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How to Change Username on BeReal?

Do you have questions about changing your BeReal username? For your benefit, I’m here. When we find our social media identities dull or get bored with them, we frequently feel the need to alter them. You can alter your BeReal username, just like you do on any other social media site. Yet you might be wondering how to go about doing it.

How to Change Username on BeReal
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How to Change the Username on BeReal?

Since BeReal is a relatively new app, users are encountering difficulties in figuring out the process. Some users are struggling with tasks such as logging into BeReal on a new phone or editing a BeReal post. 

  1. In the top right corner, tap the profile symbol.
  2. To enter Settings, tap the three dots symbol as shown in the given image.
    tap three dot BeReal
  3. On the next page, you will see a profile name just, click.BeReal username
  4. Choose a new username that you like and feed that onto the rectangular text box on the Username space.
    edit BeReal Username
  5. Tap “Change Username” after entering the new username.
  6. To confirm changes tap on ‘Save

Username Not Update Yet? (Why Can’t I Change My BeReal Username?)

It’s vital to understand that your username won’t be changed right away. It won’t function unless you post something in the next BeReal notification. By tapping the “Cancel and keep my current username” button, you can revert the change if you change your mind before the notification is received.

You shouldn’t worry if your BeReal username stays the same. As previously stated, the new username won’t take effect until you post in the subsequent BeReal notification, also known as the BeReal reset period. To check if your username has been modified, simply wait till the notification.

Remember, you can change your BeReal username only once per notification.

How Many Times Can You Change BeReal Username?

You can change your BeReal username once per notification. After changing the username, it gets updated after the notification comes. You will always have to wait for your changed username to get updated till the notification comes.

Factors that Should Influence Username

When choosing a social media username, there are several important things to keep in mind. Here are some key considerations:

  1. Uniqueness: Choose a username that stands out from the crowd. This will make you stand out and keep other people from getting confused.
  2. Simplicity: Choose a username that is straightforward and simple to remember. Choose simple, easy-to-spell words instead of those that may be difficult for others to find or mention.
  3. Consistency: If you have many social media accounts I mean BeReal is not the only option there is right in terms of your use in social media, I think about utilizing a single or closely related username throughout all of your profiles. By doing this, you may increase brand recognition and make it simpler for your followers to find and get in touch with you.
  4. Keep it Short: Keep your username short and avoid using names that are too long. In general, shorter usernames are simpler to remember and type.
  5. Avoid using personal information: To safeguard your privacy online, don’t use your complete name, date of birth, address, or any other information that could be used to identify you. Your online identity will be protected as a result.
  6. Good first impression: Your username should represent the positive first impression you want to make about yourself. Avoid using rude or divisive language that can turn off prospective followers or audiences.
  7. Check availability: Before finalizing your username, make sure to check its availability on the social media platform(s) you intend to use. You want to ensure that the username you choose is not already taken.
  8. Future-proofing: Take into account choosing a username that will be appropriate and relevant in the long run. Avoid using references or terminology that are currently popular but could eventually become antiquated or lose their meaning.
  9. Examine it: Try saying it out or sharing it with others before choosing a username to obtain their opinion. You can use this to determine how it sounds and how simple it is to remember.
  10. Brand consistency: Make sure your username corresponds with your brand or company name if you use social media for work or professional purposes. Maintaining consistency across platforms improves brand recognition.
  11. Avoid numbers and special characters: It may be tempting to add digits or other unusual characters to your username in order to make it stand out, but doing so can make it more difficult for other people to remember and locate you. If at all feasible, use only alphanumeric characters.
  12. Pronounceability: Choose a username that is simple to say. This makes it easier for other people to appropriately pronounce your username in chats or when discussing you.
  13. Research similar usernames: Check for similar or alternative usernames that may already be in use before deciding on one. Avoiding uncertainty or potential brand infringement is important.
  14. Consider future growth: Choose a username that allows for flexibility and doesn’t restrict you to a single specialty if you intend to grow your social media profile or use the account for a variety of purposes in the future.
  15. Reflect on your personality: Let your username express who you are or the mood you wish to project. It can aid in developing a relationship with your audience and improving the recall of your account.
  16. Avoid excessive abbreviations: While abbreviations can be useful for brevity, using too many abbreviations or acronyms in your username can make it harder for others to understand or remember.
  17. Check social media policies: Be mindful of any particular rules or regulations imposed on usernames by the social media network. Several systems put limitations on the number of characters, the length, or the words that may be used.
  18. Test for availability across platforms: If you plan to use the same username on multiple social media platforms, check its availability across those platforms to ensure consistency.
  19. Personal preference: Ultimately, choose a username that resonates with you and feels authentic. You should be comfortable and proud of your chosen username since it will represent you in the online world.

Remember, your social media username is an important part of your online identity, so take the time to choose wisely and consider how it will impact your presence and interactions on social media platforms.


This piece deals with usernames and how to change your BeReal username. I have made sure to answer the queries and write a step-by-step process regarding this. Just stick to the rules and there should not be any issue. 

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