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What Does Gold Diamond Mean on Tinder?

Using Tinder is an excellent option if you are looking to meet new people. It is best if you are searching for the best options in terms of achieving the prospects of a date or a romantic relationship. But, some of the icons, symbols, and buttons on Tinder can prove to be quite a difficult task in itself.  One such symbol that we would discuss today is the Gold Diamond symbol. Let us try to find out what it is all about. 

The Gold Diamond on Tinder is an indication that the particular profile is one of your top picks for the day. Tinder typically creates the top picks based on the profiles that you might have picked in the past. All Tinder users receive one top pick each day. If you are a Gold or Diamond subscriber on Tinder, you will get a set of top picks every day. 

What Does The Gold Diamond Icon On Tinder Mean?

Diamonds are considered to be the Picks on Tinder. The Gold Diamond is a new feature introduced for the Gold and Platinum plans on Tinder. The top picks and favorites are the profiles that are most likely to match your profile. It may be noticed that every profile – even when you are not a Gold and Platinum subscriber on Tinder – gets top picks every day. 

The Gold Diamond indicates a top pick that matches your profile. Tinder will select a small group of people near your area for every profile. Based on the other similar profiles that you have liked in the past, Tinder presents you the list of top picks for the day. The Top Picks change once every 24 hours. When you click on a profile, the selected profile will have a gold diamond beside the profile to indicate that they are part of your top picks for the day. 

What does gold diamond mean on tinder
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How Do Tops Picks On Tinder Work?

Tinder Top Pick, or Tinder Gold Diamond, is a premium feature that helps you pick the top pick for the day. It works on the basis of an algorithm. The super computers at the Tinder Headquarters run special facial analysis programs and algorithms to select around 10 profiles. 

Typically, the algorithm scans your bio and looks for some specific keywords. These keywords and the algorithm together will add a tag to your profile. It can be anything like Creative, Funny, etc. Then, the Tinder app will scan other users in your region and match the ones that have the same tags as you do. 

The algorithm also scans your previous likes and preferences. It uses this information to understand the kind of profiles that you like. It is not known precisely which profile or parameters the Tinder algorithm works with is not known. 

When Did the Gold Diamond Feature Roll Out?

The Tinder Gold Diamond or Tinder Top Picks feature was launched in 2018. It was initially launched only for the Tinder Gold subscribers. The feature was initially launched as an experimental feature. Tinder wanted to check how it went with the users before it was rolled out for all users. 

The Tinder Gold Diamond or Tinder Top Picks feature was initially offered to Tinder users in the UK, Germany, Brazil, France, Canada, Turkey, Mexico, Sweden, Russia, and the Netherlands. Later on, the top picks were extended to the United States and across the world. 

As Tinder’s Chief Product Officer Brian Norgard explained,

Picks delivers a personalized, premium user experience within Tinder Gold that puts a spotlight on unique characteristics that make our users stand out.

How Can You Be A Part Of Top Picks?

If you want to be presented to the other profiles as top picks, there are some options that you need to focus on. Of course, these tips may not guarantee an assured elevation to the top picks, but these tips can be helpful in arriving near the possibility. 

1. Be specific in your bio

Tinder algorithms can read your details on your bio. So, the best way to become a top pick is to give enough work to the algorithm. Be specific about your age, hobbies, interests, and all the other details in your profile. This will ensure that your profile will be marked appropriately and end up being a top pick. Adding your job and profession may also help at times. 

2. Have proper proportions visible 

Most of the best Tinder profiles are the ones that show the top 2/3rd of your upper body. Such profiles appear good in a Top picks grid. A good idea to appear in the top picks category is to follow a few simple photography rules here. These would be applicable in the case of any social media profile, for that matter. 

  • Shoot an image with a high-quality camera 
  • Never use a photo or image where you are part of a group and the image is cropped from a larger image. Be alone in the image 
  • Make sure to have an eye contact with the camera. Using sunglasses or any other such obstacles will not generally make you likable.

A Few Other Symbols and Icons on Tinder

Just like Gold Diamond, Tinder also has a few other special icons and buttons. Some of them would include:

  • Blue checkmark – It is an indication of the verified profile. 
  • Rewind symbol – This is used for undoing the last swiping action. 
  • Red X symbol –  It is equivalent to swiping left. It is indicative of your disinterest in the profile 
  • Blue star icon – This is equivalent to swipe up or Superlike. 
  • Greenheart icon- The Green heart icon is akin to swiping right
  • Purple lightning bolt – This is your Tinder profile boost icon. This will make your profile one of the top profiles in your area for the next 30 minutes 
  • Gold Heart – This indicates that you are part of the Gold subscription plan

The Closing Thoughts

Well, if you are on the Tinder dating app and wondering what those Gold Diamond icons are, your question has been answered. We have also let you know how to become a part of the elite Top picks group. That should ideally help you be a part of someone’s top pick. 


Can you find out if you are someone’s top pick? 

No, Tinder will not let you know if you are a part of someone’s Top pick. Tinder will never let you find out if you are a part of someone’s inner circle of top picks. 

What do Top Picks on Tinder mean? 

Top Picks is a premium feature on Tinder. It lets you choose from among the 10 specially selected profiles after reviewing them. The top picks are chosen based on your interests, and they are curated based on the profiles that you have liked in the past.

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