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What Does NGL Mean On Snapchat?

Starting with LOL and GM, internet and social media acronyms are growing in numbers faster than even Coronavirus. The internet today is the communication hub, be it Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat, everyone and everything is available on the internet. So, it has its own acronym language. Out of the huge treasure of internet acronyms, today we are answering you what does NGL mean on Snapchat?

NGL meaning
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Life’s too short to waste typing long phrases on social media, that’s why we have acronyms to express more in lesser words. It is really painful when you have to 

open up your heart on social media but that limited characters restrict you to express what you feel or your opinions. This is why acronyms exist and social media users simply love them.

What Does NGL Mean On Snapchat?

Though NGL is quite popular among Snapchatters and other social media freaks, those who have just joined might scratch their head to understand what it means. NGL on Snapchat means ‘Not Gonna Lie. Yes, you are understanding this right. NGL is used in posts or chats to give assurance and prove honesty. However, anything can happen in social space, so, NGL can also be used in an insulting tone or in a sarcastic way. It can be a frequently used acronym for an emotional person who finds social media to open up his emotions and feelings. Generally, it is used to share opinions about any public, political, or general views. Basically, there is no difference between NGL we use in real life and online life.

Human beings tend to always need some proof to believe in things. Maybe we are extra aware. The phrase NGL is nothing new but has been in place for years in real-life conversations. It has been just a few years since NGL is officiated as an internet acronym and now is trending on Google trends.

What Does NGL Mean In Texting?

Gaining attention on social media through your posts, it is imperative to follow the trends. You will be left behind without learning these acronyms. We all have Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter accounts but do not know the meaning of newly added acronyms like NGL, TBH, SSB, etc. Usually, people take help from a web browser to search what does NGL mean in texting and add it to their dictionary of internet slang.

NGL in texting also means the same i.e. ‘Not Gonna Lie’. It is used in the same context as that of TBH. For those who don’t know TBH, it means ‘To Be Honest’. NGL is added at the start of the sentence, to begin with, the assurance that the user is not lying and is absolutely true to his words.

NGL Definition

NGL Definition, in terms of social media slang, is ‘Not Gonna Lie’. This NGL Definition is correct and used on all social spaces like Snapchat,  Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp. Apart from the social media angle, there could be other NGL definitions, the list of which is given below on this page. This abbreviation is used when you have to prove the worth of your statement when you have to convince someone to believe you when you insult someone in a sarcastic tone when you have to just speak what your heart feels about anything, or just to sound cool and honest.

Other Lesser Known Full Forms of NGL

The Internet is not confined to the use of social media only. Other things also exist. So, if you come across the NGL definition next time on any of the internet websites, it does not necessarily mean that it is in context with Snapchat. It may have other NGL meanings too.

Here is the list

  • Natural Gas Liquid
  • No Greater Love
  • Natural Ground Level
  • National Golf League
  • Newcastle Gamers League
  • National Geospatial-Intelligence Library
  • Natural Grade Line
  • Northwest Gemological Laboratory

NGL Examples

We want you to become an expert user of NGL slang. So, along with the detailed explanation of NGL meaning, we are also putting some relevant and relatable NGL examples here that further clarify all your doubts regarding NGL usage. Take a look:

While having a conversation over food likes and dislikes, your friend says,

NGL, I don’t like Ketchup! Ketchup has a nasty taste.

In this NGL example, your friend is expressing his opinion about the taste of ketchup that it tastes unpleasant for him. This is just an individual opinion and not a verdict. So, it is not that everyone else’s ketchup tastes nasty.

Let us take a similar example with a change in tone. In the same conversation, if your friend says,

NGL, I don’t like Ketchup! Isn’t it for babies?

Here, the tone has changed. In the first NGL example, it was about expressing an opinion. On the other hand, in this example, NGL usage is sarcastic or insulting, or making fun of.

One more NGL example and a situation wherein a person is confessing his love for her ex-girlfriend.

NGL, I have missed you a lot, I still love you the same.

Here, the person is opening up his heart full of emotions and telling his friend how much he loved her and is still loving. Here NGL usage is for emotional tone.

More Popular Acronyms On Snapchat

Like NGL, there are many more slangs that every Snapchat user should know and learn. We are trying to list some of the distinguished acronyms that you might have seen often on your Snapchat stories and feed.

TBH – To Be Honest

TBH means To Be Honest. As the name says it all, it has the same usage as NGL. TBH is used for expressing true feelings, emotions, and happenings. It is added at the start of the sentence which sounds like a warning for the readers.

IDC – I Don’t Care

IDC means In My Opinion. It is used to express opinions, suggestions, and views about anyone or anything. This acronym is used badass without worrying about the reaction and is usually used for putting forward honest reviews and opinions.

STG – Swear To God

STG means Swear To God. This one again sounds similar to NGL. Just like NGL, STG is used to justify whatever the user is writing. STG is often seen on social media posts to make sure that the reader believes whatever is written.

IMO – In My Opinion

IMO means In My Opinion. Sometimes also used as IMHO which means In My Honest Opinion. This is used to express opinions without any hesitation. This hashtag makes you feel free to write whatever be the thoughts the user has about any event, political party, friends, social taboos, or anything and everything around.

IK – I Know

IK means I know. As simple as that! This is used when you have to acknowledge something or agree to it. This one is the most used acronym flaunted over the internet and all types of social media.


The world is moving very fast, and to keep pace with the growing social media universe, every social media user must learn this kinda abbreviated language. Since all social platforms limit the characters and words in any public post, users find a way out. That is where abbreviated language came into existence. ‘Not Gonna Lie’ is the answer to what NGL means on Snapchat and other social media platforms. NGL is added to any emotional conversation, and to prove your truthness. Sometimes even used in an insulting or a taunting way. So next time when you read NGL, do not scratch your head but add the best suitable reply to it.

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