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When Does BeReal Go OFF?

BeReal is a very popular social media app alternative to Instagram, Snapchat, and others. BeReal preaches the practice of authenticity on social media and becoming Real. It allows only one post to be posted by the user in a day. So, when we use the phrase “What time does BeReal turn off?” We are essentially asking When does BeReal send us the notification to post?

After that, the posting feature will turn off. This is why BeReal projects itself as an app with a difference that promotes healthy social media use. 


How Many Times Does BeReal Go Off Each Day?

BeReal does not have a fixed time for it to turn off the posting feature, it depends on When you get the notification and there is no certainty if you will get one at the same time. BeReal notifications can pop up at any time of the day between 9 AM to 11 PM at night generally. You need to attend the notification and post your photo. In case you open your camera you will see a timer. It means that you need to post a photo soon.

Does Bereal Go Off At The Same Time For Everyone?

Yes and no, both, as BeReal sends the post update to a particular time zone at the same time but not so users between different time zones. For instance, if you are from Europe and your friend is from the USA which falls in the North American continent, you both will receive notifications at different times. It is to optimize the posting time feature when it’s 9 AM in Europe 

the US might be seeing midnight, so for that reason, it appears that there is a timezone difference. 

But if your friend is in Europe that means you guys have similar time zones then you will get the alert at the same time for everyone in that region. BeReal as an app promotes authenticity hence it wants you to be clicking photos as naturally as possible without any filters. It wants you to click one post a day and then you cut your social media time until the next day you post one again. 

How Much Time Do You Have to Post a BeReal?

BeReal notification comes up, you have two minutes to post a BeReal. But, In case you have missed your posts then you can post a late BeReal as well. But, others will know that you have posted it late as BeReal shows that you have posted late.

What Happens if You Miss a BeReal Notification?

If you miss a BeReal Notification and failed to post in that 2 minutes, you can still post a BeReal as a late post as well as you get an option to “Post a late BeReal”. But, the late posts are tagged as late posted so others will know that you have posted your Photo late.

Generally, you get a notification between 9 AM to 11 PM, so if you are so serious about not missing this, make sure to keep checking your phone once in a while. 

Post a BeReal

Can You Retake on BeReal?

Yes, you can take a retake if you are not able to capture a perfect photo the way you want. For this, go to the post you just posted, Tap the dot menu (⠇), then go to  “Delete my BeReal” to delete that post. After that, go to the My Friends tab and tap Post a BeReal to create a new BeReal post again. If you can do that 2 minutes time frame, it is fine. But, if you post again later, that will be counted as late BeReal.

Can You Gain Followers on BeReal?

No, you cannot gain likes and followers on BeReal. You can just like and comment on your friends’ posts, and they can do it on yours. It is an amazing concept for this fast-growing social app. It helps you cut down the usage of social media throughout the day, and also, it motivates you to be Real which is not something encouraged by other social media apps as they offer so many filters to make your photos enhanced. On BeReal, they don’t have filters for photos which encourages to post real photos without edits.


BeReal can go off anytime during the day, and you should stay alert to post when the timer goes off. If you are later, you can still post a late BeReal but it will be tagged as Late Bereal.

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