PDF WIZ – An Easy to Follow Option to Convert PDF to Word
The PDF documents have become one of the most important and popular document types used ever. In fact, they have been considered to be the best options to communicate between the teams because of the format retention that they can offer you – no matter which device or platform you are viewing it on. In… (0 comment)

Utopia  – Keep your Communication Private {Review}
The privacy protection these days has been a huge issue. In fact, the world is moving towards complete surveillance. Lack of privacy has been a difficult issue to handle. How about a service that would be helpful in protecting your privacy? This is where a platform named Utopia should come in handy enough. Utopia –… (0 comment)

5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Choosing Point of Sale Software
POS software is more advanced than ever, with many POS systems providing extras such as employee tracking, analytics tools, and real-time sales number and activity overviews. With such amazing features, it’s easy to see why many businesses are upgrading their outdated POS systems for these modern alternatives. Here are some questions you should ask yourself… (1 comment)

Audials One 2019 Review
Remember the good old days when we used to have those homemade audio tapes? We used to record practically everything that we engaged in. The concept of blank cassettes and recording your important activities was indeed fun. Audials One brings those memories back, but this lets you record anything you want from several online sources.… (0 comment)