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If Someone Blocked Me, Will They Still Get My Texts? (iPhone and Android)

Have you had a fight with some friends recently, and you suspect that he might have blocked you on his phone, and you are asking question to yourself will he still get my texts, if he has blocked me?

Such questions come into mind because generally, people think that only the calls are blocked. But, the reality is, messages are blocked too but it works differently. When you call, the call either will not connect. So, you know there is something wrong. But, when you send the text to that person, you will see that the text is sent. However, the text never get delivered to that person’s phone since he has blocked you.

So, the answer to the query, “If someone blocked me, Will they still get my texts” is No, they won’t get your texts.

But, technology gives us so many ways and tips that we can use to send texts even if someone has blocked us. So, let’s find that out too…

How to Send Messages Then?

If someone has blocked you on both Android and iPhone, you won’t be able to send them messages directly through regular text messaging unless you change your phone number. However, there may be alternative methods you can consider, but do keep in mind that you will be required to respect someone’s personal choices of who they want to keep in contact with or not. This is only for cases where the urgency is important.

Use a different messaging platform

Try reaching out to the person through a different messaging app or platform. There are numerous messaging apps available, such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, or Signal. If the person hasn’t blocked you on these platforms, you can try sending them messages there. It’s alright to send them texts if the word that needs to be spread around is urgent and very important. If they have blocked you on these platforms as well, then this method won’t work.


In professional settings, email is the first thing people open in the morning when starting work. You can send them a well-crafted mail informing them about the information. If you have the person’s email address, you can send them an email instead of a text message. Emails are not affected by the block on your phone number. Moreover, if you are blocked on email too, then again this method won’t work too.

Mutual Friends

If you have mutual friends or acquaintances, you can ask them to relay a message to the person on your behalf. However, be considerate of their privacy and make sure they are comfortable with doing so. Ask them politely that you should be provided the chance to talk with the concerned person and why it’s important. This is one of the best methods to send a message to the person who blocked you. Because this method is not impacted by the block because you are asking a completely different person to just relay the text you want them to let know.

Face-to-face conversation

This is my favorite if the person lives nearby. No matter where he blocked you, you can try to meet in person and share the word that you want to let him know. Having a purely organic vocal conversation can eradicate differences that might for some reason erupt out of nowhere. It’s worth trying. This way, there would be a high possibility that your fight will end as well.

Use Send Anonymous SMS Platform.

If you want to send the text on the phone only, you can try the Anonymous SMS Platforms to send the text to him. For example, you can sendanonymoussms dot com as well. This way, you can send texts to that person because the texts go with different numbers. So, even if your number is blocked, you can use this site or sites like this to text.

On this platform, you can send messages to anyone by pretending to change your number as well. Here is a brief step-by-step guide on the usage process:

  • You need to first enter the sender’s number. This is the number that you would like the recipient to know which number texted them. Don’t enter your number. Enter something random. See 1 of IMG-A.
  • Then select the number code and select the country from the list. See 2 of IMG-A.
  • Then fill in the recipient’s number. See 3 of IMG-A.
  • Now type in your message of 145 characters including spaces. See 4 of IMG-A
  • Type in the captcha on your screen. See 5 of IMG-A.
  • Hit ‘SEND SMS’. See 6 of IMG-A.



Remember to respect the person’s decision to block you. If they have chosen to block your communication, it is important to consider their boundaries and not attempt to circumvent the block without their consent. Using Anonymous sites are fine to play prank with your friends or if you are blocked, and you have to say something very important then only. Don’t use it to harass anyone.

How Do You Exactly Know Your Phone is Blocked?

Try calling the person

Attempt to call the person who you suspect has blocked you from your phone. On Android, if the call goes directly to voicemail after one ring or without ringing at all, it might indicate that you have been blocked. In some demographics, it is also seen that a follow-back statement comes up where they say the concerned number is blocked or unreachable. On an iPhone

If the call goes straight to voicemail every time without ringing, it could be a sign of being blocked.

Send a text message

Send a text message to the person in question. If you are blocked on Android, your message will typically be sent but not delivered, and you won’t see any read receipts. In iPhone, you won’t see ‘Read’ or ‘Delivered’ appearing as notifications.

Observe message delivery and read receipts

On Android, if you are blocked, you won’t receive any delivery or read receipts for your messages You will only see 1 tick meaning that your message has been just sent. In iPhone’s iMessage things are tricky but mostly it works via notifications. You will see underneath a text bubble there will be read and delivered written. 

How to Know Someone Blocked You On iMessage?

If you want to know why someone blocked you on iMessage. The first thing is to check the notifications that appear below the bubble, the bubble colors, and what they represent, separating blocking with the DND mode.

Check Read Receipts

Generally, when you send an SMS, on iPhone especially, you see “Delivered” and then “Read” But, if you don’t see any of such message receipts for a longer time, there is the possibility that you are blocked.

read receipt
Look at the Chat Bubble Colors

Normally, when you send a text message to another person using an iPhone through iMessage, you would typically observe a chat bubble in the color blue. Underneath this bubble, the delivery status becomes visible when you activate the Read Receipts option found within the iMessage settings as you can see in the screenshot below.

In case the chat bubble appears in green, it might suggest that you have been blocked by the recipient. This could be especially true if your previous conversations with this individual used to display blue bubbles. However, this interpretation stands correct only if both users are using iMessage on their iPhones.


When someone blocks they do it out of their own choice. We cannot force people to talk to us. They do it out of their own choice, so we cannot force anyone. But there are times when certain messages need to reach the person immediately, in that case, I have suggested some signs, causes, and solutions to know if your mobile/pc is blocked for the first time.

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