Is DisplayPort Better Than HDMI?
While the type of monitor you would choose does have a lot of bearing on what you want to do with it, but even more important factor one needs to consider when checking out a monitor would be to check the ports that your monitor will come with. Different ports come with different functionalities and… (1 comment)

Denied: Impacts of the FBI’s DDoS Site Shutdown
Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks have become a serious threat to organizations and individuals alike. In these attacks, the attacker uses a collection of computers to attempt to overwhelm one or more targets. As long as the attacker has some asymmetry in their favor (more machines, amplifiers, protocol flaws, etc.), they can generate more… (0 comment)

Ed-Tech Tools For Learning: RobotDon
Introduction Commercially speaking, education holds an immense industry potential. According to statistics, each year, more than $5 trillion is invested in education on a global scale. The technological progress that is rapidly taking over virtually every aspect of our lives is not avoiding the academic sphere anywhere in the world. The commercialization of mobile devices,… (0 comment)

Everything You Need to Know About DNA Ancestry Testing
DNA is the building block that our body is built upon. A host of our bodily functions and other essential elements depend upon the DNA infrastructure that our body cells are made up of. In fact, many genealogy experts around the world have been looking for a good DNA Ancestry test. A host of us… (0 comment)

Front End Vs. Back End Coding Bootcamps — How to Choose
Do you want to be a front end developer? What about a back end developer? Do you know? A career in front or back end development can be extremely fulfilling. However, they each tackle distinct components of website and app development and mean being fluent in very different sets of coding languages and digital tools.… (0 comment)