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15 Sites to Watch Cartoons Online in 2024 {HD Quality}

Do you love to watch cartoons even as an adult now? Well, I do too, and my search for where to watch cartoons free never really ends. For children and adults alike, cartoons are a great source of entertainment – and they can hardly ever go out of style. But no matter how nostalgic we feel, there is hardly any way to go back and relive those memories until you take it online.

Did you know that you can watch cartoons online and that too, almost free? Even if you are a century-old now (not really!) there’s still a way to go back and bring those nostalgic memories back. Here are some of the best cartoon sites free and paid, mentioned below.

15 Sites to Watch Cartoons Online in 2023 {HD Quality}

  1. WatchCartoonOnline

WatchCartoonOnline is an absolutely free website where you can watch all your favorite cartoons no matter what your age is. It is one of the oldest websites which have an extensive collection of anime and cartoons. WatchCartoonOnline has huge numbers of cartoons and animated movies that you would love to binge-watch throughout the day. As this website is open, once you visit it, you need to see a popup advertisement. Once you see it, you can watch cartoons online without hassle.

  1. VOOT Kids

Just like any other OTT platforms like Amazon Prime and Netflix out there, VOOT Kids is the one for kids to watch cartoons online. It is an all-in-one entertainment network to watch cartoons and their favorite shows, read books, listen to stories and learn with fun. There are ample scopes of learning as well where you can have fun while watching an array of cartoons online. Besides, it is also quite safe and secure, and there is absolutely no adult content online on the particular platform.

  1. Cartoon Network

Remember how you used to cheer up watching Tom and Jerry? Well, you can do that now as well on the online cartoon sites free of cost. It is one of the popular cartoon channels and comes with a website version of itself. This is an unparalleled site to watch cartoons online without having to pay a penny. You’ll hardly face any distortion while watching it online. Besides, you also get a wide range of cartoon options to browse through and watch at ease.

  1. Crunchyroll

Yet another famous cartoon channel online that lets you browse through its contents and watch without any hurdle. Users consider it as one of the best corners to watch videos of their favorite cartoons. The list of watching cartoons is quite long on this website. Besides, you also get the option to share your favorite cartoon videos with your friends and relive the older times together. 

  1. YouTube Kids

YouTube has been popular for churning out a series of content for years. YouTube Kids offers children the opportunity to play free online videos, and now, on this amazing site, your children can watch cartoons online. If you are wondering where to watch cartoons free of cost, then YouTube is the ideal one to do so as it has to offer a series of content for every age to browse through.

  1. Disney Junior

The Disney Junior website has been simple and easy to use without disturbances. It is one of the popular cartoon sites free of cost that you can binge on to enjoy the cartoons of your choice. You can now view videos online and choose Disney as your preferred anime. The best part about the website is that there will be no interference with pop ads generated by browsing.

  1. Super Cartoons

Simple to use, and an easy interface, Super Cartoons is a popular website where you can watch cartoons unblocked without any disturbance. It is ideal for the children to use without registration or any requirement of signing up. Children can select from the cartoon rankings on-site to see the cartoon: “Studios “-Walt Disney, Universal Studios, Warner Bros, 20th Century Fox or Cartoon-Daffy Duck Characters, Tom & Jerry, Porky Pig, Mickey Mouse.

  1. AnimeFlavor

For all the anime lovers out there, the AnimeFlavor provides the children with some basic information about the cartoons they plan to watch on their sites. You do not need to pay anything and neither are there any ad pop-ups that would disturb you. The user can choose the beloved animus from the sidebar of the website that looks like it and has large parts of animes under the structured list, to watch the video from choosing it.

  1. Hulu Cartoons

Though not completely free of cost, Hulu Cartoons make sure that you derive the top-notch cartoon watching experience. You can get movies, series, anime, and watch cartoon animation online for just a few bucks. The best part about the website is that there are hardly any ad pop-ups on it so you won’t have any disturbances while watching the cartoons online.

  1. Cartoonito

If you want a website that hand picks cartoons for you, then Cartoonito is the ideal one. Cartoonito is one of the best sites to watch cartoons online for kids. All cartoons on this website are carefully selected for kids. It also contains an education section for your kids, and it is easily accessible with just a tap. You can download the best songs, rhymes, and watch videos that the kids will love, sing along with your favorite shows.

  1. ToonJet

Just like any other paid site, ToonJet happens to be one of the best websites to watch cartoons online. It consists of some of the popular cartoons like Popeye, Betty Boop, Looney Tunes. The best part about the application is that you do not need to register or sign up using any information. ToonJet is one of the best websites if you want to watch classic cartoon series like Popeye, Betty Boop, Looney Tunes, and that without registration and signups.

  1. Cartoon Park

As a child, it is hardly possible to understand the fluency of English cartoons. Thus, this website comes in really handy if you want to watch cartoons with different subtitles. With this website, you can watch cartoons in different languages as well because the English subtitles will tell you what is going on. The most popular cartoons to watch are classic genres. You can even download the episodes of your favorite cartoon without any registration or signups. Cartoon park allows us to watch high-quality cartoons online for free. You can search your episodes using their search bar and enjoy without even downloading any apps.

  1. Anime Toonba

If you always loved to watch anime series as a child, then Anime Toon can still cater to your interests. There are various Anime English dubbed on this site, and it’s not going to be hard to travel with children. Children can watch Anime Toon cartoons by selecting their desired cartoon genre. The site has everything, whether it’s an adventure, fantasy, family, comedy, or action that you are looking for. 

The user can choose the beloved animus from the sidebar of the website that looks like it and has large parts of animes under the structured list, to watch the video from choosing it.

  1. Sidereel

If you are wondering where to watch free cartoons online, then Sidereel is the one for you. The best part about the website is that the updated titles are shown in the sidebar of this website. Soon, videos will also be made available on the site so that the users can identify the video by its name, which will be even more convenient. By entering the preferred list, people can easily find out the list of the video they want without waiting any longer. People can also get into the episode with subbed, where people like the taste and enter the list of chat boxes that appear at the bottom of the page.

  1. Nick

Among all the other websites mentioned here, Nick.com is specially designed for the kids. You can stream all  Nickelodeon cartoons here without a hassle. The best part about the website is that the website interface is very simple, and cartoons start playing with just a tap. Few animes also come under the list of Nick Toon they are Jimmy, Spong Bob pants, Avatar, and more. Nick has additional features like games and radio on the website, which children can access for fun.

Now that we have told you about the best sites to watch cartoon online<span style=”font-weight: 400;”>, you can now go ahead and binge-watch your favorite cartoons. Watching these cartoons will also make you nostalgic, and help you go back to your older childhood days.

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