How to Buy the Best Inverter Battery in India?
In your area of residence, do you face regular load shedding? Unfortunately, in India, it is a common occurrence. But there are a couple of ways that you can fix this situation. You can use a (diesel) generator, for instance. In most cases, however, this choice is expensive and maintenance intensive. But there is another… (0 comment)

How to Block Someone on Twitch?
Twitch is indeed a live streaming platform for streaming your videos. It lets you operate a channel and helps you communicate with your viewers. The service also lets you communicate through what is called a Stream Chat. The stream chat feature lets the users comment on your videos. However, you are likely to come across… (0 comment)

How to Move Images in Google Docs?
Google Docs has indeed been a simple and easy alternative to your Word Processors. However, once you have added an image to your Google Docs document, have you wondered how to move images in Google Docs to your desired location? It is quite easy and simple to move images to the desired locations through a… (2 comments)