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7 Best Sites To Buy Automatic Instagram Likes for Account Genuine Promotion

Nowadays you might rarely meet an influencer on any platform, who would not use purchased stats to improve their performance. It is believed that paid services can only harm your growth, but this statement is not entirely true. Such boosts for a blogging career should be used wisely and carefully, to preserve the natural balance and tempo of your growth. If you have integrated paid likes, views, or comments in your strategy properly, you will receive a nice trampoline for gaining an organic audience. But before you go and buy yourself a boost, you must perform a few actions that would enhance your experience and assist you in winning your goal.

  • Research your target group and see exactly what type of content is the most engaging to them so you will improve the post with the most potential.
  • Plan your content according to your data and define the schedule for involving paid services.
  • Examine thoroughly the variety of sites that offer paid stats.

The last point in this chart is incredibly crucial to you in spite of the fact that your development strongly relies on it. There are numerous sites that propose you pay for stats, but not all of them are trustworthy. If you won’t be careful, you can find fraud sites that provide dead bots, who won’t improve your progress at all, or just lose your fortune. To ease your search for the best place to pay for stats, here are exposed top seven platforms that provide such options.

7 Best Sites To Buy Automatic Instagram

  1. BuyTopLikes

This is one among the most efficient services that might help you obtain likes for IG. There is a wide range of bundles, individual arrangements, and even the possibility to subscribe for monthly Instagram likes – all these ensure that everything works well for Instagram accounts of any industry. Along with likes, you can acquire other statistics that are vital for your progress on the network:

  • Comments
  • Views
  • Followers

All these alternatives are accessible for regular feed posts, stories, IGTV, and Lives. The site also proposes combined service – followers who will react to your content. The legal side of the deal is clean. IG only blocks and deletes falsified profiles or bots, that flood space, and don’t bring any use for it, as for bloggers. BuyTopLikes provides real accounts, which are proactive and completely real, so Instagram spam and bot security have no questions about that.

  1. SocialsGrow

This is also a trustworthy platform that contributes significant stats to buyers for a reasonable price. Along with Insta, SocialsGrow furnishes subscribers, comments, and likes for Spotify, Periscope, Soundcloud, Tumblr, Facebook, Quora, and YouTube – anything you may need to control your progress on various websites. Here you can request even a tiny quantity of 5 likes if you think that number is sufficient. 

Like the previous one, this site contributes to the arrangement gradually, to maintain organic progress for your blog with automatic IG likes. This helps to use Instagram’s algorithm to your advantage. Such practice allows you to keep your expansion authentically and slow enough so you may adjust your strategy and schedule, as well as increase your following.

  1. King-likes.com

This site also provides high-quality and genuine likes for Instagram. Here you may find many solutions that will assist you to obtain a result fast and effectively. The service also maintains the principle of organic delivery – the time for getting your purchase hinges on the quantity you paid for.

  • 50 likes will arrive in 15 minutes
  • 300 likes you will obtain in 30 minutes
  • 1000 likes will get there in 1-2 hours
  • 5000 likes will require up to 10 hours to be distributed to your profile.

This principle, again, is your support that will motivate the organic audience that comes to your profile. Sudden huge boosts can frighten new viewers, and such an approach is considered unwise. But gradual increases will look more natural and heat the interest to your content.

  1. HotDot

If you aim to produce more Lives on IG you should pay attention to this service. HotDot is delivering views, subscribers, and auto Instagram likes for your materials, so you can organize your development and improve the involvement in your Lives. The site has many offers that should fulfill the necessities of beginners and established bloggers too. On HotDot you can pay for not just Insta auto likes, but subscribers to support your content as well. The expense range on this service is reasonable even for the tiniest funds and delivers top-quality benefits that exceed all expectations.

Here you might acquire even 10 followers for just 1.29$, or 20000 followers for 239.29$. Such variety is also provided organically, within a couple of days. Big quantities like 20000 subs will be provided during 25 days.

  1. Easyautofollow.com

The platform is aimed to deliver an automatic gain of followers. The delivery initiates almost instantly – you will begin receiving the first result within 7 hours. Easyautofollow is a completely legal service because it offers only an actual and functional public that will improve your performance multiple times, even if you get the smallest bundle – 100 followers for 3.99$ only.

Along with the following service, this platform has options for automatic Instagram likes and even views. All those will be transmitted in the shortest term, and you will easily get real engagement from your investment, attracting organic users with the overall activity on your page.

