12 Skills You Need to Succeed in Your Tech Career
Within the tech industry, there is a wide range of interesting careers from software engineers to web developers, game developers, information security analyst and much more. Not only are there careers to cover a broad range of skills, but these roles are also often highly paid, with tech jobs often appearing in the top ten… (0 comment)

Top Reasons Why Your Business Needs Local SEO
We are currently in an age where any idea can be realized into a business venture. It’s exciting times when an idea born from doodles on a napkin turns into a fully-fledged business with a wonderful looking website. Great!  But here’s the thing. By not making Local Search Engine Optimization (Local SEO) a part of… (0 comment)

Simple Ways to Increase Your Team’s Productivity
Productivity is a key work trait that has a unique characteristic that can always be improved upon. Regardless of how hard-working and efficient a business is, there are always ways to increase employees’ productivity. In fact, many of the best ways to increase productivity aren’t overly complicated and don’t involve expensive investments. In its most… (3 comments)

How to Find The List of Websites Using Magento
Magento is an open source e-commerce platform, either a content management system and shopping cart software. It provides online businesses with a flexible shopping system as well as control over the look content and functionality of the online store. Below are the tools you can use to find lists of websites utilizing Magento (more about… (0 comment)

How to Get Top Ranking for Your Website in Google
SEO short for Search Engine Optimization has been the best marketing tactic to grow your online business. SEO is done to increase a website’s ranking in search engines, especially Google, and when you rank your website well on the search for popular terms, called “keywords”, your business improves. If we talk about SEO 10-12 years… (11 comments)