How to Keep Windows 10 Taskbar Always on Top?
The Taskbar on a Windows ecosystem is an excellent option for managing and working with your applications. In fact, it is one of the handy options to launch your applications with ease. However, an always on top taskbar may or may not be a preferred choice. While you would want to keep it Windows 10… (0 comment)

How to Check a Private Number that Called You?
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How to Get rid of Reading List Sidebar on Mac
One of the quite often asked questions by mac users as “how to get rid of reading list sidebar on Mac” but, technically, it should be asked as “how to get rid of reading list sidebar on Safari browser on Mac” because there is a reading list in the sidebar in the browser that annoys… (0 comment)

How to Use an Android Phone as USB keyboard for PC?
The Android devices have become quite popular and much-used ones in recent times. They have made it possible to work with practically any need you may have. The on the go performance would make it one of the best options in every right. But, have you ever given a thought to how these can be… (0 comment)