How to Cancel Printer Command?
It can happen to every one of us. You may have set a print command for, say a hundred pages, and suddenly you realize that you have sent the wrong set of documents to the print queue. You do not have time to research on how to fix the issue and stop the print command.… (2 comments)

How to Print a Picture on Multiple Pages on Mac?
You may remember that in the good old days, there were options for printing a larger image across several pages. The feature was found missing in the recent updates. How to print a large image on multiple pages on Mac? The tips here should help you achieve the best results.  Why do you need to… (1 comment)

How to Unarchive Gmail on Android?
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Effective Ways To Keep Your House Clean Daily
Keeping your home clean is not an easy task. It’s hard work, especially if you’re always busy. Often, you overlook and set cleaning aside, which can lead to a messy house. Nevertheless, it’s not fun living in a dirty space. While managing everything seems impossible at times, there are simple and quick ways to organize… (2 comments)