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Does Bumble Have Read Receipts? [Yes/No?]

Short Answer:  Bumble doesn’t have a read receipts feature. But there is much more to talk about it. So, read the full article for tips.

Being one of its sort platforms for dating, Bumble has been getting popular with its features like reverting accidental reject swipes, super swipe, and subscription services. Being a great interface to text with interesting matches, it got some users into questions like Does Bumble Have Read Receipts? If you are looking to answer the same, look no further, we will look into all the relevant aspects in this post. 

Does Bumble Show When You’re Online?

Bumble offers you all the messaging features just like other similar apps.  But if you ask does bumble has read receipts, it doesn’t let the other see if you read their messages. But, the sender can check if the message is delivered. Thus, irrespective of the fact that they read it or not, be online or not you can see the delivered text any time instantaneously after sending the message

Some people claim this to be a disadvantage, while others see it to be a dating game. Because sometimes it can work in your favour. Now, how to find if the other person has read your message and not replied? Check if they have been checking feeds or share another message that they cannot wait from replying. 

How Do You Turn on Read Receipts?

Bumble does not support any read receipts feature; thus, there is no such option to turn it on on any device. If you sent a message and the other has not responded, they are probably not online right now or may not be interested in replying to your messages.  This is probably what Bumble wants its users to experience- ambiguity. 

A popular dialogue that appears in Bumble strengthens this belief.  It asks its users to message the match within 24 hours to avoid them from disappearing. This shows how it stipulates users to start the journey to stay active and enjoy the expedition. 

So if you search for How do you turn on read receipts in Bumble; unfortunately, you cannot do it. 

Which Dating Apps Have Read Receipts?

While platforms like Bumble and Hinge do not offer any read receipt option to their users, there are some dating apps that can facilitate you with such features. If you are looking for an alternative in this context and ask Which dating apps have read receipts, you must be looking into TInder:


Tinder is one of the few dating apps that has fans in many demographics. Despite various interesting features, it offers read receipts to its users. But these options are typical and are not easy to avail.  These need to be purchased in packs of 5, 10 or 20. Thus it may be taxing to have to read receipts for every message. However, this feature can be availed at crucial times, making this platform a better choice. 


Some Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different modes of chats in Bumble?

Bumble offers three modes of chats defining the relationship. Accordingly, it has Date Mode, BFF mode and Bizz mode.  These features make it sure that Bumble is not essentially a hook-up app. 

How many characters are allowed in a Bumble Bio? 

Bio in Bumble is to be availed by the users to describe themselves efficiently in a stipulated word limit. Bumble is probably strict in this context, just like others. It offers the users to create a bio within a limited span of 300 words. 

What precisely is a Bumble Match Queue?

Bumble follows a set of algorithms, locations and sets off your predefined preferences to show people and their profiles. Accordingly, a list of a few picked profiles is shown first. This list is often known as Bumble Match Queue, where the profiles are set to tailor match you. However, this feature is not available for free users. 

Summing Up

You can now comprehend the answer to your question-does bumble have read receipts. Bumble, unfortunately, does not offer any read receipts no matter what subscription you take or as an option. Some users like this as they perceive this to be a guessing game with newly matched mates. However, if you detest this, you may look out for alternatives like Tinder which can be another great pick.

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