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Amazon OTP Scam – How to Find the OTP Is Legit or Scam?

It might have happened to you as well. Many users have been reporting this and are clueless in finding out if it is a scam or legit. Yes, we are talking about the Amazon OTP scam.  Have you received an Amazon OTP out of the blue when you are not even trying to log in to your Amazon account? Most possibly, it is a scam. Want to know what is an Amazon OTP text and how to determine if it is a scam or legit? 

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What is Amazon OTP Text?

OTP means One Time Password. It is actually designed as a cyber security feature. These texts include a series of digits randomly generated by the system. The Amazon OTP text is used for authorizing genuine users and thus provides a safer and more secure service to the users. 

Amazon OTP

The Amazon OTP is available for only one-time use and expires after a set time if not used within that time span. It can be received for several reasons. You will receive an OTP when you (or even someone else) are trying to log in to your Amazon account. It is also sent to you when you are about to receive some specific packages from Amazon. This is to ensure that the account is being accessed by a genuine person or the package is being delivered to the right person. 

You get the Amazon OTP message on either your phone number or email address. The Amazon OTP text is actually the best option to secure your account. It can provide you peace of mind when ordering premium or expensive items from Amazon. Always opt for Amazon secure delivery with a one-time password. 

Is Amazon OTP Legit?

The Amazon OTP as a system is definitely legit. As far as the OTP is sent from the genuine Amazon number or email address, it is definitely legit. You can also be assured of it being utterly legit if you are trying to log in to your Amazon account and receive the OTP on your device. You can also be assured that the OTP is genuine when you have a delivery executive at your doorstep and you are expecting a package from Amazon. 

However, you should be worried when you receive an Amazon OTP simply out of the blue. In case you have got the Amazon OTP text without requesting, it is quite essential and important to change your password immediately. You can also raise a query or case with Amazon customer support. Their representatives should be able to take appropriate action. 

What Are Amazon OTP Scams?

Amazon OTP scam happens when scamsters call you and pretend to be the representatives from Amazon. They may ask you to share your OTP with them to deliver something or to fix an issue with your account. Never share an OTP with them as long as you are sure that you have not requested any such update or if you suspect the caller is not from the official Amazon support. 

If you have been a regular Amazon user, you know when Amazon sends OTP to your mobile number or email address. Amazon typically sends the OTP when it is about updating you on an expected delivery when providing you with tracking information, and when making any changes to your Amazon account. In all these cases, you will receive the OTP from the official support. If you are receiving any OTP when you least expect it or just out of the blue, it is time to understand that this is an Amazon OTP scam. 

A few of the common ways that customers are being scammed through Amazon OTP text scams include:

  • You may receive an OTP without even ordering anything directly from Amazon. This can be when someone is trying to use your account to order something. 
  • You may get a false text message from someone claiming to be from Amazon. 
  • You may also get a link to authorize two-step verification. 
  • You may also get an OTP without logging into your Amazon account.

How Does The Amazon OTP Scam Work?

There are several ways scamsters use fake Amazon OTP text to con you:

Amazon Delivery OTP Scam

This scam is related to the Amazon deliveries. The scamsters use the genuine Amazon safety measure to their benefit. When you are receiving an expensive item, Amazon sends you an OTP to ensure that you are the genuine recipient.  

The scam is when you receive the OTP, and the item received is a cheaper item. In some cases, the product may altogether be missing. This is due to the fraudulent courier or when a fraudulent seller deliberately sends you the wrong item. Check out if Amazon delivery one one-time password is genuine. 

Please note, however, that in some instances, it may be a genuine error. In such a case, you can get in touch with Amazon or the seller.  Whenever you receive an OTP that you have shared with the delivery boy, make sure that the OTP is received from the official Amazon number. Never share OTP in a hurry.

Amazon OTP Phishing Scam

The Amazon OTP phishing scam is an attempt at stealing your Amazon password or infecting your device with malware. In this case, you would think it is a legitimate attempt to secure your account. The link in the email or mobile number will take you to a fake Amazon sign-in page for accessing your password and even infecting your details. 

Amazon OTP code Phone call

This call generally follows an Amazon OTP text message. The phone call will ask you to share your personal details by referencing the text message. This is also a part of Amazon’s one-time password for delivery scams.  As I said earlier, whenever there is a need to share the OTP, always make sure that you check the OTP text carefully to ensure that this is the authentic text from the official Amazon number.

Hackers may also use a genuine OTP to con you

This is quite a rare scam but will involve the use of a compromised email account or a phone number. This is an exploitation of the security feature used by Amazon to safeguard your account. 

In this case, your Amazon account already has access to your email or phone. Then, they attempt to access your Amazon account. When Amazon detects an unusual sign-in attempt, it sends you an OTP to confirm that it is you who is signing in to the account. Since the hacker has access to your email address and phone, they will get this OTP and use it to sign in to your account. 

How to Protect Yourself From Amazon OTP Scam?

If you want to protect yourself from Amazon OTP scams, you can follow the tricks below to help you stay safe from the scams. 

Ask The Open Package Delivery

You have the right to ask for an open delivery of your package. You can do this with practically any package, but it is important to ask for open package delivery with the OTP. This is the best protection against the OTP delivery scam that we just discussed. 

Use A Credit Card For Your Purchase 

The cash on delivery or debit card transactions may not be very secure. Credit cards provide an added layer of protection wherein they offer a chargeback feature. This will let you get a refund in the case of fraud and revoke the money from the seller’s account. 

Do Not Click On Any Link In The Message Containing The OTP

Typically, the message containing OTP consists only – the OTP. If the message contains any links, never click on them. The OTP is received only when logging into your account, changing your password, or if a courier is at your door. If you have received an OTP without any of these reasons, it is more likely to be a scam. Ignore the OTP, and do not click on any link inside the message. 

Reset Your Amazon Password 

If you have received an Amazon OTP out of the blue, the first step expected from you is to reset the password instantly. Even when you have not received any intimation to reset your passwords, it is advisable to change your password. 

Always begin a password reset option from a new tab. Do not use any link from the search results or any link from an email or SMS message. 

Never Share Any Information Over The Phone

If you have received an OTP followed by a call, never share any details over the phone call. Amazon does not ask you to share your OTPs over phone calls. Not only OTP, Amazon does not ask you for any personal information. 

Why Has Amazon Sent Me A Verification Code?

In addition to receiving Amazon OTP without requesting, there are cases where you may receive the verification code from Amazon. If you have received a verification code from Amazon, it should definitely be an indication that someone else is trying to access your account. 

If you have received a verification code from Amazon, make sure to change your password immediately. Also, ensure that you have checked your bank account.  

However, there are chances that you have received the verification code from a site that appears to be suspicious. If you find that the URL is not related to Amazon or appears to be different from what you typically see on Amazon, ignore the message and the verification code. It may be a part of the scam. You can bring this to the attention of the official Amazon support page to ascertain whether your account has had any unwanted access. 


You should take care when you deal with any unexpected OTP from Amazon. While Amazon OTP text is genuine, you need to be careful with the unexpected or out of the Blue OTPs. They can be a part of a scam, and you should take care to avoid falling victim to the scams. 

We assume we have provided enough options and tips to stay safer from the Amazon OTP scams. Check them out and make sure to be on the right track. 


How long does Amazon OTP last?

The Amazon OTP typically lasts till the end of delivery day. In the case of OTP for other account management procedures, the Amazon OTP number lasts for around 10 minutes. 

What is Amazon OTP used for?

The Amazon OTP text message is used as an extra layer of security measures. It is offered for verifying your identity and improving the security of your packages or your account itself.

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