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8 Best Tektek Alternatives to Create Avatars 2023

Tektek was one of the best resources for anime character creators. It was a great tool for avatar-making. Otherwise known as the Gaia Dream Avatar maker, the site was an invaluable resource for designing characters.

Despite its shortcomings, Tektek offered more assistance to its users than most of its competitors in the doll industry, making it the preferred choice of most of cartoon creators.

However, with the shutting down of this amazing website due to assumed infringement issue with one of its competitors, its users are apparently in need of a competent website that can replace Tektek. Is there a replacement for Tektek yet? Yes, there are many Tektek alternatives online that you can use to create avatars.

8 Best Tektek Alternatives for 2023

  1. Hero Machine

Hero Machine is one of the most advanced alternatives to Tektek. The website is a powerful tool for character creation on the web. Regardless of your drawing skills, you can use this amazing tool for creating professional-looking illustrations for your fantasy, science fiction, super-hero characters. Whether you want to express your artistic skills or give your comic book an appealing look through the use of illustrations, Hero Machine has the all that you need to achieve your dream, and that qualifies it as one of the best alternatives to Tektek.

  1. Doll Divine

Doll Divine is another Tektek alternative where you can put your creative skills to use with the assistance of the great design tools offered by this platform. You are allowed full customization of your doll as a way of exploring your creative skills.

Some of the awesome themes you should try out are cultural clothing and fantasy costumes.

You can give your audience what they need with the powerful illustrations inspired and put to life with this alternative to Tektek.

  1. Neopets

Neopets is a great Tektek dream avatar replacement platform where you can also customize your cartoon. Its “Customize” menu was designed to allow you either customize a Neopet or create a new one according to your preference.

If you desire to maximize the opportunities offered by this site, you must have an account on the website. The process is pretty easy, and within a couple of minutes, you will have unrestricted access to the resources you need to bring life to your idea.

While Tektek is no longer available for use, Neopets is another great tool you should consider including in your list of TekTek alternatives.

  1. Gaia Avatar Maker

In addition to fun and games features, Gaia also offers its users a great platform for “endless” customization. According to Gaia’s official website, “Every member can create their own virtual character and dress it up with over five thousand items: clothes, accessories, pets, masks and just about anything else imaginable.”

In fact, Tektek used to use the Gaia Avatar maker tools only along with their other assets, and that is the reason Gaia sued them for copyright infringement.

In essence, Gaia Interactive provides the best Gaia online avatar maker service that will help you express your feelings in pictures and capture the attention of your audience.

You must be a registered member of the community before you can gain access to its resources.

  1. Recolor.me

Recolor.me is an online community that is dedicated to the customization of avatars through the use of some resources created for that purpose. The website is a product of Tekton, the company behind Tektek.org. Although the website is still young, it has the potential to become one of the best alternatives to its predecessor, Tektek.

Without creating an account on the website, you will be restricted from using its resources. By clicking a couple of buttons, you will be through with your registration while you can now have free access to the tools you need to create avatars without pixel skills.

  1. DoppelMe

How will you fancy the opportunity to create a graphical illustration of your friends, family, or yourself? While you may consider that this is impossible with the shutting down of Tektek, you are dead wrong. DoppelMe that prides itself as “The Free Dynamic Avatar Maker” is the right tool for creating avatars in instant messenger, forums, blogs, and anywhere of your preference on the web.

This easy-to-use site offers you free access to the tools you need for creating the avatars of your choice. You don’t need to make any downloads, use ActiveX controls, no need of Flash and other tools. You only need a good browser and your creativity to make the best out of this alternative to Tektek dream avatar replacement.

  1. Small World

Small World claims to be “your virtual world of possibilities.” That is right. You can make all things possible on this site. As a Tektek alternative affords you a unique opportunity for painting, sculpting, and any decoration. You can also take advantage of its customize options that allow you countless ways for customizing your avatar.

With this website, you can give your creative skills the freedom it needs as you create awesome avatars. What is more, the website has an inviting user interface that will make it easy for you to have easy access to whatever tool you need.

  1. Face Your Manga

Face Your Manga gives you two options: create your avatar or buy one. Regardless of your choice, you have a high-resolution avatar that will bring out the best high-quality image that you will find appealing as you endeavor to create a wonderful avatar with this Teknek alternative.

You can also unleash your creativity on the site while you have a go at personalizing your spaces with awesome graphics.  Although this site allows you to create your face only, the array of tools to match and mix will give you a unique and satisfying experience while at it.

Although you may not have Tektek at your disposal with its great website and awesome facilities, these alternatives will give you all that you want to create amazing avatars whenever you need them.

Irrespective of your expertise level and creative skills, you will never run short of ideas and tools if you check these best Tektek alternatives as you decide to use avatars, images, and illustrations to take your career or skills to the next level.

A Few FAQs Related to TekTek

Q: What happened to Tektek?

Tektek was shut down because of a few copyright issues. There is no clear indication available, but there are indications to prove that they violated some sort of copyright. The website was a great inspiration for most of cartoon lovers, but there are alternatives available.

Q: Who was responsible for the action on Tektek?

Reports suggest that it was Gaia Avatar maker tools who sued Tektek for infringing upon their copyright.

Q: Which is a good Tektek alternative for kids?

Neopets has been treated to be the best Tektek alternative for the kids. It comes with the kiddish looking avatars with cartoon kind of look.

Q: Which apps can be the right option to create and customise your own avatar?

A – recolor.me and Gaia avatar are the two best options you can use for creating your own avatar.

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  • As someone who used Tektek a lot, I can say from experience that none of these sites are good alternatives to Tektek. Recolor.me is the closest, as it was made by the same creator as Tektek, but it has it’s limited as it’s not made for “dream” avatar creation (which is ironic considering the previously mentioned fact). It IS the best you’re going to get through. Another I’d recommend instead is Subeta. It’s a much smaller site, but DOES allow (after registering) for one to creator avatars and save “outfits” with items that one doesn’t have.

    And if one should decide to stay and use the website for it intended purpose, it also has a much more loving community, in my experience, than Recolor. No website will ever be as good as Tektek though.

    • Hello Kira,

      You are right. Tektek is indeed the best but since it is gone, these tools can be used as substitutes. Thanks for writing in.

  • “Assumed infrigement issue with one of its competitors” would be much more accurately known as “use of another website’s assets without permission or compensation.” Tektek was fortunate that it was allowed to exist for as long as it did (several years), for it used GaiaOnline’s assets from the very start. It was a tool with which to design Gaia avatars.

    I find it amusing that you listed Gaia itself as an alternative to Tektek!

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