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VideoProc – Powerful 4K Video Editing Tool for 120fps/240fps and Slow-mo Videos

The 4K resolution is one of the most trending option – even on smartphone cameras. In fact, the resolution has become quite ubiquitous. Not every device you own may be able to play a video in 4K resolution. This is exactly why a powerful video editing tool that can handle the 4K resolution becomes an essential option.

Why Opt for a 4K Video Editor?

Well, 4K resolution is one of the huge options when it comes to video recording. However, it does have a few issues that are inherent with it. A 4K video would be quite larger in size. Not all devices would be capable of playing them.

You may also come across a situation where the videos in 4K resolution will begin lagging on some incompatible devices. It indeed needs a huge power and efficiency in terms of hardware and software. A good 4K editing tool can help you make it capable of playing them on your devices without loss of data and quality.

VideoProc Video Editor – The perfect video editor for an efficient performance

VideoProc Video Editor from Digiarty is an excellent option if you are looking to resolve the issues with 4K videos above. It is a powerful video editor with enhanced features. The high-end 4K video editing capability should be what should ideally make it a great choice you would want to go with.

One of the best features we noticed with the VideoProc video editor is the best in class rotate and flip feature offered by the tool. There are cases where a video is recorded in portrait mode, and you are not able to enjoy it the way you would want to because of the improper orientation. VideoProc is much helpful in addressing this concern effectively.

Some other features worth mentioning would include:

Beginner-friendly – Video editing tools can be quite complicated. This can be one of the reasons why beginners try to move away from it. VideoProc provides you with an easier option to address the concern. The user interface is quite sleek and well organised. There isn’t a steeper learning curve. You can perform all the tasks with ease without even technical expertise.

Hardware Acceleration for faster and smoother editing – It works with the hardware power of your computer for creating a better video editing functionality. VideoProc uses the Level 3 hardware acceleration technology. This can help you edit your videos without overloading the resources. The technology is fully powered by Intel®, AMD® and NVIDIA® GPUs.

Excellent 4K compatibility – The video editing capabilities offered by VideoProc are indeed top-notch. It can work with both 4K and 8K videos with a top-notch performance. The editor supports a wide range of video formats including HEVC / VP9 / ProRes codecs, 4K@60fps / 1080p@240fps videos, 3D and 360° VR videos.

Other additional features – The ones specified above apart, the 4K video editor comes with a host of other features as well. It assists you with video conversion and backup functionality. A host of video functions like converting to and from multiple formats, makeMKV mode and an audio-video downloader option embedded within the tool are a few features worthy of mention.

The following video should provide you more input into the capabilities offered by the VideoProc 4K video editor –

The VideoProc video editor is available for Mac and Windows operating systems.

How to Rotate videos using VideoProc?

Using VideoProc video editor should not be a difficult task. You would only need to go through a few simple steps to get the things done. You can simply master the tasks like video processing, resizing, downloading, and recording your videos in just a couple of minutes.

For the sake of this post, we will focus on how to rotate 4K/MP4 video on the software. Video rotation will be an essential option if you want to watch a video in a proper orientation. This can be quite handy if the video has been recorded in a wrong orientation.

Here is how you would be able to rotate or flip your video:

  • Download and install your copy of VideoProc video editor from the official website.
  • Register it with your registration details if you have brought the premium version.
  • Once everything is set, click on Video on the main interface.
  • Now click on the +Video tap at the top to begin adding your video for editing. Browse through the video collection on your device and select your video.

You can add as many videos as you would want to. They can be rotated all at once.

  • Choose the output format depending upon your exact requirements. You can choose MP4, AVI, WMV, MOV, M4V or any of your favourite formats.
  • You may also click on Codec option to make changes as per your preferences. Do note that this is optional and you can opt for it only if you know what you are doing.

The Codec option will let you change and personalise the codec related features like video Frame Rate, Resolution, Bit Rate, and other parameters.

  • Once you have configured all your settings, you are off to rotate your video. Next click on Rotate.
  • This will open the video editing window. Click on an appropriate option depending upon whether you want to rotate the video to the right or left. You can also use other editing options like cutting, cropping or even adding subtitles.

You can even find the option to flip the video. The video can either be flipped vertically or horizontally. This can be an excellent option to add a few extra effects to your videos.

  • Click on Done, and you will be back onto your main interface. Click on RUN and VideoProc will begin rotating or flipping your video.

That does it. You have successfully rotated and flipped the video as per your requirements. You will be asked to save the output folder to save your videos. You can even let it use the default option to save the video.

Before we conclude

That is exactly what will make VideoProc an excellent option among the perfect 4K video editing software option you can choose from. Use it for any of your needs to process & edit 4K video with ease. It can be a true companion for you if you are into high-end photography needs like action cameras and other 4K content requirements. The hardware and GPU acceleration should make it a perfect option for a trouble-free and smoother video editing.

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