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What Does Discovery Mean on BeReal?

BeReal is a newfound application that is defining authenticity in social media. It motivates people to share and capture unfiltered rare/ real moments, and that is why it is called “BeReal”. You don’t have to edit or apply any filters to your photos. Just post the way you are. BeReal promotes complete authenticity and representation of people. BeReal’s discovery tab exists like a newsfeed option on Facebook and a Home option on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter.

In this article, let’s explore BeReal Discovery…

What Does Discovery Mean on BeReal?

BeReal just like any other application comes with a home page where you can check everyone’s BeReal posts and selfies. In your home screen, you have two options actually in BeReal one is the tab of ‘Discovery’ and the other is the ‘Friends’ tab. You can access public posts on both these options just that discovery is your friends of friends and public posts. In short, Discovery on BeReal allows you to share your posts publicly as this is viewable by everyone on BeReal. The ones who don’t even post in Discovery can also view discovery feeds.

BeReal Discovery

BeReal’s Unique Features Just Like Discovery

Alike Discovery BeReal has many features that stand out making it a desirable choice among social media apps. Here are some of its features discussed.

Zero followers

This is true in any shape or form. BeReal does not have a follower system like other platforms that support this theory of followers. The reason is, BeReal was meant to be different as an application. It was an app that was based on the idea of zero followers, it was a qualitative experience mainly. In quantitative experiences, we see how the narrative of followers formulates. Here, users interact with genuine interest and make friends, Interactions are there, but they are mostly via photos rather than followers or views.

Dual Camera Capture Mode

Another unique feature is the dual camera capture mode which shows that you can capture both front and back side shots from the mobile camera. Your front photo which is captured by the front camera appears in the small window along with the background picturesque. Both these frames actually appear in the same photo.


Just like Instagram has an archive option that allows choosing of photos from the past whether they are stories or posts. BeReal has the same feature and it is called ‘Memories’. Here you need to simply tap on one of the dates in the list to view photos of that particular date. Points to remember:

  • A photo can be only viewed by you.
  • Individual photos can be shared separately.
  • You can delete your memory, to see the deletion changes. In deletion, all your memory folders will be deleted permanently. To see the changes you need to wait for another photo share.

Real Mojis

Realmojis are another amazing feature, unlike emojis, realmojis can be put forth with your face and below the face, you can see the emoji and your face will appear in the circle. These are great publicity tactics by the application that allows for more real and raw engagements as opposed to the artificial engagements we see on other platforms. 

Random Notification

Another major attribute or feature of the app is completely its notification updates. BeReal exists as an app that fosters notification access and reproach at any time of the day. You can get notifications at any time of the day and then attend them. The intent here is to make everyone be real on the BeReal app by initiating public posts provided by people that foster the idea of real moments. You have a very limited time to provide a photo until you can post for the next cycle or just post only 1 photo a day, therefore curbing the social media use to a bigger chunk. 

BeReal Discovery Features

  • Discovery entails a concoction of posts that can be from your friends or the entire BeReal community.
  • It is the space for actual interaction for most people.
  • In order to comment on any post on BeReal one has to upload and update a RealMoji.
  • You also need to take your BeReal for the day in order to access the posts of your friends or your near and dear ones. 

  • BeReal is a great app that allows for the setting of snapping the image from both front and back. All these photos are available to the public via the ‘Discovery’ option.
  • BeReal’s discovery is where you know who screenshotted your photo. That updates real-time about the real-time updates on photos. 
  • Updates of likes, screenshots, and even an elaborate section are there for people to interact just as friends and like-minded beings.
  • Discovery is also where the photos get transferred to Memories. Memories are all pending photos that you access which are from the past. All these memory photos move towards the ‘memory’ via the ‘Discovery’ page.

Demerits of the Discovery Page

Discussing the good things is alright but along with that, we need to also know about the possible limitations that come with Discovery Page. One of the major demerits has to be the intrinsic nature of the UI.

  • The UI of the Discovery page looks a bit outdated that can use some work.
  • In order to watch for posts you need to post one BeReal post yourself. There are days you do not want to engage with others on social media, you just want to be left alone, but you cannot because of this. 
  • The setting of elements is also an issue. The realmojis block one feature. and that is the image that we see and perceive. A part of the bottom gets inaccessible to the naked eye. 
  • The standard post-roll also makes it too boring. They should have a template adjustment and theme adjustment that we have with some other platforms.
  • Some of the other issues as well overlay with time mentions in the post. There is also no filter or preference able to adjust to select certain kinds of posts according to your liking.


BeReal is an amazing alternative app that allows for a lot of unique things and it has certainly got support from its people. I discuss the features, merits, and demerits of this wonderful home scroll on the option version of the app. I have mentioned all relevant details that you will need to know about this option. 

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