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5 Signs Your Business Needs a New Internet Service Provider

Internet service plays a vital role not only in our personal lives but also in the daily functions of every modern-day business. Whether you’re running a small business or startup or a large and well-established corporation, having a good internet provider can make or break your business’s success. Just about everything from digital storage to communication to reaching customers is linked to the web, so if your business’s internet provider meets any of these five criteria, it’s time to find a new one. 

1. The Customer Service is Terrible

It’s no secret that certain internet providers are renowned for their terrible customer service. You’ll be lucky to get a representative who is actually located within your country of origin, and the language barrier alone that sometimes exists can be exhausting. You’ll likely be transferred between 2-3 different departments, put on hold several times, or even “lose connection” to the call mysteriously. No one wants to spend hours on the phone just to be hung up on or walk away frustrated. 

Customer service is no laughing matter, and if it’s not of paramount importance to your ISP, it’s time to look elsewhere. If you find yourself needing technical support, or have questions about your service or the bill you received, poor customer service will only leave you feeling more frustrated than before. If you’re looking for a new provider, Internet Advisor helps you find the best ISP in your area; and that includes good customer service! 

2. Technology is Outdated

Using an outdated, slow, or dysfunctional modem or router will make your internet connection poor at best, and it can be difficult to convince your ISP to send a replacement without navigating the maze of marketing offers. The ISP will likely ask you to “upgrade” your service package and include more services for greater cost per month, or you’ll be subjected to fees, wait times, and other inconveniences in order to get new equipment. 

Your equipment shouldn’t be malfunctioning often, and if you’re continuously receiving faulty equipment from your ISP, it’s clear they don’t value customer service or even manufacture high-quality tools. Change your ISP provider to another company that values both customer service and high-quality tools for a better experience overall. 

3. The Connection is Spotty at Best 

Whether it’s faulty equipment or lines, or just poor service from your ISP, a spotty connection is no way to run a business. You’re certain to find increased frustration among your employees with a spotty connection, and, let’s be honest; you’re not getting your money’s worth if the internet doesn’t even work when you need it! 

We’ve all been the victim of a poor internet connection at one time or another, and it can make productivity drop significantly while helping to raise the tension within the office. 

Many high-tier ISP providers are making the change to faster connections, such as the new 5G connection that will soon be the standard of internet/data services. New technological upgrades like fibre optic cables will soon sweep the nation, giving rise to a new era of internet that’s bost fast and reliable. Don’t get left behind; choose a new ISP and bring your business into the next era of internet service.  

4. Your Employees Hate the Service

Your employees have enough to concern themselves with besides a bad internet connection. A poor connection is frustrating, to say the least, and your employees will start to notice when they’re not getting anything done. If your inbox or employee meetings are full of complaints about the internet at your business, it’s probably a good indicator that it’s time to switch ISPs. 

5. You’re Paying Too Much

Cost is certainly one of the most important factors of any service for the modern business, and paying too much for internet is an all too common practice. Many ISPs offer “business packages” that are simply their home-based packages with a few extras, but at a much greater cost. 

Don’t get caught up in “enterprise service” or “business-class internet” unless the service is actually better than the home-based services. What’s the bandwidth and speed of the service in relation to the cost? What kind of customer service does the company offer?

If your current service meets any of the last four criteria, you’re already paying too much for it. Good internet providers offer reasonable prices with great customer service, strong and reliable connections, and speeds that are perfect for meeting all of your business needs. 


A good internet provider can help take your business into a brighter future, but if you’re paying for poor service, faulty equipment, and a customer service team that’s more harmful than helpful, you’ll want to take a closer look at your service and consider another ISP instead.

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