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How Many Reports Needed to Get Banned on TikTok?

I have been using TikTok for so long that I know almost every small bits & bytes of this platform. A few years back, a few of my originally created shorts were being copied by a user. I searched for how to get that user banned on the platform. There I learned how to get a user banned on TikTok if he is doing something fishy. In this article, I am going to share how you can actually get someone banned on TikTok. However, there is no fixed number of reports to get someone banned on TikTok.

TikTok is a millennial app. It has some of the youngest people who create content on this platform. Unlike other apps, the situation of ‘reporting’ is a bit off in TikTok. Just like strikes on YouTube you have Report on Tiktok. So, you need to have a certain number of strikes on YouTube, usually, three strikes within 90 days period means your channel will be deleted.

You can report a user if they are making some insensitive content, In Youtube unlike strikes, ‘reporting a user’ it’s just asking for a video analysis and at best it will be taken down. In Tiktok, reporting can first address the team in TikTok to look at your content, if it has malicious language they can ban it. There is no fixed amount of reports to get your shorts down on Tiktok. The company’s upper management decides what will be deemed as report worthy or not.

What Leads You to Get Banned in Tiktok?

TikTok does not have a standard amount of reports to decide whether you will be banned or not. So, you never know what the criteria is to be banned. In order to have some clarity on the topic we can gaze into the terms and conditions of TikTok:

As, per Tiktok it bans content that promotes the following:

  • The portrayal of bullying or threatening/intimidating someone
  • Showing terrorism and violence
  • Indulging in nudity
  • Showing self-harm or self-deprecatory activities
  • Making hacking videos
  • Promoting illegal activities
  • Being underage (<16 years of age)

So, a fine print of the following features in your content can cause an impeccable reversal of content or impose a ban on the portrayal of these things. It’s better to not engage in things such as these and do videos.

If these sorts of videos appear, TikTok will decide the intensity of the reply that they need to provide. It is advised to monitor the content before putting it out on the platform. Be very sure and affirm the view that features that go against these terms can lead you into trouble. It is advised to repeal content/shorts that have these features.

Important Violations to Not Do on TikTok

There are many violations that can occur which can lead to an inevitable ban. First, do remember that TikTok in itself is a social media platform that has its own policies and fundamentals that the website wants you to follow. That being said, as stated above, there are no fixed reportings that you need to get yourself banned. It’s the Tiktok content monitoring team that decides if your content needs to be banned or not. So, there needs to be one bad move in order to get banned.

As far as I am concerned, it’s better to stay away from controversial topics. See, if you did content that has a controversial take or an opinion it can lead you to ban. And TikTok has this habit of not even informing its users what led to the ban and what caused it.

How to Get Someone Banned on TikTok?

Getting someone TikTok banned is not an easy task. Bans happen when TikTok considers a valid violation. That could mean anywhere between a mild violation to an extreme violation that should not happen. Here is a step-by-step process to do it:

  • Open the video you want to report after logging into TikTok. Here, however, make your mind the course of action that you have in your mind. You will be asked why and what led to the action and that needs to be prudent and justifiable.

  • Now you need to press on the middle of the screen for a very long time. As soon as you are done pressing, you now have to select the ‘report’ option.
  • You are now moved to the report page where you have to select a reason for TikTok violation of guidelines..
  • Once the guidelines are chosen you have to choose another sub reason, this is the second cause behind your report.
  • Now you will have to fill in the description where you can put forth the error in detail.
  • Now after filling all these, you need to click or tap in ‘submit’

  • You can check and analyze for yourself the status of your reports. And the status of these reports can easily be accessed by going to the option, ‘View Reports’.

TikTok vs Youtube Ban

As compared to TikTok, YouTube also has more or less similar clauses within their performance guidelines that they take into account while banning content. That being said, Youtube deliberates account bans in a much better fashion or say takes the legal route through copyright and infringement properties. You can go to court on these bans and challenge this decision. It can all become a question of legality and jurisprudence. TikTok specifically has temporary and Permanent ban features where the monitoring team disables accounts for a month at first to any user who is abusive. That can also transition into a Permanent ban after a few temporary bans and that won’t have a redressal or appeal that Youtube has that provides the opportunity to challenge a copyright strike. 

TikTok YouTube
The monitoring team revises content and account ban. The Youtube monitoring team revises content and bans accounts as per the copyright strikes
User reports and the team responds given the degree of violation of guidelines attempted. User reports and the team takes into account the number of reports and the analysis of community guidelines
Permanent ban results in repeated violations of the temporary ban Permanent ban results by filing a copyright from the concerned account. The move can be challenged as per the cyber laws of the native country in regard to copyright infringement policies
Much more fixated non-revealing process Much more open and fair process

What Happens When You are Banned on Tiktok?

TikTok bans are actually very varied and there is not one particular type of ban. Different types of ban actually persist on TikTok. Let, us know more about these bans:

Types of TikTok bans


As the term suggests, Shadowban is very sneaky. Many users do not get informed that they have been shadowbanned. This type of ban actually stays for 2-3 days. As said, the users themselves do not know they are banned. They get to know about this much later. In this ban the user does not know that their video is not there on the ‘For you’ page.

I love this ban and here are my reasons. Content monitoring is inevitable in Tiktok. I think nobody can run away from it. The issue then is, among all the types of ban which has the least impact on your TikTok following. And that’s the shadowban. You would require to be hopeful to get shadowban comparatively. Since, as compared to other bans, this is better.

Live streaming ban

It means exactly as it’s name, you get banned from doing live streams. This ban actually stays with you from a period of 24-48 hours. In a stretch of 1-2 days. This ban occurs specifically due to using derogatory and malicious language while involved in a livestream. It’s advised to take special care about your content when you go livestream on TikTok, small things can lead up to many assumptions by the content monitoring team and this can further lead to many problems in the future.

Temporary ban

A temporary ban is actually a long-term ban that can last anywhere between 1-28 days depending on the severity of the offense. Most people who are vulgar, do not care or mince their words. One who abuses a lot and posts on the internet will be temporarily banned.

Permanent ban

A permanent ban also occurs when any user does not react to the temporary ban in a better manner. Simply put, they do not change even after repeated warnings. That leads to problems and issues. Constant violations that are done post-temporary ban actually lead to the permanent ban.

Can TikTok Suspend Accounts?

As discussed earlier, no amount of reports can end a TikTok account. Since the issue was never about reports. Certain acts can lead to the suspension that the monitoring team of Tiktok deems as unlawful and extreme. You want to make sure to maintain parity in both guidelines and the type of content you post.


Q. How long is a TikTok ban?

TikTok actually has many different tiers and types of bans and that impacts the days involved. In a shadowban, it will be 2-3 days. Sometimes even 1 day. Live stream ban can happen from 2-28 days. Same with the temporary ban. A permanent ban will ban you entirely.

Q. Can TikTok permanently ban you?

TikTok can ban you permanently from their platform. It happens when your violations happen repeatedly leading to temporary bans.

Q. How long does it take to get a response on a recent report?

It should take anywhere between 2-48 hours for the monitoring team of TikTok to get back to your report. You can check the status on ‘view report’.


Reporting on TikTok is a bit hazy when you do one or get reported by someone. However, in this piece, I tried my best to simplify the breadth of the topic. If you are an aspiring TikToker and do not wish to encounter a problem, I would suggest going through its guidelines and try your best to not violate it.

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