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Utopia – Keep your Communication Private {Review}

The privacy protection these days has been a huge issue. In fact, the world is moving towards complete surveillance. Lack of privacy has been a difficult issue to handle. How about a service that would be helpful in protecting your privacy? This is where a platform named Utopia should come in handy enough.

Utopia – An Excellent Option to Keep your Communication Private

Well, Utopia is a feature-rich platform that should be helpful enough in protecting the privacy of your communication. If you are someone who is fond of privacy and treat it one of the most essential elements in any sort of communication.

It works on the basis of the decentralised ecosystem and lets you communicate through text or voice messages. You can also use it to transfer the files and even send internal emails. It is an application created for Windows and Mac OS X. The platform was created by a team of networking enthusiasts and designed as a means of offering a complete freedom, privacy and lack of censorship of any nature.

Utopia has been under development since 2013 and has been released as a beta since July, 4th. The platform fully decentralized, based on a peer to peer network and lets you communicate with practically anyone whenever and wherever you want to. This will provide you access to guaranteed freedom of speech.

How Does it Work?

You just need to log in to the platform and start sending and receiving the messages or voice recordings with ease. The platform uses high-end cryptography for the purpose of securing your communication.

Utopia also offers you access to uMail, which is an excellent alternative to the email communication. What makes it even impressive is the fact that it can be easy and simple to work with. It comes with a familiar look as any of your favourite email services – you have an inbox, trash folder, and even the filters to avoid getting emails from specific services.

There is no limit to the size and number files you would be able to share with your contacts. There is practically any file that you would need to send to your friends and colleagues.

What are the specific features that would make it an excellent option?

You can join Utopia as a Tester, Contributor, or a Promoter. In fact, each of these categories has rewards for completing actions strived to improve Utopia. Do note that the program is under beta and a few features currently available may be discontinued or new features may be added in due course.

The encryption functionality offered by the platform would definitely make it a formidable choice. While every member can take part in the communication of data, it will only be decrypted by the actual recipient. The high degree of encryption ensures that the communication is free from any sort of interception. The complete communication is entirely secure. The data is encrypted using Curve25519 high-speed elliptic curve cryptography. You have access to 256-bit AES encryption.

Yet another excellent option available on the service would include built-in uWallet feature available on the platform. You can use it to send or receive payments through internao cryptocurrency names Crypton. You can pay using Crypto cards as well without the need for revealing your identity and even Utopia public key. You can accept payments for your services using the Crypton currency as a merchant. A purely simplified option for a financial security should be what it would provide you access to.

You also have access to an alternative to the traditional domain name service in the form of Utopia Name System or uNS. Once you register a name through uNS, it is yours forever. This is the decentralised registry of names and can be used without a fear of issues.

Want to Join Utopia? Here is how..

Well, Utopia has gone into public beta. If you want to be a tester, contributor or a promoter, just join the Utopia Beta Program and you are good to go. The official release is scheduled for October, 2019.

The participation can take place in several formats. You can take up testing, multiple forms of promotion or even you can provide support for other users or moderate Utopia channel in your region. You can take up a single role or try yourself in multiple roles. Each of these rewards would be accompanied by specific rewards.

Utopia is a P2P Project management. You can both participate in a new technology and opt for a huge financial gain. Each of the actions you undertake will get you rewarded. You will be able to earn rewards based on the roles you are looking to take part in.

If you get involved for beta testing, you will earn for your efforts in testing the network. You will be paid for every effort you want to put in improving the Utopia platform. If you are a contributor, you will be able to drive users to the Utopia platform. This can be done in several ways that include providing content through blogs, forums and a few other resources. The rewards you get would be dependent upon the efforts you put in.

You can also earn rewards as a promoter, and this would have no limit as long as you attempt to be as much creative as possible.

In Conclusion

Utopia is indeed an excellent platform and wants to revolutionize industry of peer-to-peer software and entire data security sector. In fact, it has placed a huge onus on the users of the platform, and it would be the users like you and us that will be determining the direction of the platform. As a user of the platform in any role, you can place suggestions about the new features you would want to see within the platform.

The platform is designed to bring in a huge improvement in the days to come. A platform that promises a high end privacy and data security can be one of the best options.

In fact, in a situation where our identity and privacy are sold without any fault on your part, such a platform can indeed be a huge value addition. We would definitely look ahead for a further development of the platform in the days to come. Make a change to the way the world sends messages and join the platform today!

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