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How to Get More Rune Pages?

If you are into League of Legends and looking to get access to an enhanced experience, getting more Rune pages can be what would make it more perfect and advanced options for a great degree of popularity and success in your gaming life. 

When you are playing a game in League of Legends, you would either create your own Runes or use the five existing Rune pages for the purpose. In fact, Runes are designed to improve your gaming skills and help you achieve more positive results.

How to Get More Rune Pages on League of Legends?

When you begin playing your League of Legends game, you have five Rune pages that you can make use of. Unfortunately, you cannot edit the Rune pages. However, you can make use of any of the runes for a few specific purposes, such as making it a great option for champion selection. 

The five presets that you have access would include:

  • Inspiration: The Timeless: For AP damage dealers and spellcasters
  • Precision: The Perfect: For ADC champions
  • Domination: The Executioner: For assassins and burst damage dealers
  • Resolve: The Colossus: For tanks and tanky bruiser champions
  • Sorcery: The Calamity: For spell-based support champions

If you have just made an entry into the game, thee five would be one of the excellent options. However, as you progress in your game, you would want to create your own page based on your preferred play style. 

The Best Options to Get More Rune Pages on League of Legends

Under ideal conditions, most of the players on League of Legends make a beginning with three rune pages. This is in addition to the five preset pages that cannot be edited. If you are a new player, you cannot edit the rune pages at all. The three rune pages that you get are unlocked only at the summoner level 10. 

In case you are looking to get more rune pages, you may follow the steps here below:

  • Log in to your League of Legends client. 
  • Locate the Store icon at the top right corner. It appears in the form of three coin stacks and provides you access to a wide range of purchase options.

  • Pick the option for Accessories 
  • Here, you can pick the option for Rune Pages

You can decide to purchase your additional Rune pages through the use of Blue Essence or RP. You may also check out the options for buying a seven-page bundle with RP. 

Once you have purchased the Rune pages, you would be able to find it through the collection menu. 

How Much Would a Rune Page Cost?

The cost of a Rune page would ideally be dependent on several factors. In case you are looking to buy the Rune pages one by one, you would need to expend 6300 Blue Essence (BE) or 590 RP. The seven-page bundle is available at a discount, and you can get it at 2600 RP. 

Wondering what BE or RP that we are talking about here is? BE stands for Blue Essence and is the primary in-game currency on the game.  You would be able to earn BE by winning a game. You can even earn BE by clearing a mission. You can even create BE through disenchanting the champion shards and a wide range of other items in the loot section of the game. 

The RP stands for Riot Points. This is the extra premium currency that you need to purchase with real money. The actual cost of the currency would largely be dependent on the server that you are on, the country that you belong to, and the payment method. 

What are the Benefits of Opting for More Rune Pages?

Well, having more rune pages in League of Legends may not necessarily be advantageous. It may be both advantageous and come with a few disadvantages as well. The multiple rune pages come with a host of advantages, and one of the prime options would be that it would lessen your need for preparations in terms of your needs for a particular champion in your game. 

The rune pages can be much helpful in providing you access to a great degree of experience in providing you a wide range of options that would include champion selection, summoner spell selection, or even during pre-game discussion. 

But, you would find that having more than a few rune pages can prove to be a tougher task and can prove to be much disadvantageous. You may get confused or even intimidated in finding the right Rune pages and using them. In fact, you may spend time unnecessarily when choosing the right rune page for your individual needs. Of course, you can make proper use of the multiple rune pages by labeling them or naming them appropriately. 

What is the Limit of Rune Pages?

When you begin playing the game of League of Legends, you will have access to 5 rune pages, to begin with. But, the highest number of rune pages that you can have on league of Legends would be 25. 

In fact, the total number of rune pages that you can have access to in your game of League of Legends is 30, including the five free rune pages that you would initially get as part of your game. However, it may not be necessary to opt for all the 30 rune pages. The maximum number of rune pages that you would ideally use would be around 4 to 10. 

Is there any other way to get Rune pages on League of Legends?

If you are trying to find an answer to the query – is there any alternative to get Rune Pages on League of Legends, you may be annoyed to find that there are no options for the same. 

On most servers, the only way you can get rune pages would be only through RP or Blue Essence. This is because there are practically no ways that you can put to use when getting Rune pages on the game. However, if you are on Garena when playing League of Legends, there may be a few options to get Rune pages without the need to spend any Riot Points or Blue Essence points. If you are a Garena Spin Player, you should be able to win free Blue Essence, Rune Pages, Ward skins, and Icons through the use of the wheel of fortune. 

What Do Runes Do in League of Legends?

The runes are used to augment your champion’s capability based on the playstyle or level that you have been playing.  The exact requirements and benefits would be dependent on the champion and the rune pages. 

The squishy champions can use the runs that would help you achieve the defensive boosts, such as more armor or magic resistance. Likewise, if you have a champion who focuses on removing enemies, you can use the runes that increase the damage potential. In essence, the runes assist you in improving the performance of your champions. 

The Closing Thoughts 

League of Legends is one of the powerful and excellent games, and you would find that it does provide you access to a huge degree of performance excellence with the rune pages. That should help you understand how to use the rune pages and create one if you need to. 

While having a rune page can prove to be quite helpful, you should focus on the right runes that help you empower the kind of champions you use. We would recommend you have a good inventory of the BE or RP to opt for runes or rune pages as per your individual requirements. 

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