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What Does WRD Mean? [Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp]

Instant messaging apps like Snapchat, Instagram, and WhatsApp have set a new trend of writing in abbreviated forms. Texting and conveying messages existed earlier also through Emails or Skype-like platforms. But these social networks are informal and let you set your own trends for chatting endlessly without giving much trouble to your fingers. And today we are going to tell you about one such trending acronym i.e. WRD Meaning.

What does wrd mean

No one has time to write long lengthy essays on social media, so to keep your chats short and crisp, acronyms are invented (Maybe by some great Snapchatters). But not all users are well acquainted with these short words. They need a tutor and we are here to do the honor.  

What Does WRD Mean?

There are a large number of lingos that a Snapchatter can use while texting and sending a snap to or from friends. But not all the Snapchatters are scholars of such acronym language. To continue and bring on a conversation, one must have a good hand on this slang social media language. So, you are going to read about what does WRD mean with examples.

When someone sends you “WRD”, he wants to show that he agrees with a fact or statement. The person writing ‘WRD’ expresses his surprise just like the word ‘Really’ which is often asked as a question or agreement on any statement. Continue reading for detailed WRD meaning and WRD examples.

WRD Meaning

You need to understand WRD meaning, in context with Snapchat, in 4 different cases (We have also given the examples for better understanding).

In the first case, WRD is used as an expression to show surprise, shock, or asking questions out of surprise. WRD can be replaced with the word ‘Really’ when it is said after a piece of information or statement. In Snapchat, if your friend gives you any information or tells you something, a fact, or anything, and you reply WRD, it indicates that you are asking ‘Is it true’ out of surprise or disbelief. It is generally written in the situation when something is informed which is hard to believe.

In the second case, WRD is used to show agreement with some statement or situation or to give your vote in favor of someone. It is just like the word ‘Indeed’ which means true.

Another instance where WRD is used as ‘Weird’. It is actually cut short from the original word ‘Weird’. Usually, to write quickly and in short, people rule out the vowels from the words. The same is the case here, to cut it short, the letter ‘e’ and ‘i’ is eliminated from the word “Weird” and hence forms a new acronym which is “WRD”. WRD in the sense Weird is used to indicate something unusual or out of the league. 

Some people also make use of the WRD acronym for citing its original word, in short, i.e ‘Word’ only. So, if anyone on Snapchat or other social platforms likes to write WRD, it may also mean that the person wants to write the word ‘Word’ in short. So you see there are multiple WRD Definitions existing in the social media world and you should know them all.

WRD Meaning Context Other Than Snapchat

Besides WRD, there are many other contexts in which this abbreviation is used. We are listing some of the most common full forms of this abbreviation, mainly in the U.S., here.

  • Water Resources Department
  • Water Resources Development
  • Water Rescue Dog
  • Welfare Rules Database
  • Water Replenishment District
  • Windows Refund Day
  • Water Rights Division
  • World Resorts of Distinction
  • Wagon Repair Depot
  • White River District
  • Western Research Day
  • Williams Racing Developments
  • WestConn Research Day
  • Wildlife Resources Division
  • Water Cooled Racing Development
  • Water Replenishment District
  • Wasatch Roller Derby
  • Water Resources Division
  • Writing Rhetoric and Discourse
  • We Ride Dirt
  • Warehouse Removal Declaration

WRD Examples

There could be multiple instances and circumstances when one can make use of the acronym ‘WRD’. To explain to you better, we are taking help from some illustrations below.

Take a look at this casual chit-chat between 2 friends. Here WRD Usage can be understood where Luna shows her disbelief a shock at what Gracy said. Here WRD is written to ask if whatever Gracy said is really true or if she is joking.

Gracy: Hi Luna!

Luna: Hey, HRU?

Gracy: I’m F9. You won’t believe yesterday a crazy pit bull was chasing me. But I somehow managed to escape.

Luna: WRD (with laughing Emoji)

In the example below, the conversation of Tom and Sam is about raising digital marketing needs.

Tom: Hello Sam! HRU, I have been waiting for you yesterday. Where were you?

Sam: Hey, Sam, I’m good. I went to a workshop to learn some digital marketing tips. 

Tom: WRD it is time to pursue digital marketing to jump up high in the market.

Sam: WRD.

In the example below, Tom agrees with the statement said by Sam. And Sam replied back to Tom again with WRD, which means he is agreeing to his agreement.

Another ‘WRD’ meaning is the same as its original word i.e. “Word” itself. Usually, to write quickly and in short, people eliminate the vowels from the words. The same is the case here, to cut it short, the letter ‘O’ is eliminated from the word “Word” and hence forms a new acronym which is “WRD”.

Dick: Hello Louise! I need a perfect WRD to describe a dog.

Louise: Hey! What’s the big deal, you may call a dog a Fiercely loyal animal.

Dick: Correct.

There is one more meaning of the acronym WRD. WRD also means Weird. Weird means something unusual or unbelievable. See an exemplary conversation below for more help.

Annie: James, have you seen that man standing at the corner of the street?

James: Yeah, he seems so WRD. Talking to himself.

Annie: Sure thing.

Other Popular Snapchat Slangs

Apart from WRD, there are many more Snapchat slangs, which are lesser-known to people who rarely log in to their Snapchat account, and whenever they open the app, find a new slang added into a dictionary. Learn these slang too.


When you want to end any conversation, you may make use of the word GTS. In the social media world, GTS stands for ‘Go To Sleep’. You may use GTS for ending an informal conversation with your friends, colleagues, or casual connections. However, it should be avoided for texting to seniors, managers, and formal channels.


The meaning of WCW is quite different from what you may expect. It means ‘WOMEN CRUSH WEDNESDAYS’. In order to appreciate the women around the world, social media takes a step ahead and invent this acronym for motivating them. It is generally used in public posts as a hashtag, of course, on Wednesdays. Women are wonder makers and so they deserve more such acronyms and hashtags.


SSB is a particular slang that is used specifically on Snapchat only. Because it means ‘Send Snap Back’. Sending and receiving Snaps is a part of Snapchat only. It is used in the text when you want someone to send you a snapback. In this way, you can take this as a conversation starter. Some lazy Snapchatters have even cut it short and make it just SB, which means ‘Snap Back’.


NGL meaning is ‘Not Gonna Lie‘. This is used in exactly the same context as the phrase means. Social freaks use NGL to give assurance, proof of honesty, and to make sure that they are not gonna lie. On the other hand, this simple phrase can also be useful for making satire or insulting someone. For example – “NGL, she was looking Ewwww”.


The Internet has made our lives terrifically easy and the slang we have discussed has made it even easier. Social media still has some restrictions as to the number of characters a person can write. In such a scenario, these acronyms give you the freedom of writing more in lesser words. Explore on this page.to know more such wonderful slang words to add to your dictionary and be the master of Snapchat and social media.

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