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How To Get Sticker Residue Off Laptop?

From rubbing alcohol to duct tape technique to using a hairdryer, there are plenty of techniques that help us in removing stickers from laptops. We often put some stickers, and when months later we decide to take them off, they leave awful residue behind. In this article, I will tell you the various methods as to how to get sticker residue off the laptop.

Purchasing a new laptop is a dream for all of us. However, most of the excitement gets down when we see that stickers on the laptops are hard to get and clean. The residue of the adhesive that sticks back to the surface is even more painful. This is because it makes the laptop look ugly, and it attracts dust and pollutants.

If you are stuck in such a plight, you too might want to know how to remove stickers from laptops; it is not easy to remove sticker residue from the surfaces of laptops. They are tough and thus need hard pressure to remove them. In this process of removal, you may end up damaging the surface with scratches or even cracks. Therefore, it becomes imperative to use the correct methods of removing stickers from laptops.

In this article, I will tell you the various methods of How to get Sticker residue off laptop in just a few easy steps. 

Is Sticker Residue Nonremovable?

If you wish to know how to get sticker off laptop, and you are wondering if the sticker you are trying to remove is non-removable, then the answer to this question depends on which technique you use to remove it. However, the residue of the stickers is removable. But if the sticker stays long, the bond gets stronger and tougher to remove. 

Fret not! The methods mentioned below will tell you how to remove sticker residue from a laptop to make it look clean and fresh again. These methods would not even put scratches or dents or any type of cracks on your laptop.

How To Get Sticker Residue Off Laptop – Possible Methods

Plenty of times, there are certain stickers on our laptops that are stuck by the laptop company itself. However, with time, they start to come off, and there is no denying, this makes our laptop look old and awful. Whereas, plenty of times, we also tend to stick some stickers to our laptop to make it look cool. But soon, we get bored and just wish to take it off. For situations like these, you must know how to remove stickers from laptops.

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Here are a few methods that will help you know how to remove sticker residue from laptop in a way in which it remains clean, scratch-proof, and dent-free.

1. Use Rubbing Alcohol

While rubbing alcohol is the most important part of the first aid kits. But did you know that Rubbing Alcohol has many other utilities apart from first aid?

Yes, you can use Rubbing alcohol to remove the sticker residue from the laptop.

Things you will need:

  • A piece of micro-fiber cloth and
  • Rubbing alcohol.


  • Take a clean piece of microfiber cloth and dip it in rubbing alcohol
  • Now rub the sticker area to get rid of the residue.
  • If you still have residue left out, this means the residue has turned tough. In this case, soak the microfiber cloth in the rubbing alcohol.
  • Place the soaked micro-fiber cloth in the area of residue and wait for 2-3 minutes. Then rub to remove tough stains.

If you are removing stickers from laptops using this method, always remember to use a microfiber cloth, as these are super gentle on your tech devices and help avoid pesky scratches. Other cloth pieces can cause more harm than good to your laptop body. 

Nonetheless, if you are searching for the perfect answer and method to how to get stickers off laptop, then this method can work wonders for you.  

2.   The Duct Tape Technique

If the method mentioned above didn’t seem to work fine for hard stains. You can also use any other strong adhesive tape for this process. 

Things you will need:

  •  Duct tape
  •  Alcohol (optional)


  •  Take around 2-3 inches of duct tape and place it on the residue area.
  •  Fold the corner so that you get a non-sticky handle.
  •  Press the residue area gently, ensuring the dust tape is strongly bonded.
  •  Now, pull off the duct tape with the handle end to remove the residue.
  •  If you find any minor residue, you can wipe them off with rubbing alcohol.

This method works like magic for the stickers, which have been there for a long time, as the strong adhesive removes the sticker in just a jiffy. 

3.   The Blow Dryer Technique

If you are searching for the perfect way to know how to get sticker residue off laptop, then the blow dryer technique would work like magic for you. This is because the sticker residues are generally tough at lower temperatures. The bonding of most adhesive breaks under higher temperatures. We can take advantage of this phenomenon to get rid of unwanted residues.

