How To Test Wi-Fi Speed
Wi-Fi has become a necessity today, in both third-world countries and developed nations around the world. Without this invisible friend, we cannot enjoy the movies or shows on Hulu and Netflix or connect us to the rest of the world or even equip us to work from home or anywhere and at any time. However,… (1 comment)

How to Cut Audio in VLC Media Player?
VLC is one of the Media Player software that is renowned for its feature and a wide range of format support. VLC can do a lot than you ever think of. You can convert videos/audios from one format to another, you can remove audios from videos, and many more hidden features it has. Today I… (3 comments)

How to See Pending Follow Requests on Instagram?
Instagram needs no introduction because it is one of the most popular photo/video-based social networking app which is owned by Facebook Inc. On, we love to publish Instagram related blog posts once in a while. You can check them out here: I am not a very frequent user of Instagram, but I do love… (0 comment)

How to Trim & Crop a Long Video on Instagram
Gone are the days when Instagram was used just as a photo sharing app. After it was acquired by Facebook, it has risen to become your one stop solution for most of your needs in keeping up with friends, brands or even celebrities. Now that you are looking at it as a content powerhouse, the… (2 comments)

How to Disable Anchor Tag in HTML?
Have you thought of disabling Anchor tag in HTML either using HTML code or CSS code or Javascript code? It is quite easy to do but very useful at times. Before we move to the topic, let’s talk a bit about HTML, CSS, Javascript and the Anchor tag. What is HTML? HTML stands for Hyper… (0 comment)