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How to Play Gomoku on iMessage? {Rules and Tips of the Game}

Have you heard about Gomoku? If you have heard about it, congrats! In this write-up, I am going to discuss this amazing game that was the reason why people survived the ruthless coronavirus pandemic. 

Don’t misunderstand me, it is not something like medicine but it did help to keep people busy during the pandemic when everyone was stuck at home. People used to play Gomoku and had fun in those tough times.

Gomoku, also known as Five-in-a-row, is a Japanese board game that involves solving patterns at its core. It’s interesting since many people play connect four dots, tic tac toe, and Bingo, and this game is pretty similar to these games. So, this Japanese game has been gaining traction. It’s a mentally stimulating game that makes your brain work to find more than one way to solve a problem. In this write-up, our main focus will be on where you can play Gomoku.

Play Gomoku on iMessage

Have you ever played Gomoku or for that matter any game in iMessage? If not then, you are in for a treat. Games like Gomoku are widely played on an apple phone through iMessage because it helps you to have a lot of freedom while playing in terms of continuing the game after or getting a random partner to play in case your friends are busy. It is better than other traditional gaming platforms. Gomoku is a strategy-based game. Sometimes people leave the platform and then decide on their move as they will be alerted by a message by a friend in iMessage.

I like Gomoku, I play it because it has a lot of stuff that is right. Gomoku might seem like a placid game to you. But, for me, it’s as large of a game in terms of intellect as Chess. Gomoku is not comparable to a redundant and childish game like Tic Tac Toe. So, it is the best game with the correct proportions out in the market.

Access Gomoku on iMessage

So, getting Gomoku is a tad bit not easy, it can be complicated if you are new to Apple products. iPhones can be very complex sometimes. So, to access Gomoku on iMessage follow these steps:

How to play Gomoku in iMessage?

  • Open your iMessage app
  • In the message open a new conversation thread
  • You will see an A sign there on the left side of the text box click on it, and a new drawer will be added.

gomoku on imessage

  • Then you need to click on the bottom blue color alphabet icon
  • As it opens you need to type in ‘GamePigeon’ on the search bar.

Now, once it’s done, let us know the rules for playing Gomoku.

How to Play Gomoku?

  • Open iMessage again and access the App Drawer
  • Once you could see the list of apps on the bottom, swipe right to access Game Pigeon
  • Select ‘Game Pigeon
  • A window will appear having many games from the list of apps select ‘Gomoku’
  • If there is planning ahead of the game about you and your friend playing, you just need to send in a text of invite. The other person can start playing and you can also after your friend has accepted the invite.

How Does Gomoku Work?

We have discussed all Gomoku and how it can be played on iMessage. Now let us also try to understand the rules. How does Gomoku work?

Rules of Gomoku

  • In Gomoku, you have five stones that need to be placed either diagonally, horizontally, or vertically to win
  • In every move, you send these stones in the form of a message and the receiver gets to know about it. They place their stones and you receive them and then do your move and send it in the app.
  • The conflict occurs between two contenders, one will try to prepare a rather pre-planned attack on not letting the placements happen. 
  • The stones need to be placed at intersections and then a line or a pattern needs to be formed.
  • One who gets to make the entire line first comprising five stones wins the game. The line can be vertical, horizontal, or diagonal.

In case you are still not getting it, you can refer to the below-mentioned video:

Why Does Gomoku Stand Out Compared to Other Digital Games?

Gomoku’s a mind-intensive game that helps you to build ideas on execution and following patterns. From my personal experience, this game has the potential to grow. And, it has some fundamentals in place, as it gives you convenience. It brings warm memories in case you are playing with your childhood friends.


Q. What is the goal of Gomoku?

The goal of Gomoku is pretty much clear. You just need to arrange any intersection of 5 stones which have to be either diagonally, vertically, or horizontally arranged as a chain.

Q. Is Gomoku hard?

It is harder than it looks. Especially for people who treat the game as a child board game. There can be interference at any given time in your line by the opponent. It’s rather hard as the game requires a person to always place the stones in a line or continuity.

Q. Is Gomoku harder than chess?

I would say the level of difficulty is more or less the same for both games. Considering How Gomoku is all about decoding patterns and has a lot more complexity. The two variants of stones that we see on the chess board, the white pawn, and the black pawn Chess alike, we think Gomoku is not in Chess’s league. But as you play ahead in Gomoku you will have to think of linear ways to outgrow your opponent. In Chess, it all becomes like a story where you need to use your resources to catch the King. 


If you are a Gomoku geek and like playing the game on board, well you can pick out your iPhone and get the game on iMessage. Play with your friends and family. In this piece, I have mentioned all the info regarding the digital variant of the game and How you can play seamlessly without the physical board in itself. 


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