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10 Best Boy Friend Girl Friend Games

Contrary to what some heartbroken people will tell you, no offense to them, dating can really be fun. But for that sometimes we need to spice things up in a romantic way. If you are facing the same thing and want to keep it mellow and fun, relationship games are a great choice and this article will help you know about these games to play with your girlfriend and games to play with your boyfriend.

Why Do You Need to Know About Boyfriend Girlfriend Games?

These games, fabricated mainly for the purpose of bringing couples together despite their hectic schedules, are a fun way to communicate feelings and show each other how much you care. Playing together the fun games to play with your boyfriend and games to play with your girlfriend helps you learn new things about each other and interact in different ways.

Best Boyfriend Girlfriend Games To Play

Two truths and a lie

This is a great game for the couple new in love. This is also great as games to play over the phone with boyfriend or girlfriend.


  • Tell two truths and a lie to your partner where they have to guess which one is a lie
  • The facts can be as crazy or as boring as you’d prefer
  • Opportunity to learn about each other
  • Means to confess doing embarrassing stuff
  • Can bring things up that should have been discussed in a more sensitive way 
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Never have I ever

This is a very popular drinking game. This is great for those couples who have recently started dating.


  • Ask questions which normally makes you feel awkward
  • Include questions one is mostly interested to know
  • Helps you to know your partner better
  • Gradually the hesitation gets eliminated
  • You must be ready to answer all sorts of awkward questions
  • Backing out is quite common
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This can be one of the funny games to play with your girlfriend or boyfriend. While charades are most commonly played with more people, the game will work just as well for couples. 


  • Clues are personal and related to the relationship
  • Can be played with other couples 
  • Take turns acting the thing out
  • Helps look back to sweet memories and inside jokes
  • Helps one understand the ways in which their partner conveys things
  • Intimate 
  • Good for double dates
  • Can turn competitive 
  • Misconstrued gestures can turn into misunderstandings
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Role playing

This is undoubtedly one of the most entertaining games and naughty games to play with your girlfriend or boyfriend. You have to play the role of the character chosen.


  • A fictional or real character is decided 
  • You have to dress, talk and behave just like the character
  • Couples like to play this game in their bedroom
  • There are many twists and turns in the game
  • More weirder characters will make the game more interesting
  • The game can make you face extreme weird situation


Looking for a regular thing with a romantic twist? Cook-off is the way to go.


  • A theme of the cuisine to be decided
  • The cooking area to be cleaned off by both so that can be used with ease
  • Put on aprons and some good music to set the mood
  • Followed by a romantic dinner
  • A great way to catch up for couples with hectic schedules
  • Makes chores enjoyable
  • A great alternative for boring everyday dinners
  • Can get competitive 
  • Different cooking habits, styles or taste can give rise to a tiff
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Kiss, Marry, Kill

This game will make you choose among three celebrities and ask them to whom they want to marry, kill or kiss. This tops the list about games to play over the phone with boyfriend-girlfriend.


  • Well-known people are kept as options
  • Real life people are avoided
  • Helps you to know each other’s choice
  • Allows you to make your connection stronger
  • Can be awkward at times
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This or that

It is one of the most fun games to play with your boyfriend or girlfriend. This or that is a no-brainer game and can be played games to play with girlfriend on phone or your boyfriend.


  • List two things with a common ground and your partner has to pick one
  • Kickstarts getting to know each other early in the relationship
  • Makes the preferences clear due to less options 
  • In older relationships more in depth questions can be posed
  • If the choice is hard, can be misleading.

Finish the sentence

This game is for couples who have been together for a considerable amount of time. Another of the games to play over the phone with boyfriend or girlfriend.


  • The people take turns starting a sentence and the other has to finish it 
  • You should say the first thing that comes to mind
  • Help understand how much your partner knows you
  • There are no wrong answers 
  • Overthinking can lead to a mess-up

Magic Word

A really good game for any stage of the relationship.


  • One person picks a magic word and it stays a secret till the other person guesses it
  • The word to be neither too easy or too hard to guess
  • On guessing the right answer, the person gets a kiss
  • Helps understand the other person’s way of thinking 
  • Can be played all day or just once
  • These own personal keywords can be used in any situation
  • Not guessing the word can lead to misgivings 
  • You can never predict whether the word will be a hard guess

Romantic Jenga

This is just like regular jenga – with things spiced up a bit. This game can also be arranged as a surprise for your loved ones.


  • The couple writes down romantic things on each jenga block
  • Can also be used as a dare game where the person pulling out the block has to do what’s written on it
  • A sweet gesture
  • Helps convey feelings in a playful way
  • No pressure of playing

Ask Me Anything

This is a game with a lot of freedom and can be played whenever even it is a game that is among the games to play with a girlfriend on the phone or your boyfriend.


  • In a box, pre decided questions are kept
  • The box is to be shaken and a question is to be randomly picked
  • Can start a meaningful conversation
  • Light questions put no pressure 
  • Showcases the comfort in telling in other anything
  • Can start arguments if the question is controversial. 

Embarrass Me 

It is a very quirky game that makes you recollect the most embarrassing moments of your life. It is one of the most naughty games to play with your girlfriend. You start it with a particular incident and your partner says another to beat yours.


  • The winner gets a prize from the other person
  • At the end you two have to select the most embarrassing moment mutually
  • Allows you to know more about each other’s personal life
  • You can continue playing until you run out of them
  • You may feel awkward in confessing some situations.
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I am the King/Queen

This game can be a fun game while couples are bored or just switch things up a little if need be. 


  • A time limit is set for which each person is allowed to be the king or the queen
  • The king or the queen has complete control
  • The other one is supposed to do everything the king or queen orders them to do
  • A challenge for both people involved
  • Allows one to see the limit to which the their partner may dominate them
  • Gives a change to be vocal about needs
  • A nod towards abusive relationships
  • Can be used to get what someone wants in the name of a game
  • Hard for shy people


This can be one of the dirty games to play with your boyfriend or girlfriends. Although these games are usually talked about in a sexual context, blindfolded games can be absolutely non-sexual. It is another fun games to play with your boyfriend or girlfriend. It focuses only on the trust the couple puts in one another.


  • One not having their sense of sight, the other half of the couple is allowed to do anything, provided that doesn’t make their partner uncomfortable
  • Include games like tracking letters in each other’s skin
  • Trust building exercise
  • Figure out level of compatibility
  • Not an effective way to get to know your partner 
  • Can be a strain on people if uncomfortable


Some games to play with your girlfriend and games to play with your boyfriend are just a fun pastime while some of the games can turn embarrassing and controversial. The consent of your partner is of utmost importance even if it’s just a question and answer game. Also, everyone should remember that a sore loser and a winner that boasts too much takes away all the enjoyment and our goal is to connect with our partner.

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