What is Geofencing and How Does it Work?
Have you ever been walking around in a neighborhood and a location-based alert pops up on your device? If you have had such an experience or a related one, you are witnessing geofencing. Geofencing is “the use of GPS or RFID technology to create a virtual geographical boundary, enabling software to trigger a response when… (1 comment)

7 Best Credit Cards in India to Choose From
Credit cards have become one of the most important things when running our day-to-day activities. From online shopping for cloth, shoe, and other personal items to making business transactions, credit cards have become the go-to payment option. The recent affinity for credit cards is borne out of its ease of use, among other benefits. As… (3 comments)

Should Technology Be Used in Education?
The resourcefulness of modern technology is actually huge, and it offers users great possibilities. Each day, the most brilliant minds of the planet invent something new and useful. Therefore, it seems that the possibilities are enormous. Technology is being actively used in all spheres of life and education is no exception. Nevertheless, there are some… (0 comment)

Full Form Of Computer and Funny Full Forms of Related Terms
Full Form of Computer C – Common O – Operating M – Machine P – Particularly U – Used for T – Technical & E – Educational R – Research Is “Common Operating Machine Particularly Used for Technical & Educational Research”, the actual full form of COMPUTER? Did Charles Babbage make the acronym Computer? Apart… (2 comments)