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What Does Emphasized Mean on iPhone?

iPhone is a premium range of mobile phones offered by Apple. They keep bringing amazing features in every update to keep their users entertained and interested. Nowadays, texting is being used more than calling, and thus, you must have seen there are tons of internet-based chatting apps that are quite popular such as WhatsApp, Messenger, and many more.  Apple’s iMessage is in the race as well and is quite popular among iOS users.

In this blog post, I am going to tell you what Emphasized Means in iPhone messaging. We will discuss a few more things related to this to clarify the whole concept.

What Does Emphasized Mean on iPhone?

The term “emphasized” might not exactly convey its significance in iPhone messaging. However, within the Messaging app, emphasizing a message serves as a powerful tool to spotlight a specific message to make the conversations more focused.

Simply, emphasized messages are reactions denoted by a double exclamation mark (!!). This reaction, among several others, stands out by drawing attention to a particular message, whether it’s conveying urgency, importance, or a prompt for a direct response. That is just like the reactions you give to particular messages. You must have seen a similar feature in WhatsApp and Messenger as well. You just tap and hold a particular message, you get the option to react. This is the same thing here in iMessage. But, Emphasis is one of many reactions offered by iMessage when you tap and hold a message.

How to Emphasize a Text or Image on iPhone?

Emphasizing a text or image is quite simple. You just have to press and hold the specific message, and you will see the options to react.

Follow the Steps:

  1. Long-press for emphasis: Simply press and hold the desired message within the conversation until a context menu appears.
  2. Select the emphasis icon: From the reactions menu that pops up, opt for the double exclamation mark (!!) icon.


As you can see in the above screenshot, when you tap and hold the message, you get these options including Emphasize as well. You just then choose that, and the text will have emphasized bubble to it.emphasized text

Similarly, you can choose any other option as well. Emphasize is just one of the six options available to react to any iMessage. We will talk about other reactions further…

Other Options Apart from Emphasizing

While emphasis stands as a reaction to highlighting messages, it coexists with other reactions. Each is designed to convey different sentiments within the conversation:

  • Love (Heart icon): Convey affection or endearment towards a message or content.
  • Like (Thumbs up icon): Express agreement, approval, or appreciation.
  • Dislike (Thumbs down icon): Signal disagreement or disapproval respectfully.
  • Laugh (“HA HA” icon): Infuse humor or acknowledge amusement.
  • Question (Question mark icon): Seek clarification or express curiosity about a message.

Point to note, that the system allows one reaction per message. If you again try to give a reaction to the message that you have reacted to before, then the new reaction will replace the older one. For example, if you have given a heart reaction to a message, it will show a hearted message. But, again if you tap the same message and react as thumbs up, then the heart will be replaced, and a new reaction i.e. thumbs up will be added there.

How Emphasized Messages Show on Non-iOS Devices?

Emphasizing messages is an iOS feature, and it will show the same way you saw in the screenshot above where the reaction bubble gets attached to the text message. But, when you reacted to the message, and the message was received from an Android or other device, then how would it show?

In such instances, when an iOS user emphasizes a message in a chat with a non-iOS device user, the other person receives a distinct text message detailing the used reaction (“Emphasized,” “Liked,” etc.) alongside the original message.

That means when the reaction is added by you on your iPhone, it will be sent as a message separately that will say something as you see below:

emphasized on non-ios device


reaction on ios dsiplay on other device

The text seen there will be as per the reaction you have added to the message on your iOS device. This thoughtful adaptation ensures seamless communication across varied platforms without compromising the essence of the reaction.

How to Deleted Emphasize or Other Reaction from The Message?

Removing either emphasis or other reactions is very simple. If you already have emphasized the text, and now want to remove it, then again tap and hold the text. You will see the reaction options again, now tap the emphasize icon (!!), and it will be removed. Similarly, if you have hearted the text earlier, then for deleting that, again tap and hold, and tap the Heart reaction. This will remove the heart from that text.

Final Words

Though not important in daily text messaging, the emphasis feature helps in quick and focused responses. Emphasized messages are marked by ‘!!‘. It grabs attention and invites direct engagement. It is like, you want the receiver to give more attention to that text message. Moreover, you can add other reactions as well which you see alongside!!.

I hope this helps clarify what Emphasized means on iPhone. Let me know in the comments if you still have any questions regarding this.

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