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How to Log Out of League of Legends?

If you have been to an online battle arena game, you might have obviously come across and played League of Legends. The game was released way back in 2009 and has been popular even today.  However, when playing a game of League of Legends, it is always a great practice to log out of League of Legends to ensure a better degree of safety and protection of privacy. 

Why Should You Log Out of League of Legends?

Why should you log out of League of Legends? Well, being an online game, you would find that it is vulnerable to hacking or spoofing. So if you want to keep your data and privacy in a good standing, it should always be a great option to log out of League of Legends. 

Moreover, if you have returned to the game after a long break, you would also find that the interface has changed to a considerable extent. The options to log out have changed to a huge extent, and learning how to log out would definitely be a good option that you would want to give serious thought to. 

How to Log out of League of Legends?

Logging out of League of Legends should be much easier. However, understanding the steps across different devices and platforms can easily help you achieve simple steps in logging out of League of Legends. 

  1. Log Out of League of Legends on the website 

To begin with, you will log in to the official portal at www.leagueoflegends.com. Then, you can locate your user name at the top right corner of the web page. 

Simply click on your name, and from the drop-down menu, pick the option to Log Out. That would do it. You will immediately be logged out of the League of Legends. 

  1. Log out of League of Legends on the game client

If you are on the game client and want to log out of League of Legends on the client, you may follow the methods described here. 

    • Launch League of Legends client on your device. 
    • Once inside the client, click on the X button to close the window. 
    • You should now get a confirmation box with two options to choose from. First, you need to pick rom among Exit and Sign Out. 
    • Choose the Sign Out option, and that does it. You will instantly be signed out of the game.

Do note that clicking on the EXIT button will only close the client and keep you signed. 

Other methods on how to log out of League of Legends

The two popular and easy methods that have been featured here, you can also check out a few other methods that would ideally prove to be handy enough in letting you sign out of the game. 

Fix 1: Using Task Manager

If either of the methods featured above does not work for your needs, you may check out the other alternative methods that ideally work outside the League of Legends website or client. Using the Task Manager can be one of the simplest options from this perspective. 

You can simply open the Task Manager and go to the Processes tab. Once on the Processes tab, scroll down to locate League of Legends. Then click on the End Task option to end League of Legends. This should sign you out of League of Legends. 

Please note that if you had configured the option for Keep me Signed In when you signed in to League of Legends, this method will not sign you out, but will simply close the client. Moreover, this method will only work with the League of Legends client and not on the website. 

Fix 2: Using Alt+F4

The Alt+ F4 key combination has been regarded as the universal exit option. That can definitely be one of the best options to help you in how to log out of League of Legends. In fact, the method works in the same way as you would press the X button to close a program. 

The method can be one of the best options if you find you are not able to use the X button for closing the client. Once again, this method will not work on the website version of League of Legends and would be functional only on the client. However, it can also be a great way to come out of the game it freezes for some reason

What Makes it Important to Log Out of League of Legends?

Having found out the different methods for logging out of League of Legends, it would equally be important and essential to find why it is so essential to log out of League of Legends game. Let us also find what happens if you do not log out. 

If you are playing League of Legends on a public system, keeping logged in or signed in can be a tough choice. It can perhaps leave your credentials and privacy out in the open. Hackers can steal your account information, currencies, can read your messages, or impersonate you. So it may be a good option to sign out of your account on your personal system as well. If you tend to lend your system to your friends or others, that would be equivalent to using a public system. 

If you agree with us, you will definitely want to log out when playing League of Legends next time. 

The Concluding Thoughts 

You would find from the above discussion how it is beneficial to log out of League of Legends. However, if you are stuck in a game and cannot find how to get out of the issues, you may face when playing League of Legends and opt for the best options for how to log out of League of Legends, in an easy to follow options

Check out the best options for logging out of League of Legends and opt for the right options that would meet your individual requirements. Then, if you are still stuck, do share your inputs through the comments here. We will try to update you on how to work with the solutions. 


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  • Great update and informative content Mr. Timmappa Kamat.
    Have a doubt concerning it –
    While we find sometimes trouble facing using task manager right in terms of PC gets hangs, if so how this is done?

    • When a PC hangs, not only the task manager, but the entire PC becomes unresponsive. The best way out of this wouod be to check if waiting for a while can bring the PC back to life. If it doesn’t, you will need to opt for forced shut down and no other option would be viable.

      You may try one method though. Press CTRL. ALT and DELETE combination. This should bring the Task Manager even when the PC hangs. Check if the Task Manager works or not when this is done.

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