The most common way is to use the domestic blow dryer. Blow dryers are domestically used to makeover hair with hot air. We can use this hot air to weaken the bond.


  • Take a blow dryer and preferably put it in low or medium speed and temperature.
  • Blow the residue area for about 30 seconds intervals—ensuring the adhesive bonds are weakened.
  • Now, you can easily remove the residues with a knife or a credit card.

4. Scraping Off

Removing stickers from laptops is an easy task if proper techniques are used. Using any of the above techniques needs you some time to spend on it. Scraping off is an easier technique. You can try to scrap it by using scrub pads made up of Nylon or melamine generally. This is not the most recommended process since this may lead you to end up with minor scratches. Sometimes this technique may not give accurate results.

5. Using Dish Soap

Today we get many dish soaps with grease-removal technologies. You can take advantage of those dish soaps to remove sticker residue.

Things you need:

  • Grease removing Dish Soap
  • A piece of clean cloth
  • Warm/hot water


  • Take a clean piece of cloth and wet it in hot water.
  • Take a drop or two of grease-removal Dish soap liquid and squeeze the cloth to form the foam.
  • Rub the residue is with this cloth until the residue is removed
  • Use a paper-based cloth or any other dry cloth to remove the clean off the wet area.

6. Home-Made Baking Soda Paste

This method is the perfect alternative for the rubbing alcohol technique. Therefore, If you don’t have to rub alcohol with you, don’t worry. Home-made Baking soda paste will make it out to be a great alternative. This paste is sometimes a better agent than rubbing alcohol when using hot water while preparing it.

Things you will need:

  • Baking soda
  • Vinegar
  • Hot water
  • A piece of clean cloth


  •  Mix equal amounts of baking soda and a mixture of vinegar and hot water to make a paste out.
  •  Apply this paste to the residue and leave for a few seconds.
  •  Take a piece of clean cloth and rub the area to get rid of the residue.
  •  You can take the paste on the cloth to rub for better results.

7. Using Sticker Removers

Everything has a solution today; removing stickers from laptops too has plenty of solutions. Many brands today are offering sticker cleaners and removers in the form of liquids and sprays. These sprays can perform great in removing the residue. However, the above-mentioned home-based techniques clear the problem in most cases. Thus you may follow those before you consider these products. If still, you wish to try out some sticker removal products, then we would recommend you the following:

Keep Your Laptop Clean

How to get sticker residue off laptop is not a tough process; however, have you wondered why and when these residues turn tough and irritating?

In most cases, the fresh stickers and the adhesives are easily removable. They only turn tough as time passes when their bond becomes stronger.

How can you reduce the chances to face sticker residue problem:

  • Keep your laptop clean: Residue problems never arise when you keep your laptop clean. You can regularly clean your laptop with a wet or dry cloth. This way, the residue would get off gradually.
  • Don’t stick unnecessary and funky stickers: Most youngsters feel it is fashionable to stick trendy stickers to their laptops. Many Marvel and DC fans stick their favorite superhero stickers. When the time of removal comes, it gets into a tedious job. It is always recommended to keep away from such ideas and keep the laptop neat.
  • Removing stickers from laptops soon after purchase: You may find many stickers related to the brand and the model on the laptop soon after you purchase it. It is a good idea to remove all the unnecessary stickers as soon as you purchase them. This way, you can get rid of them when they are new before the adhesive bond gets stronger. 


By now, you should have got an idea of various techniques of How to get sticker residue off a laptop. You may choose any of these techniques to get good results. It would help if you understood how tough the residue is. Moreover, using your laptop carefully would make sure that it has a long life. Although you might think that a sticker won’t affect its longevity; however, when removing you put pressure or try to scrape it; it messes your laptop life. Therefore, using a method that fits you well is the way to go about it.


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