Easyautofollow has an impeccable reputation, many closed successful deals, and an excellent client assistance team that is available to users anytime.

  1. Blastup

Along with Instagram auto likes, Blastup has many things to propose. This platform is a great option for those who want to quickly review analytics. Here you may acquire useful tools for your progress on IG:

  • Follower Count. This tool exposes information about organic stats that your blog has gained. It can be used to control the balance between purchases and organically gained development.
  • Post Downloader. This feature allows you to download the content from the platform. All you should do is paste the URL to the required post in the special field and hit the button below.

Also, the service is worth visiting for many interesting and educational articles that it holds in the blog section. Here you can find helpful insights for your progress and come up with content plan ideas.

  1. Buzzoid

Great platform that has recently added the possibility to pay for automatic IG likes! Here you can achieve real views, subscribers, and likes legally and easily. The delivery starts within a minute after the ordinance is confirmed, hence this site is terrific for arranging quick boosts. Now the site provides a variety of discounts on bargains, so if you would like to try this all out, here is a promising chance.

Buzzoid provides replenishment for your order when the system spots the decrease of stats. unless you contact the backing team and express your desire to cancel the replenishment for your profile. Such a method allows you to maintain the tempo of your progress and attract more organic followers. On this site, you’re also able to get views for your video content to help it spread on Instagram faster and eventually go viral.

What More 

After we have discovered the best sites that deliver paid growth, it is the moment to sum the topic up. When you decide to acquire likes, views, or followers for your blog, you must understand that you cannot substitute organic appreciation from a live audience with these. The motive of purchasing social media metrics and stats is primarily to break into the competition, because without any boosts it can be very hard, and takes a long time. Practically all industries are filled with established influencers who take a lion’s share of users’ attention, and sometimes new personalities cannot squeeze in, no matter how compelling content is. So paid assistance is a method to attain influence and authority for a new blogger, providing access to the organic public.

But as you have paid for some stats and lifted your posts, the work doesn’t stop. To get the most out of your purchases, you have to develop a strong tactic that will maintain your expansion. Here are some useful tips for growing a successful blog on IG.

  • Experiment with your subject. Experimenting means a gradual expansion of your content range within the chosen industry. To receive the most effective result, you should limit your variety of posts at the beginning of your career and then add new formats that are proven to be interesting. With this approach you will be capable to heat the attraction to your blog and retain the public you already have.
  • Work on quality. Modern consumers are a very demanding lot, due to the status of the competition. So, to win their appreciation, you should provide top-notch quality of your materials – technical and esthetical. The power of Instagram lies in the beauty of the images that are uploaded there, so you must work on your visuals a lot.
  • Mix in some entertainment. People dwell on social networks to relax and receive positive emotions. So, your viewers will be more than grateful if you will share some fun with them. Use memes, funny stories from your life and work, discuss silly topics from time to time – all that for the sake of fun.
  • Make it personal. Another aspect that captivates users on social media is personality. Humans like communication and social networks give them satisfaction from the fact of being entangled in somebody’s life. You are not obliged to expose everything, but giving your blog a personal vibe is an important instrument in your struggle for popularity.
  • What is the best form of content on Insta? Stories! This format is assumed to be the most engaging and attractive for the majority of users, which is why you can often notice that popular influencers neglect feed posts and prefer Stories as the main instrument for connection with their audience. Stories offer a wide range of tools that assist you to bond with your viewers: polls, questions, quizzes, countdowns, and custom filters.
  • Post frequently! Consistency is what improves your online presence and supports the interest and activity of the audience on your account. Users like having their content in frequent doses, and they expect some stability from you, or else their interest drops very fast. So you should concentrate on creating a relevant plan that would be comfortable for you and sufficient for your audience.
  • Constantly analyze your progress. To develop a powerful strategy, you must examine your results all the time. Seeing how your audience behaves and what content is holding the top engagement rate will aid you to understand, what is your development direction and eliminate things that don’t fit you.


Instagram is a great place to start a blog and express yourself. But with the current level of competition, you must put a lot of effort into promotion, and budget too. Paid services, combined with a thorough strategy can give you a speed boost that will pull a bigger audience to come to you and better conversion rates. Thanks to modern systems of delivery, you won’t face a sudden blast of people who will demand a sudden rebuild of your tactic. Hence, you won’t be stressed and will be able to adjust your strategy gradually.

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