How Secure Is Your Website?
The advancements in modern technology paved the way for the digital world to flourish. With anything and everything now made available and accessible online, a lot of things truly became more convenient. However, the data and information shared online may be vulnerable to those with an intent to harm. Thereby, keep the data shared on… (0 comment)

The Main Benefits of Using Text to Speech Applications
A text-to-speech system, also known as TTS, is the artificial production of the human voice. It was first developed to aid the visually impaired users by converting the text on the screen to speech, hence the name text to speech. Speech computer or speech synthesizer is the software designed for TTS services. These applications are… (0 comment)

OpenVZ and KVM Virtualizations: Main Differences
Both, OpenVZ and KVM virtualizations are incredibly popular among VPS users and, in fact, both can offer unique benefits and features. To choose one or another, first, it is highly recommended to take into consideration the VPS needs, because both virtualizations provide different applications and flexibility while managing a virtual server. For one to make… (0 comment)

12 Skills You Need to Succeed in Your Tech Career
Within the tech industry, there is a wide range of interesting careers from software engineers to web developers, game developers, information security analyst and much more. Not only are there careers to cover a broad range of skills, but these roles are also often highly paid, with tech jobs often appearing in the top ten… (0 comment)

Machine Learning with Adapt – The results of the first beta users
Operational Program Competitiveness 2014-2020 Project financed by the European Fund for Regional Development Project name “SOLUȚIE TIC INOVATIVĂ PENTRU CREȘTEREA COMPETITIVITĂȚII ECONOMICE A MARKETIZATOR FRIENDS SRL” Press Release by Omniconvert Adapt – what it stands for and its first results Humans crave connections. This is why brick-and-mortar stores still represent a significant part of commerce:… (0 comment)