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How to Show Ping in League of Legends?

League of Legends as a game can be one of the excellent options for enjoying a great gaming experience ever. One of the prime features that we specifically find on League of Legends would be the availability of different interface options that would increase the player experience and performance. The developers have been adding easier playing options. Some of these features are available automatically, while a few others may need to be activated manually. One of the options that may need to be activated manually would include the option to show ping on League of Legends. Let us check out how to show ping on League of Legends in today’s post.

What is Ping on League of Legends?

With League of Legends or any other game, the term PING refers to the level of connectivity offered by the game with the server. In League of Legends, you should be able to find the ping at the top right bar on your screen. Ping is generally measured in milliseconds or ms. 

The ping is actually the time taken for the data from the server to reach your game. Technically defined, the ping is the time it takes for a packet of information or data to travel from your device to the server and then return to your PC or device. In the case of League of Legends, the Riot server.  Very high ping can mean you may experience lagging in the game and/or delay in getting connected. Under ideal conditions, the ping is expected to be below 80. 

What Can Affect Ping in League of Legends?

The primary element or factor that can affect ping is your internet service provider. How fast or slow your internet connection is one of the prime factors to ensure the best or worst ping. The internet speed decides how much time it can take for the data to travel from your PC to the server and thus can affect the ping. 

If your internet speed is too low, you will experience a very high ping, which will make your game lag considerably. On the other hand, a faster internet speed will ensure a lower ping and thus better gameplay. A poor ping can also be a result of bad weather conditions. 

How to Show Ping in League of Legends?

Normally, your ping should be displayed when your game is downloaded and created an account. If you find that your ping is not shown, you can show ping with the help of simple and easy keyboard shortcuts

The default keyboard combination to show ping in League of Legends is Ctrl + F. Simply tap your keys in that sequence, and you will be able to enable the display of your ping on the game. You can use the same combination to disable showing the ping. 

In case the default keyboard shortcuts do not work for you for any reason, you can show ping on League of Legends by following a couple of other workarounds. The tips here should help you show both ping and FPS on your screen when playing League of Legends. 

Method 1: Use your League of Legends Client

The first method involves using your League of Legends client. You do not need to enter your game to show ping using this method. 

Follow the steps here below to find how to show ping on League of Legends using the client:

  • Launch your League of Legends client. 
  • On the top right-hand side of the client, you should find Settings and navigate to HOTKEYS. 

  • Locate the option for Hotkeys under the in-game section. 
  • Scroll down and locate the Display option
  • Locate the option for Toggle FPS Display 
  • The first cell here should give you the default key combination. It should be marked as CTRL+F
  • Click on it and change it to the key combination that you want to have on your game. 

  • Click on Done, and that should complete the new binding of your key combination. 

Next time, when you want to show ping on your League of Legends game, use the new key combination that you have created. 

Method 2: In the game

If you are not comfortable with the game client option or do not want to use it for any reason, you can opt for an in-game option to show ping in League of Legends. The only difference here is that we will do it directly in the game than on the gem client. 

When playing the game, you will press the ESC key to enter the Settings tab on League of Legends. Locate the option for HOTKEYS and then Display. You can now find the option for the Toggle FPS Display. Change the key combination from CTRL+F to any other key combination of your preferences. 

Click Okay, and you are done. 

The Concluding Thoughts 

The ping does play a very important role in helping you enjoy the game in the best possible way. The steps above should be helpful in providing you with an efficient way in how to show ping in League of Legends. 

A Few FAQs

How Can I Reduce My Ping in League of Legends?

If you notice an increase in your ping, there are several options that can be helpful in improving the ping. A few of the best options can include:

  • Close all other programs that use the internet. The programs that may hog the bandwidth can increase the ping for your League of Legends game. 
  • Check if the game itself is facing any issues. You can check the server status of Riot or get in touch with Riot if needed. 
  • Connect your device to the internet using the Ethernet cable. A cabled connection may be a reliable connectivity. 
  • Migrate to the nearest server. This can be one of the easiest options.

What is a good ping to play League of Legends?

10 to 60 Ping – This can be the perfect ping for League of Legends. 

60 to 80 Ping – A good and average ping. That can be the prime option in most of cases. 

80 to 90 Ping – You may notice a slightly noticeable delay in your game. 

100+ Ping – It may be very hard to enjoy the game. 

How to See the Ping Value in League of Legends?

The best option to find the ping value in League of Legends is to use the key combination of CTRL+F. You can even find it displaying the Ping value when playing the game. 

How to show ping and FPS in LOL?

The best way for the key combination in LOL can be CTRL+F. You can use the key combination to get access to an enhanced experience with good functionality. 

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