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How to Run Your Business Remotely From Home?

Smartphones have greatly evolved over the last few years. With a good smartphone, you actually don’t need a computer. This is why it is possible to run your business remotely with just your smartphone. This is due to the portability and convenience that it provides.  Additionally, there are so many apps that help you run every business from your phone, with ease.

With the recent outbreak of COVID-19, many businesses have been forced to shut down or operate remotely. For construction companies, this can pose a challenge, as it is often difficult to track employee hours and manage projects from a distance. However, there are a few ways that the best timesheet app for construction can help to run your business remotely from home.

Firstly, you need to find the best timesheet app for construction that can help you to track employee hours. This is important, as it allows you to ensure that employees are working the hours that they are supposed to be. Additionally, it can help you to avoid overtime costs. Secondly, a timesheet app can help you to manage projects. This is because you can use the app to assign tasks to employees and track their progress. This is especially helpful if you have employees working in different locations.

The following tips should help you get better results in handling your business remotely:

Have a Separate Phone

Have a separate smartphone (or at least phone number) for personal and business use. You can have business documents saved on your phone. Additionally, you can install the different apps that you can use to operate your business. For instance, you can add a click to call software or app to help you connect to your CRM contacts and make calls. Such program also keeps a log of your calls, records, and analyzes them to help improve your revenue. 

It’s helpful to provide your employees a software they can use on their work cell phone without losing important transaction details. This way you can avoid distractions of using the same phone for personal and business purposes. Additionally, using a single phone to run your business can jeopardize the security of your business in some cases.

Install Necessary Applications

Today, there are so many applications that you can utilize to run your business and perform the transactions for your business. You can use these applications while on the move. With these applications, you do not have to carry your laptop around. It gives you the freedom to work from anywhere. These apps can even help you monitor your employees using spy or tracking applications. Especially those who are making deliveries in different places. You can learn how to track a cell phone location without them knowing. It helps save time and resources for the business.

Consider also adding a remote conferencing app that will help you and your employees have company meetings, do remote interviews, or conduct webinars. There are various project management tools that allow you to assign tasks with deadlines or create workspaces for teams where you can give group projects. Your employees can then easily see what needs to get done. 

Another essential tool is a password manager which will securely store your passwords online. If you have shared logins in your business, a password manager will generate strong passwords that’ll be entered automatically into the login fields.

Have Proper Communication Platforms

You cannot run your business effectively without the use of technology.  There are so many communication channels that you can use over your smartphone for your business. Some of these channels include emails, WhatsApp, Skype or direct calls. All these communication channels are supported on a smartphone. All you need is an active internet connection. You can access all the tools you might need for work all in your smartphone. This way your work will always be done on time, instead of waiting to go back to your office and resume your work.

Connect Your Business Email to Your Smartphone

If you are using your personal phone for business operations, this might not be a good idea due to security concerns. However, you can connect the business email to your business phone. This is because you have installed the necessary security features to ensure the safety of your business. You will directly receive email from your phone and respond to them quickly enough from your phone itself instantly.

Security is Essential

As you can see, it is possible to run your business from your smartphone. However, make sure that you have taken care of all the necessary security measures. Always use strong passwords and install a capable antivirus on your phone. Avoid storing very sensitive information on the phone. Also, do not allow people to access your business smartphone at any cost.

With a smartphone, you do not need to have a specific office for functioning. You can operate from anywhere at any time. Unlike using a computer or a laptop, whereby you need some amount of space, you can continue working on your business without being noticed about what exactly you are doing.  It helps you save time in addition to improving your productivity levels.

Come up with stronger channels for communications with the staff

If you want to manage your business remotely, the prime concern should be to establish proper channels for communication. Make sure that you are setting an example by being secretive about the communication with your staff, vendors or even customers. Tools like Skype, Zoom and other options can be great for communication.

Options that provide access to a face to face communication will be more efficient. This should improve transparency to a better level. No matter which medium are you using for communication, keep your employees in the know about new products and services or even changes in the goals of the company.

It’s also best to set strong goals for your employees to help them stay focused. Specify your expectations for the role and when the deadlines are. Inform them of your expectations and how you want them to perform their roles. Provide details with your goals and expectations, and post where everyone can see them. Setting clear expectations will help improve your employees’ accountability.

Introduce Cross training and upward mobility

Of course, your team does need to have a specific requirement of training and this depends upon the type of business. You would definitely want to put the right candidates for the right positions. However, if you really want your team to be really mobile and flexible, you would want to be experts in multiple departments.

This is where cross-training comes to the fore. This will help you and your employees to improve their growth prospects further. While new and young employees can have a chance o prove themselves, the veterans can be placed in the managerial position. Stifling your staff in a particular position can stop their growth further.

Create a web presence for your business

Create a brand image for your business with the help of a well-developed website. Make sure you are active on as many social media profiles as possible. This will help you gain more clients and customers without even having to travel. Analyze the channels that your potential clients are likely to frequent and explore them to your advantage.

LinkedIn and Facebook are the two most important and practical solutions that can help you get a better online presence. LinkedIn can be a great option to advertise your job offerings, while Twitter can be used to share breaking news and announcements. Facebook can be an excellent option for engaging with your customers as it provides better interaction options.

Those were a few salient picks for ensuring an enhanced performance of your remote business. No longer do you need to be limited to a small cabin or office, clinging to your laptop or desktop to manage your business. The work culture is now moving towards more open,  flexible and mobile trend. The smartphone can be the best options in that direction and is what has been the moving force behind making it extremely possible to run a business remotely.

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