Full Form Of Computer and Funny Full Forms of Related Terms
Full Form of Computer C – Common O – Operating M – Machine P – Particularly U – Used for T – Technical & E – Educational R – Research Is “Common Operating Machine Particularly Used for Technical & Educational Research”, the actual full form of COMPUTER? Did Charles Babbage make the acronym Computer? Apart… (2 comments)

Grab These Excellent E-Books for FREE!
There were the days when we used to read the traditional printed book when we didn’t have the option to read online. Now, we have digitally printed books that we can read either online or using document reader software such as PDF readers, MS Word, etc. However, many of us still read paperback printed books… (37 comments)

What is An ASPX file and How to Convert ASPX to PDF?
What is an ASPX File? ASPX is a file extension which stands for Active Server Pages Extended. Programmers create ASPX pages while using Microsoft ASP.NET framework as their coding platform to develop a web application or website. To make it simple, just as you see HTML extension with online web pages which are coded in… (6 comments)

All You Need to Know About VPN (Virtual Private Network)
The Internet has grown a lot in the recent years, and almost everything is on the internet be it shopping, playing games, doing business, transferring money, etc. For example, I am a blogger, and just using the computer and internet I am running a business online. In short, the Internet is a very important thing… (12 comments)