Best Tablets under 10,000 INR
We are living in a world where screen size matters a lot. Smart phones offer a wide range of features but at the same time we have to deal with a small screen. Tablets are the solution for this issue. Not only they offer a big screen but at the same time they provide the… (10 comments)

Features of the Best Android Tablets on the Market Today
In the beginning of 2010, Apple brought out the first iPad and started a true revolution. Suddenly, everybody wanted a tablet and Apple was the only one offering this. Unsurprisingly, an Android alternative had to be created very quickly. Whatever would be released, it should be lightweight, highly portable and affordable, while still having excellent… (7 comments)

The Importance and Utility of Programming Languages
In this age of the Internet, learning to code has become essential as the present world is rushing towards automation and machines that are replacing human workers and thus rapidly eating up many jobs. That is why it is paramount to realize the importance and utility of coding for surviving in this scenario. Here I… (1 comment)