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10 Best Games Like Huniepop – 2024

HuniePop is a simulation game for adults which runs on PC, Mac, and Linux. This is a dating sim adult video game that follows the dating adventures of the main characters of the games.

 For those of you who like seeing simulation sports, you are already well-known with the Huniepop game. You can play two types of games at once in this game: tile organizing and dating entertainment. However, there are several games like HuniePop to search and play to kill your spare time. 

Some of these games have the corresponding game idea but have different narrative plots. As a result, you will find several exciting storylines that you never thought of before. In addition, you can open lots of things and get exclusive prizes for grown-ups. So, let’s take a look at games like HuniePop for Android and iOS here.

10 Best Games Like Huniepop

  1. Mystic Messenger: 

You will encounter an exciting and passionate love story with many male characters in this game. In this Mystic Messenger game, some male casts can make you interested and you would want to know more about them.

This game allows you to feel a real connection as it supports an interactive messaging application that allows you to get phone calls and SMS from people in the game. Furthermore, each personality offers an impressive storyline so that you can engage yourself in this striking and exciting game. This game moves you by the events, chats, and stories of the game.

  1. Puzzle of Love

 This is a mystery game like HuniePop for Android because it has an identical storyline. In this game, the player portrays a great writer who is seeking inspiration. The mission of the game is to reach and date several ladies to get inspiration for your next novel. Therefore, you need to be wise to practice your magic to attract many ladies.

However, Puzzle of Love is a dating simulation game, but you can play other miniature games too. It would help if you resolved the puzzles on your date to pass on to the following level. Use your puns as a representative to answer the puzzle of love.

  1. Kitty Powers’ Matchmaker

This is related to HuniePop for mobile because it has essentially the same plot. However, this dating simulation game practices a traditional cartoon style which makes it separate from other games. In this game, you will become a matchmaker and run a matchmaking business.

 You’ll learn a lot from your supervisor, the drag queen diva Kitty Powers. Use your matchmaking crafts to improve the lives of great clients with their love stories. Then, match your customer with the other competitors in Kitty’s tiny black album.

  1. Amber’s Magic Shop

 People who search for Huniepop alternatives often land up on this game as it gives you an opportunity to display a dark elf Amber in this dating sim game. Amber is a dark elf who was rejected as a baby in the woods in south Cecilia. Then, a prophet, Vin, located, supported, and made her an alchemist. When Amber was sixteen years old, Vin sent her to Icesilia to become a famous alchemist. 

Several characteristics make this game one of the excellent games like HuniePop. For instance, you can decide how amber figures will be, the clothes you want to wear, the graphics, and the surroundings. 

  1. Heileen 3

    You will play Heileen, a beautiful female thief, in this game. So, if you like the sea and criminals, then this game is ideal for you. Heileen 3: New Horizons will advance the story of the edge of the match Heileen 2. Heileen will move with the pirate Morgan and hunt for her lost companions. This is one of the games like HuniePop for smartphones because you can have an interest in someone.

  2. Roommates

    This game can be entertaining because you will be an academy student. Furthermore, this anime dating sim game has a class theme, and you will live in a room. Unlike the HuniePop match, you can decide to play a male actor named Max or Anne’s female actor.

 This game has an exciting storyline with an attractive design. So, no wonder this game is one of the sports like HuniePop that you can download on multiple platforms, such as Android and iOS.

  1. Nicole

    In this game, you will perform Nicole, who is a nice girl because she was taken into the campus that she needed. Still, a personal story begins when she assigns to a university residence. There has been a string of strange disappearances of 3 daughters, and Nicole could be the following sufferer.

You can also do extracurricular ventures, entertainment and explore various exciting locations. Besides, you will also date several male casts, such as Ted, Darren, Jeff, and Kurt. The most significant thing is finding out the proper identification of the culprit, but you have to be cautious not to date him. This game is one of the closest Huniepop Alternatives. 

  1. The Flower Shop Visual Novel

    If you search for one of the biggest and the best games like HuniePop for iPhone or android, The Flower Shop is the correct choice. This game becomes an exciting storyline and makes you need to play it over and again. You mind play as Stave, a scholar trying with his classes in school.

You will support Steve in taking care of the plants, keeping them safe from insects and weeds, and communicating with the four girls’ personalities. Then, use your magic to ask them out and surprise them with your farming skills. This game has a strange ending plot depending on the decisions you make.

  1. C14 Dating Visual Novel

This is one of the games like HuniePop considering and providing you lots of information. In this game, you will play the role of Melissa Flower, an anthropology undergraduate. You are a third-year undergraduate engaging in a summer archeology internship. So, you can also get impressive knowledge about anthropology in this game, right?

While completing your internship, you will get to understand and also date multiple male actors. Of course, each of those personalities has a different and exciting character and story. So, within this game, you can discover what kind of guy you like and how to date him.

  1. Hatoful Boyfriend

This is a game remake of the popular visual story Hato Moa. Possess a comfortable practice chatting with birds of all wings and, for example, beginning from school teachers, gangs of bird cyclists, and others. Use your time with birds you like and get rid of irritating and tedious birds.

You will find several unknown stories, wonders, and multiple endings in HuniePop alternatives to make you addicted to operating this game.

HuniePop is an enjoyable dating simulation game, but sometimes the missions you have to perform are moderately tricky. As a clarification, you can install one of the ten alternative games like HuniePop for Android and iOS examined above. Then, play all the games which are close Huniepop alternatives and engage yourself in an exciting game cycle.

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  • HuniePop is not working for me, but thank you for the list. Specially for the “C14 Dating” on steam. This is quiet surprising that the game is pretty good with information.

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