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How to Use iPhone Location Tracking App?

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In today’s world where everyone is busy, sometimes we miss giving attention to our kids as to where they are going. Even we miss keeping an eye on our spouse whether is cheating. But, if you do not have that much time, technology is here to do your job. Yes, I am talking about the iPhone location tracking app which can track the location of the person you are tracking, and that will help you know more.

In this article, I will tell you how to use different iPhone location-tracking apps. In addition, I will explore the advantages of using one of these apps and why they are such a popular choice for people who need to keep track of someone’s location.

GPS Tracking App: Why It’s So Popular?

GPS tracking apps provide a powerful tool for locating and monitoring individuals. Utilizing the Global Positioning System, these applications can accurately pinpoint your exact location in most cases. GPS tracking apps are widely used to watch someone’s location conveniently. For example, you can use GPS tracking to know exactly where is your child. It is useful not just for keeping an eye on your kids but also for safety purposes, such tracking is bliss.

These tracking apps also provide peace of mind for couples suspicious of one another or concerned about infidelity. If you have a question “how to catch a cheater for free, a location tracking app can be a great option. By providing accurate and updated location data, these apps can help ease any concerns either partner may have. For example, if your husband says, he is going to the office, and you track him using the tracking app and found that he is not in the office but he is in your neighbor’s house. You would have a fair idea of what he would be doing there.

Also, corporations often use these applications to monitor their employees, and the time they dedicate to work. For example, a GPS tracking app empowers employers to monitor their employees’ whereabouts and productivity effectively. 

How to Track Someone’s Location if They Use iOS?

We all understand that Apple products offer the ultimate level of security. But did you know that someone’s location can still be tracked in real-time on an iPhone without them knowing anything about it?

Fortunately, there are some easy and legal ways you can use nowadays. With the help of a parental control app, iCloud, phone number locator, and Google Timeline, you can easily access someone’s exact current location.

Parental Control App

A parental control app is a type of software that parents install on their child’s device to monitor their online activity and track their location. With certain apps, parents can set up geofences, which act as virtual barriers in the physical world that notify them when their little one enters or exits some area.

Pros of using parental control apps:

  • With real-time GPS tracking, parents can always be aware of where their child is located;
  • By providing parents with the ability to block certain websites or apps, they can be instrumental in reducing cyberbullying and other digital threats;
  • As caring parents, you can utilize apps to instill virtual boundaries for your little ones;
  • Parents see all children’s location history, including where they have been and how long they stayed at a particular location.

mspy - parental app

How you can install a spy app on someone’s iPhone?

  1. Download and install the app on the device you want to track.
  2. Log into your own account and view the device’s real-time location.
  3. Depending on the app you choose, there may be additional features that you can configure – like receiving notifications when someone accesses or exits a chosen area.
  4. Then, you can monitor their location in real time and receive alerts if they change specific areas.
  5. Some apps even have the added bonus of monitoring battery levels and other device-related data.

Don’t forget that the multifunctional parental control app like mSpy can be utilized not only for monitoring your kids but also to keep tabs on a partner, employee, or friend. To guarantee you’re getting peak performance from this powerful tool, verify it is compatible with your device before downloading.


If you want to know the easiest way to track someone’s iPhone location, just use iCloud. It is free with any new iOS device and enables you to view your device’s current location from any browser.

Benefits of using iCloud:

  • Easy setup;
  • No additional cost since it comes with iOS devices;
  • The capacity to keep tabs on multiple gadgets at once.

How to use this feature?

  1. To activate location services on your device, simply go to Settings and select the option for “Location“.
  2. Log into iCloud using your Apple ID and password.
  3. Go to the “Find My iPhone” option and click on it.
  4. You can view your device’s current location on a map.

The tracker also helps you locate your device if it’s been turned off or gone offline. This is an invaluable asset in theft and when you need to pinpoint someone’s whereabouts without contacting them directly.

Ensure that iCloud is up-to-date with the location of your device by enabling “Send Last Location”. This feature will alert you when your device disconnects from Wi-Fi or cellular, so you can always find it in a pinch!

With Family Sharing, you can access other member’s devices and locate them! To get started, hop into the Settings menu and select “Set Up Family Sharing”. It’s that simple.

Utilize Family Sharing to ensure the safety of your loved ones – keep track of their exact locations and recent movements, all on one shared map. Furthermore, you will be notified when a family member passes or enters an area you have designated; with this feature activated in your life, rest assured, knowing everyone is secure!

Google Timeline

If you want to be informed of your recent activities, Google Timeline is your ideal iPhone tracking app. With a few clicks in the Google Maps application on your device, you can access comprehensive records of everywhere that has been visited – so no more wondering where I went yesterday!

The benefits of using Google Timeline:

  • View the locations you’ve visited in the past easily;
  • You can see your daily activity on a map;
  • Checking when and where you spent time;
  • Receiving notifications for specific addresses or places that you visit regularly.

Google maps

How to monitor someone’s phone with this app?

  1. To begin, open the Google Maps app on your iPhone and click on your profile image at the top right corner.
  2. Select ‘Your Timeline’ from the menu that appears.
  3. You will see a map with dots representing all the places you have visited in the past few days, including your current location.
  4. If you want to monitor someone else’s movements, select their profile picture at the top right corner of the screen and then select ‘Their Timeline’ from the menu that appears.
  5. You can now view their location history on the map and manage settings such as controlling who can access this information.

Google Timeline allows you to easily keep an eye on your own movements and those of other people. Monitoring someone’s location has never been easier with Google Maps for iPhone!

Is It Legal to Use a Hidden Tracker App?

Using a location tracking app on another person’s phone without their knowledge or consent is illegal in many countries. Therefore, checking the applicable laws and regulations before using such an app is essential.

In some cases, even if using an iPhone GPS track app is legal, there may still be restrictions on how you can use it and what data you want to collect. For example, many countries require employers to notify employees if they use GPS tracking technologies and request permission from individuals before gathering location-related information.

You also must consider the privacy of tracked people and their right to know what personal data you are collecting and how you are going to use them. Before using a tracking app, you should consider establishing clear guidelines to ensure the data is used responsibly and ethically.

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Ultimately, guarantee that the tracking app you are utilizing has safeguards to secure users’ private details against unapproved access and disclosure. A good tracker should be password-protected and encrypted and provide a way for users to delete their data when they no longer need it. With the right app and proper precautions, iPhone location tracking can be a helpful way to stay connected with loved ones while maintaining privacy.

Final Thoughts

Exploring the wide range of location tracking apps can be helpful for keeping tabs on your beloved ones, but take caution and familiarize yourself with any potential risks. Before downloading an app, review its privacy policy to ensure that the data collected is protected from unauthorized access; similarly investigate the security protocols in place, so you are sure your information remains safe.

Additionally, you have to understand how to delete any collected data when you no longer need it. Utilizing the right security measures, smartphone location tracking can be an excellent means of preserving your privacy while remaining connected to those closest to you. 

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  • Great blog post on how to use the iPhone location-tracking app! It’s amazing how much information you can gather about your daily movements with this tool. As you mentioned, it’s important to understand how to use this app responsibly and with respect for your privacy and the privacy of those around you.

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