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How to Check Phone Temperature on iPhone 15?

So, you’ve got the hottest new iPhone 15, right? That sleek, shiny gadget is undoubtedly a powerhouse, but you might wonder how you can keep it safe from overheating. Buckle up because we’re about to dive into some wicked cool tips and tricks on how to check your iPhone 15’s temperature and keep it chill under the hood!

Why We Should Check iPhone Temperature?

Your iPhone is more than just a phone, it’s a smart gadget with lots of snazzy components. Overheating could potentially mess up its battery life and it can cause hardware issues as well. Not cool, right? That’s why checking your iPhone’s temperature now and then is like giving it a little love tap, it helps prevent those oops moments and keeps your iPhone running smoothly.

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How to Check Phone Temperature On An iPhone?

Now, here’s the deal – Apple hasn’t cooked up a direct way to check your iPhone’s temperature. But don’t sweat it! We’ve got a couple of slick moves for you.

Try method 1: Third-Party Apps

Ready for the techie stuff? Grab cool apps like AIDA64. These babies tap into your iPhone’s sensors and give you the scoop on its temperature. Here is a link that will assist with the downloads. You can download it from their official site.

Here’s how to use AIDA64:

  • Scoop up AIDA64 from the App Store.
  • Open the app and let it snoop on your iPhone’s sensors.
  • Tap into the “Screen Test” section to peep your iPhone’s temp.

Try Method 2: Use Infrared Thermometer

Is an infrared thermometer lying around? Yup, you can use it to check the surface temperature of your iPhone.

Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Power down your iPhone and let it chill for at least 15 minutes.
  • Aim that infrared gizmo at the back of your iPhone, right above the Apple logo.
  • Hit that trigger to get a reading.

Just remember, this method measures the surface temperature, not the nitty-gritty inside stuff.

Tips to Keep Your iPhone Feelin’ Frosty

Prevention is key, my friends! 

You can watch this video as well by 5 minutes solution for more info on this matter:


How to Prevent An iPhone From Overheating?

Here are some tips to keep your iPhone from getting hot under the collar:

  1. Case Break: Ditch the phone case when things get hot. It helps your iPhone breathe better than an asthmatic marathon runner.
  2. App Diet: Keep those heavy-duty apps on a leash, especially those game monsters that hog all the juice.
  3. Stay in the Shade: Keep your iPhone out of the direct sun – it likes to chill, not get a tan.
  4. Update Patrol: Always keep your iPhone’s software fresh and fly; those updates come with fixes and cool stuff to keep things cool.

Dr Fone to the rescue

Want to go super spy on your iPhone’s health? Try Dr. Fone from Wondershare. It has got this cool Phone Verification thing that sizes up your phone’s battery, screen, and overall mojo.

By following these laid-back tips and using some sneaky methods to check your iPhone’s temperature, you’ll keep your iPhone 15 as cool as a cucumber, ready for all your crazy adventures! Cheers to a breezy iPhone experience! 

Deep Dive Into iPhone 15’s Temperature World

Let’s take a wild ride into the inner workings of the iPhone 15’s temperature sensors. Your swanky new iPhone has some smart sensors keeping tabs on its temp. These sensors are like mini bodyguards, doing three crucial things:

Bright Ideas

They control the screen brightness, adapting it to the temperature around you. Less brightness equals less heat. Smart, right?

Cool Down, Processor!

When your iPhone feels the heat, it starts a process called thermal throttling. That’s like telling your phone’s brain, “Easy, tiger!” to avoid getting too hot.

Warning Signals

If your iPhone’s temperature hits a hot spot, these sensors send warning messages. It’s like your phone telling you, “Hey, cool me down, buddy!”

More Apps to Boost iPhone Performance Tracking

Besides checking the temperature, there are loads of apps to fine-tune your iPhone 15’s performance.


This app is like a clean-up crew for your iPhone. It helps manage CPU usage, and battery temp and keeps your iPhone’s engine running smoothly. Find this app on the Apple App Store.

iMyFone Umate Pro

Want to declutter your iPhone and keep an eye on battery temp? This app’s got your back. It helps manage storage while keeping an eye on your iPhone’s coolness. 

Battery Life Doctor Pro

If you want your iPhone to stay healthy, this app monitors battery health and keeps an eye on temperature too. No hot-headed iPhones here! By using these apps, you’re not just checking the temp; you’re tuning your iPhone for optimal performance. Here’s the link to download the app.

FAQs About iPhone Temperatures

Can overheating damage my iPhone?

Yup, too much heat can mess with your iPhone’s battery life and even its insides, leading to issues or sudden shutdowns.

How do I stop my iPhone from overheating?

Keep it out of the sun, lose the case while charging, go easy on apps, and keep your software updated.

Is it normal for my iPhone to get hot?

A little warmth during usage or charging is cool. But if it gets super hot, it’s time for a chill pill.

Are third-party apps safe for my iPhone? Stick to legit apps from legit places, and you’re usually good to go – no shady stuff, please!

Do temperature-monitoring apps drain iPhone battery?

Yeah, they might nibble a bit, but it’s like a nibble from a cookie, not a whole feast. They do their job without hogging your phone’s battery.

How do I check iPhone temperature on iOS 16 models?

Easy-peasy! Hit up Settings > Battery > Battery Health, and voilà! You’re in the temperature zone.

Does the iPhone have an in-built thermometer?

Your iPhone has sensors that measure temperature but no dedicated thermometer like your kitchen drawer.

How can I keep my iPhone performance optimal?

Use apps like AIDA64, infrared thermometers, or apps like CleanMyPhone, iMyFone Umate Pro, and Battery Life Doctor Pro to keep an eye on temperature and performance.


To wrap it up, keeping tabs on your iPhone 15’s temperature is the secret sauce for a long and happy relationship. While Apple didn’t pack in a direct temp-check feature, these nifty methods and apps will make sure your iPhone stays frosty under pressure. Remember, these tips aren’t just about checking the temp; they’re about keeping your iPhone 15 running like a champ for all your wild escapades. Here’s to a chill iPhone 15 experience – stay cool, stay awesome!

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