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How To Block Someone on BeReal?

BeReal is the ideal social media app that you would like to have. The brand value of BeReal is based on its name BeReal, no need to filter or mix and match any aspect of your being just be the way you are real. It allows users to post only 1 photo a day. The Photo has to have both front and back views. With BeReal’s popularity on the rise, the need to limit interactions also arises. In this blog post, I will guide you with the blocking feature of BeReal.

When Do You Block Someone On The BeReal App?

Blocking someone on BeReal can be for a variety of reasons mainly because of a bad experience with a fellow user. It can also be to avoid someone that you do not want them to know that you use the app.

Here are a few reasons why users might choose to block someone:

Bullying and harassment

If a user is being subjected to harassment, bullying, or any form of abusive behavior from another user, they may choose to block that person to protect themselves and prevent further negative interactions. We often come across people who are hell-bent on attacking for no reason, that trait sometimes becomes the act of bullying.

Personal Privacy

Blocking can be used to maintain personal privacy. If a user feels uncomfortable with another user’s behavior or if they suspect that their personal information is being compromised, blocking that person can help safeguard their privacy.

Unwanted messages

If a user is receiving unwanted messages, spam, or unsolicited content from another user, blocking can prevent further communication from that person. With the power of ads and various add-on tools, the process to suck the joy out of social media can be a soul-weighing experience.

Violation of the App’s terms and conditions

If a user consistently posts or shares content that violates BeReal’s community guidelines, is offensive or goes against the app’s terms of service, blocking can help filter out such content from the user’s feed.

Is Blocking Necessary?

It may or may not. If someone is spamming or bullying you, it is better to block them. But, in case of casual fights between friends, blocking is not necessary because in the heat of the moment we block, and later we regret it. So, depending on the situation blocking may or may not be necessary.

How Do You Unfriend Someone From Your Friends List on BeReal?

Perform the following steps to remove someone from your friends list on BeReal.

  • Open your BeReal home page. If you have recently installed the app then enter your name, birthdate, and mobile number authentication you will go to the homepage. Or else, if you are already signed in on the app, you can open the homepage.
  • Now at the very bottom, you will see the ‘Add Friends’ option. Tap that option.

Bereal add friends

  • Now on the next page, you need to select Friends which is 2nd option at the bottom.

Bereal friends

  • Now your friend list will appear select the friend you would like to remove.

Bereal remove friend

  • Now tap on the ‘More options’ option. The ‘More Options’ Option is often represented as three dots that lay vertically opposite to a person’s profile. Now select the ‘Remove friendship’ option.

remove friendship - Bereal

  • Now there will be a confirmation page asking for assurance for the removing friendship action. Tap ‘confirm’ to remove.

How to Block Someone on BeReal?

Follow these steps to block a user from accessing your BeReal user account.

  • To block anyone on BeReal you need to find the person on your BeReal user account. Do you need to block a friend? If that’s a yes you need to open your friend’s list and then block that person. You found the person on Discovery then you need to access the person’s account from there.
  • Once the person you want to block’s profile is opened. You need to tap on the ‘more options’ option which is the three vertical dots.
  • Now select the ‘block’ option it will be 2nd in the list of options.

  • You need to confirm the process one last time. Tap on ‘confirm’ to finalize the block.

bereal block friend

Want to Unblock Someone After Blocking Them?

This is typical of all social media users, its the dilemma to block or not to block. One thing that definitely requires a lot of praise is BeReal’s part is its very easy transition from blocking to not blocking. With a simple click, you can revert the blocking function. That is actually pretty fascinating if you look at it from a long-term perspective.

How to Unblock?

To unblock. Go to your profile, and then tap the vertical dots menu, and then tap on Blocked profiles. Now, find the user you want to unblock, and tap x next to the name, and then in the pop up, tap unblock. That’s it.

How to Know If Someone Blocked You on BeReal?

The signs aren’t hard to know and determine, Here are certain observations that cement the fact that someone indeed has blocked you on BeReal.

  1. If any user has blocked you who previously was in your friend list you will find them suddenly vanished. You cannot find them on your friend list.
  2. If the person is someone that you constantly engage and share words with you cannot find their posts on ‘Discovery’.
  3. Even if you somehow find their posts by manually entering their profile, then you won’t be able to comment, you will be just able to engage with emojis.

Any solution?

When someone blocks you they have a strong reason why did they do it. If you want to know the reason and you know that person outside the online/virtual world, you can ask them personally to clarify if they want to do so as to why they have blocked you. Simultaneously, you can ask their friends if they use BeReal to know the reasons as to what led them to block you. And ask for a meeting with the person via their friend. 

But beyond a point do not push someone to unblock you. It’s a free world, the internet has many people. Try developing meaningful bonds, moreover, asking someone for an unblock, if done during duress can be categorized as online harassment and cybercrime. 


In this piece, I have helped you understand How to block, unfriend, and unblock your favorite friends on BeReal. Be it a friend or not, here in this piece, you will find every solution for blocking and unblocking. I have also provided insight on why it is important to not force someone to unblock you, in case they have blocked you, and forcing someone to unblock can be a criminal offence. 

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