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What is the Discord Profile Picture Dimension?

Discord is a popular social media chat platform specifically designed for gamers but everyone else can use it and enjoy it. Like any other social media, Discord profiles have also a profile picture option, and there is a certain dimension is set for the same. In this article, I will tell you how you can put your profile picture on Discord, also known as Avatar, on the platform, and what profile picture dimension is recommended. Avatars are your photos that define what kind of a person you are on the platform. 

Discord Profile Picture and Other Photo Dimension Table

Type of Photo Resolution Size of the file
Discord profile photo 128 x 128 pixels 8 MB
Discord server icon 512 x 512 pixels 8 MB
Discord Emoji 32 x 32 pixels (up to 128 x 128 pixels) 256 KB
Discord photo banner 960 x 540 pixels 8 MB
Discord server invite 1920 x 1080 pixels 8 MB
Discord chat image No limit 8 MB

Profile Photos that Discord Allows

Discord does have certain requirements for the photo that you will put on your profile. Discord has set dimensions that you need to adhere to while uploading the photograph. Here are some brief pointers.

  • The platform only allows 128 x 128 pixels photos as far as Discord Profile Photo dimensions are concerned.
  • The photo should not be more than 8 MB.
  • The file types that you can use in your Discord account are JPG, PNG, and GIF.

If you are wondering if the smaller photo size will be difficult to adjust, then please do not worry. In Discord, you can upload your favorite photos and they get concise by the system itself. Their internal tools optimize the size and the quality. So, it’s better to leave it to their system as far as size and quality are concerned, providing your photo has a shallow depth of field.

I love Discord when compared to other social networking or rather gaming-centric websites including Twitch, Discord provides a lot of leeway in displaying your avatar. There are no extremely hard and fast rules and the Pros outweigh the Cons. Let us compare for your sake both Discord and the other social media platforms.

Pros of Discord When Compared to Other Social Media Platforms

Discord has a big gaming community and also has other discord servers/groups that a person can join. It’s a great space for people who want to explore not just the games on the platform but also want to enjoy other things. Some people like novels, and some like to discuss sports. Discord in a way democratizes the platform through the servers. Servers are just like a Facebook group’s feature. In Discord, where people share a common interest they create their servers. It has no hard and fast rule in terms of profile picture dimensions. Many might argue that it’s a feature for many social media websites. But, what you have missed is the range of services that it offers.

Cons of Discord When Compared to Other Social Media Platforms

As I have discussed, How Discord can outweigh and outrun other social media platforms by miles in terms of gaming. But apart from that Discord is a very loose platform. It has so much going on that it can cause a lot of concentration problems and make a person unsure. With any form of social media, some people want to engage and interact with the opposite party. Their only aim and intent revolve around trying to make meaningful connections. From that context, Discord does not deliver. 
The thing that I didn’t like about Discord was the issue they have with resizing photos. They are known to resize your photos and this can cut some parts. In terms of quality issues like pixelation is cured by their server itself. But it’s important if you use a photo with a deeper depth of field, then consider uploading only a photo with adaptable dimensions.

Types of Discord Profile Pictures

Profile Picture 

So, you have an idea about the profile picture. I have mentioned all the technical details. You can simply follow these details and upload a photo of yours. Things to keep in mind, are: 

the resizing of the photo to128 pixels, in case you want to keep certain parts of your photo. It’s a problem with portrait photos having a higher depth of field.

Avatar GIFs

The best trait of Discord is that it allows kids to upload their own Avatar GIFs. These GIFs can only be availed if you have Discord Nitro which is a premium subscription available with Discord. You can also manually make GIFs and upload them.

The best part about being able to use any Avatar GIFs is using it to enhance customization. A person has various shades laden on their skin. So, showing just a photo might not be fully expressible, especially in this hyper GIFs, Shorts, and small videos age.

How to Change Your Discord Profile Photo?

Now let us understand the process of putting on your Discord profile photo:

  • Open Discord from your server. In case it’s not the same IP address, Discord will send you a mail in your mail address, and from there on you can authorize your entry into the platform. 
  • Just look at the bottom left corner of your window. It’s the message window and at the bottom, it’s located. There will be a headphone, a mic, and user settings. You need to select ‘user settings’.

user settings discord

  • Now you will see a ‘My Account’ window. You will have to click on the edit profile option, three horizontal unspaced dots just opposite the profile photo. You need to select that.

edit profile discord

  • As soon as you click you will get two options: ‘change avatar’ and ‘delete avatar’. You need to click on ‘change avatar’.

change avatar discord

  • A file explorer will open. Navigate to the file location and select the photo.
  • You need to double-click on your photo to use it as a photo.
  • You can also use the 1 click method. Where your can select your photo and then click on ‘ok’
  • Once done, readjust your photo and then click on apply. Then go to the bottom of the page and click on ‘save changes’.

In case, it’s still going over your head. You can refer to this video and watch this tutorial where you can look and apply the changes.


Q. How do you put animated PFP on the Discord server?

To put any profile photo which is animated, you can upgrade to Nitro services which is a premium service of Discord. You can even make your GIFs and use it in your profile.

Q. Do PNGs work in Discord?

They do not accept PNGs on Discord. But within their server, certain tools remain that can transform your file at least from PNG to JPG. So, yes in a way they are doing the conversion work for you.

Q. What is a Better Discord?

Better Discord is one of the add-ons that help you install many plugins in Discord. All these plugins improve user experience and increase customer acceptance of the platform.


This write-up answers all your queries and doubts that are there regarding the use of profile photos in your Discord account. Do give it a read, you will enjoy it. All the information from all fronts whether technical, social, or other considerations kept in mind, and this piece was addressing all of it.

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