or out.
  • To send it finally, hit the forward arrow sign which is the ‘Send’ button.

What Does WCW Mean In Texting?

When it comes to texting and messaging, WCW means only ‘Women Crush Wednesday’ and nothing else. However, there is one universal abbreviation also for this. WCW also means World Championship Wrestling. But whenever you see a hashtag WCW, there are high chances that it means ‘Women Crush Wednesday’ only.

This hashtag is used to promote women and recognize their hard work and passion. Women are nowhere less than men and to acknowledge this fact, men use this hashtag. And not only men but a woman can also motivate and encourage other women around for the good jobs she has done.

Hashtag WCW can be used for anyone and not necessarily for your lover. It can be for your mother, grandmother, any celebrity who you adore, or any lady who deserves to be appreciated. 

Other Popular Acronyms on Snapchat Sound Similar To WCW

WCW is a unique yet popular acronym and internet slang flaunting on Snapchat these days. Besides WCW, there are many similar slangs that you should also know about. We have listed here a few interesting and relevant ones. Take a look: 


TBT refers to ‘Throwback Thursday’. Just like WCW, it also has a mention of a day. As the name gives an idea, this hashtag is used to remember old memories with friends and family. This is usually posted on Thursdays. However, it is not just for remembering sweet memories it may be great to add this hashtag for appreciating any past achievement or event and encourage people to achieve even better in the future.


Does it look like a reverse mirror image of WCW? Well, its meaning is also just the reverse of WCW. MCM means ‘Man Crush Monday’. This hashtag is used by women to appreciate Men for any good reason. Also, women can use MCM if she has a crush on any man. Apart from that, this hashtag is also used when any general issue related to man is involved.


This one is quite interesting. FaTH means First and Truest Husband. We guess most of the women out there won’t believe it but, yeah that’s the hashtag women use to appreciate their men for their noble nature or honesty. A lot of the time you can see MCM and FaTH are used together in a single snap or post.


Snapchat is a wonderful instant messaging media that is absolutely fun to use. People are extremely busy, especially teenagers. They have a lot of things to do in life hence using acronyms saves their precious time. Besides that, these acronyms are easy to speak, pronounce, and quick to write. So we hope you get all the needed information about what does WCW mean on Snapchat. Next time when you open Snapchat, don’t miss to appreciate the women around you and add the hashtag WCW.

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