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How To Delete BeReal Account?

BeReal is one of a kind social media app that allows users to limit social media as the app only allows users to post only 1 photo a day. Started in 2020, BeReal shot to fame because of its unique posting feature and balancing social media life with other fractions of life that we all engage in. Although BeReal is a great app, at times you may not want to use it anymore either for some privacy reasons or just like that. In that case, you may want to delete your BeReal Account. 

In this article, I will guide you on how to delete your BeReal account properly.

BeReal and Its Privacy Concerns

BeReal has a serious privacy breach and malaise in these aspects:

  • If you do not manually turn ‘off’ your geotagging feature chances are your location will come up with your post.
  • Its posting right at an immediate time leads to many unintentional reveals too.
  • The app does not have a specific report feature hence making it extremely susceptible to conmen and other duplicitous people.
  • There is no transparency from the app about its data privacy policy, unlike Meta or Google.

How to Delete Your Account on BeReal?

On Android Phones & iPhones

  • Navigate and open the BeReal app.
  • Now tap your account.


  • Now tap your settings. In the below diagram, the three dots represent the settings. You can check Figure 1 from the images.

three dot menu

  • Now tap on Other.

  • Now in red letters, you will see an option called ‘Delete Account’.Tap it

Delete BeReal Account

  • Tap ‘Confirm’.

As you tap Confirm, your BeReal account will be deleted.

Why Do People Leave an App Like BeReal?

Limited Posting

Some users may find the limitation of only one post per day to be restrictive, particularly if they are used to posting multiple times per day on other social media platforms. This could lead to frustration and a desire to switch to a platform that offers more freedom. Though we should avoid such temptations but urges when become uncontrollable they should not be avoided. Let them come naturally and then when the mind calms you can go back to the limiting schedule of posting. 

Lack of Engagement: 

The limited posting may also lead to a lack of engagement from other users, as there may not be enough content to keep them interested. This could lead to a feeling of isolation and a lack of motivation to continue using the app.BeReal is great in assisting in your deaddiction but it’s not so great in terms of keeping you busy. When you will leave social media you will long for more social media. You need to be mentally prepared with avoidance to conquer the bad feelings.

Better Alternatives

There may be other social media platforms that offer more features, a larger user base, or better engagement that the user prefers. In this case, the user may choose to leave BeReal and switch to a different platform that better suits their needs. There are many examples in front of us on Facebook. Snapchat and Twitter to name a few even Instagram.


Over time, users may simply become bored with the app and lose interest in using it. This could be due to a lack of new features, a lack of engagement from other users, or simply a change in personal interests. Things tend to change for people. The things that you want today or aspire to get might not be even on your list tomorrow. That plays an important role too.

Privacy Concerns

Some users may be concerned about the app’s privacy policies and how their data is being used. If they feel uncomfortable sharing personal information or photos on the platform, they may choose to leave and use a different app that they trust more. Moreover, BeReal has been flagged because of its fair data use policy. Many people actually find BeReal’s data handling to be obscure as there are no clearly defined conditions identified in terms and agreements. 

Lack of Customization

BeReal may not offer enough customization options for some users, such as the ability to change the layout or design of their profile. This may make the app feel too basic or limiting for their needs.

User Interface Issues

The app’s user interface may be confusing or difficult to navigate for some users. If they find it too frustrating or time-consuming to use, they may choose to leave and find an app that is more intuitive.BeReal’s UI is minimal but there is obscurity with the navigation, that’s something that the company needs to improve because acts as a big deterrent.

Limited Reach

If the app has a small user base or is only popular in certain regions, users may feel that their content is not reaching enough people. This could lead to a lack of engagement or a feeling of isolation, which may prompt them to leave and use a more popular app. Social Media nowadays has many things to offer rather than the same old interactions whether being able to center an internet business or being there for many other important things like building Clientele. Using groups to network and proceed with a fair amount of Freelancing projects.

Time Constraints

Some users may find it difficult to post on the app every day due to time constraints or other commitments. If they cannot commit to using the app regularly, they may feel that they are not getting enough value from it and choose to leave. The thing is not every user overdoes social media. However, they do it like once or twice a week. But BeReal only satiates with a post a day. So, that becomes a big hurdle for them and they leave the application.


The process of deleting your BeReal account is very easy. I have given a step-by-step analysis of How to delete the BeReal account? You can easily do the deleting without much hassle and simply follow the steps mentioned. You can then progress to use any social media app that suits your taste and needs.

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