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How Many Reports To Get Banned On Instagram?

From a basic photo-sharing app to one of the most used and widespread applications of today’s date, Instagram has undoubtedly become one site that is certainly irreplaceable for super active people on social media. From seeing what your friends are up to, to share your pictures, Instagram has undoubtedly become one of the most popular social media platforms for all the right reasons.

However, this application, too, has its policies and rules, which even include people reporting your account. Well, you might be wondering what happens if people report you on Instagram. The plain and straightforward answer to this is that you get banned on this social media platform. But, how many reports to get banned on Instagram is surely a big question.

Let’s find out why Instagram bans and how to get someone’s Instagram deleted in this post.

Why Instagram Bans?

To understand how many reports to get banned Instagram, let us first understand why Instagram bans. There is no denying that Instagram bans can be very frustrating and agitating; however, if you are being banned on Instagram, it is affirmative that you must have done something which falls under the NO-NO list of the social media platform.

Following are the few reasons why Instagram bans users:

Violent Content

All of us social media users should understand that it is never okay to post pictures and videos that encourage violence in any form. In a nutshell, posting content depicting violence can ban you on the platform as this falls under the prohibited category of posting on Instagram.

Even if it is newsworthy content, add a description or blur out the parts that can be sensitive for a certain audience. Provoking violence or putting up violent content can ban you on this popular platform.

Copyrighted Content

Copyrighted content could be another reason Why Instagram bans you. People might report you for posting someone else’s pictures or content, and your account could end up getting banned on this social media platform.

Instagram is one platform that motivates people to post original content by banning users who copy other people’s content and share it as their own.

Sexual Content

Inappropriate sexual content is another thing that Instagram simply does not allow. Even if it is for creative or artistic purposes, you cannot post sexual content on the platform. This also includes nudity, which is another form of sexual content which Instagram simply does not allow.

Using BOTS to boost engagement, likes, and followers

There might be a few users who are using BOTS to boost their followers, views, and likes. However, Instagram is smart enough to detect those users and then ban them from Instagram, as this is something that is strictly against this platform’s policies. 

If you spam someone

Not just Instagram, other users on Instagram also can block and report you on this platform. If you are spamming someone or sending someone inappropriate content, the user can report you, and ultimately, Instagram will ban you. 

Now that you have comprehended why Instagram bans, it is also crucial to know what is spamming on Instagram as this can be done knowingly or unknowingly, but could leave you banned on this social media platform. 

What Is Spamming On Instagram?

Spamming on Instagram could lead you to get banned on your most favorite social media platform. Basically, spamming can refer to liking, following, commenting on multiple posts and users in just a short span of time. By doing so, Instagram will automatically detect you and ban your account.

Also, if you are engaging in sending inappropriate content, which I mentioned above, in this case too, Instagram will ban your account. 

Now that you are well aware of what is spamming on Instagram and why Instagram bans let me also tell you how many reports to get banned on Instagram.

How Many Reports To Get Banned On Instagram?

After knowing the various reasons why Instagram bans, it might occur to you as to how many reports to get banned on Instagram. Well, to give you a straightforward answer, there is no fixed number of reports you need to get someone banned.

The algorithm of Instagram is smart enough to judge whether to ban you on the first report itself or wait for a few more to take that step. Therefore, Instagram’s algorithm assesses the complaint of the user before banning an account. 

How many reports to get banned on Instagram also depends on the reason why you are reporting someone. If it is because the person is constantly messaging you, or sending you pictures, then Instagram might just block that person.

However, if you report the person on the ground of sending sexual content, and Instagram finds it to be true, then only one report is enough to ban the user. Instagram often sends notices to users if the content they posted is copyrighted or copied from someone. In most cases, Instagram also warns users who post content that has been prohibited by the platform.

But, for the ones who wish to use this to get someone deleted on Instagram, I do have something for you as well. Let me tell you how to get someone’s Instagram deleted fast.

How To Get Someone’s Instagram Deleted Fast?

If you wish to know how to get someone’s Instagram deleted fast, then all you have to do is just report them. However, the reporting or blocking should be on valid grounds.

  • When you open someone’s profile, you will get the option of reporting the person or the user by clicking on the three dots in the upper right corner.

  • The third option from the top says ‘REPORT’. When you click on this, you again get two options. Either you can report a comment, message, or post of the user, or you can report the whole account itself.

  • When selecting the option of your choice, it again gives you three options to choose from. If the account is posting sexual or violent or any inappropriate content, then you must click on the option ‘It’s posting content that shouldn’t be on Instagram.’
  • If you think that the account is a fake account, then go for the second option, which says, ‘It’s pretending to be someone else.’
  • Instagram is strictly for users who are above the age of 13. Therefore, if you think the user is below 13, then go for the third option.

This is the way how to get someone’s Instagram deleted fast.


Instagram, which is super popular and a favorite, not only of today’s generation but of every social media freak, is a platform that highly values its rules and policies. Therefore, how many reports to get banned on Instagram is not fixed. It depends on what grounds the user is reporting the other user. Then, the algorithm of Instagram judges whether the user should be banned or should they be waiting for more reports.

Instagram normally bans an account for 24-48 hours if the user indulges in spamming. However, if the report is on the grounds of sexual or violent content, then Instagram might even block or ban the account forever and just delete it from the platform.

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