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How to Make an Air Cooler with Bottle & Without Water

Summer is showing its full swag, and people around the world are complaining about the heat. A few regions recorded blazing temperatures. Air conditioners are not affordable by most of the people.  In such cases, people have to go for some affordable alternative solutions. In such cases, people need not have to buy a costly air conditioning system to get off the hot temperatures. In its place, you can decrease the room’s temperature by using water bottles and a fan. You can do build the DIY air cooler in many ways. And the process is also straightforward and effortless to make. This is actually on how to make a cooler for a science project with just a few bottles and a table fan.

So we will be providing some guidelines on how to make a fan into an air conditioner/portable air coolers. The most exceptional part about this to make an air cooler with a bottle is that it is handy. Anybody can handle it effortlessly and can be transported anywhere, everywhere. Read through the article to know more about how to make an air cooler with the bottle and slash the summer heat!

How to make an air cooler with bottle? All about air coolers

Air coolers; in theory, known as Evaporative cooler, use vaporization of water for chilling the air. Air cooler operates with the help of a line motor and propels motor, and it necessities water to be dispensed in the water cistern, and pump engine impels the water to the openings, and cold air is produced inside, and the fresh wind will be gusted into the area which reduces the room temperature.

Contemporary evaporative cooler functions utilizing the same norm. Its fan pulls external air to permit through wet sieve swabs. These filters hold any contaminations in the air and reduce the heat as the water in the pads disperses. The subsequent chiller air is then absorbed by the intended space to flow and cool.

To begin with the project, you might need the following items in hand:

  1. Any plastic bottle of random sizes
  2. Average-sized fan
  3. Ice cubes
  4. A manual tapering reamer or a driller to make holes in the container
  5. Pliers
  6. Pointed knife
  7. Reedy metal wire

Method 1: How to make a fan into an air conditioner? Steps involved

Step 1

Fill in the plastic bottles with some regular salt available in your home. Add some water and shake the bottles well, so that the salt mixes well with the water.

Photo Credit: WikiHow

Step 2

Put all the bottles in a refrigerator and allow them to get frozen completely. Leave them in the freezer for some hours. Salt depresses the subzero temperature of water and turns the ice frostier. The time taken to freeze might differ depending on the type of freezer you use.

Step 3

Depending upon the availability any type o table fan can use for this DIY project. Take hold of your pointed knife and cautiously cut through the bottom area of the bottle. Make sure to leave a small part attached to the container itself.

Step 4

Use the manual tapering reamer, or a drill to make some holes in on the surface of the bottle. Once it is hot, begin piercing small holes on the flanks of the container, from the bottom of the bottle until the middle portion. Make sure the holes are around ¼ inches apart from one another. Do the same for the second bottle as well.

Step 5

Fasten the bottles on both sides of the table fan by winding the metallic wire over any holes at the bottom area and pierced portion, just underneath the lid. Secure the bottles with the help of pliers and make sure that the bottle is placed upside down.

Step 6

Use the same ice or ices cubes and load them into the bottles. Switch on the fan and enjoy the cold air!

Method 2: How to make a fan into an air conditioner? Swamp Cooler

Until now we have only considered at DIYs that needs a fan and some freeze up. To get a more accurate air cooler experience, on the other hand, you can go for an alternative approach. Have nothing to do with the need for a fan; this type works using a pond propel and some evaporative cooling pad which is held up using a wooden mount.

The building of an evaporative cooler involves sieve pads that are positioned at the rear or on the edges of the swap machine, and the nearby hot air is drawn into the device via the pads. The pads retain moisture using water being impelled through an internal tank everywhere and over the pads or from an external water supply. As the outside hot air flows through the wet pad, the water gets dispersed, eliminating the warmth from the air. Consequently, when that air leaves the device, it is in a fresher form. The most excellent swamp Coolers can cool the most significant space through which the air can flow across and vaporize the water.

Method 3: How to make air cooler without water?


To build water less Cooler, you can use a portion of a sheet cut the same as the dimensions of a window or the fan. Then make holes in the panel same as the circumference of the plastic bottleneck. Take the bottles and cut off the base portion of it and then insert the neck of every bottle via the holes made and fasten them using their won cap. Suspend the panel with bottles on the window or the fan cover and enjoy the cold air inside.

How to make a cooler for a science project? Functioning of DIY cooler

When the hot air from the fan enters the plastic bottle, it flows through the rim. The ice cubes inside the water bottle vaporize the cold air. This refrigeration is due to the variation in the pressure. As air passes into the plastic bottle’s broader portion, it is then gushed out with higher force towards the nozzle of the bottle. As it rapidly scatters into the room, the temperature of the air falls. Thus providing a cool atmosphere.

We all must agree with the fact that the ultimate discovery of all time is the air cooler! Nothing can be equivalent to the feel of sitting in a cold room after a hot, sunny day. Regrettably, it’s an extravagance that we can’t certainly pamper in all of the time. Besides, the point that we may have to note is the substantial electricity bills that we get after the usage, and it is also not an eco-friendly one. So use the above-mentioned methods on how to make an air cooler with the bottle, with ice cubes, and without water to escape from the heat waves and turn your summer time the coolest one ever!

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