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Tips To Maintain Your Health While Blogging

This blog post was first published on November 21, 2011. Today on April 23, 2016, I am reposting this blog post with some updated content. You might have noticed that recently I have started repurposing my old articles because things have been changed quite a lot in recent years. And, when I read my old posts now, I feel there are many more things that can be added to them. Therefore, I am on my way of repurposing old content to offer updated information to my readers.

Much chatter already! Let’s get on to the topic now which is “Tips to maintain your Health While Blogging”.

Generally, I don’t give health tips as I am not an expert in this area. However, being a responsible member of the blogosphere, I felt I should write something different and more useful for everyone out there. And, I thought of this topic. And,
what’s better when someone is alarming you for maintaining your health? After all, Health is Wealth

I am sure you are going to love this post because it relates to you and almost every blogger.

Being a blogger, you must know how much a blogger needs to work in front of a computer system for longer hours. There is not only one work of writing and publishing rather a blogger spends his time producing new content, building links, researching for new content ideas, finding new money making ideas, and so on. There are many small and big jobs are there that a blogger manages to do every day.

Everyday bloggers have to face new challenges because of increasing competitions, changing search algorithms, and many other things.

To compete with all these challenges of day-to-day blogging, bloggers have to work very hard that most of the times result in sleepless nights and consistent sitting hours without any breaks.

There is so much to do; still bloggers love the way of their working. But, these sleepless nights and sitting in front of computer for longer hours may lead to many health problems sooner or later. A few very common health problems among bloggers I found are listed below:

  1. Back Pain
  2. Eye Problems
  3. Neck Pain
  4. Headache
  5. Weight Gain
  6. Deficiency of Vitamin D

Let’s get into more details of these problems and discuss few tips to keep them away from you:

1. Back Pain

Back Pain is very common among the bloggers and people who sit in front of a computer for long hours. There are solutions to everything. You can do a few below-mentioned things to avoid:

  • Maintain a straight posture while sitting in front of the computer.
  • Gift yourself a chair that maintains an ergonomic seating position to level out your knees and hips as when you sit this way; you are less prone to back pain. Look at the image below that may give you a fair idea of how to sit and work in front of the computer in the right posture.
    right postureImage Source Link
  • Take regular breaks and walk between working hours. It doesn’t only help you avoid back pain; it also helps you maintain a good blood flow throughout your body. You should also incorporate stretching into your routine. Protalus mentions that because we all carry stress in our hips, the butterfly stretch is a good way to decrease tension and increase flexibility in this area of our body. Whether we walk, run, or sit, our hips are a magnet for stress and are an important part of the kinetic chain.

2. Eye Problems

Whenever you watch TV or look at the computer monitor or your laptop screen for longer hours, you may feel itching in eyes or water coming out of them. Sometimes these problems are temporary, but if you keep avoiding them, they may become big problems.

eye strain

Most of the bloggers do sit in front of their laptops to do a lot of work related to blogging. Therefore such eye strain and rolling tears may happen.

You should do below-mentioned things to avoid eye problems:

  • Give regular breaks to your eyes by closing your eyes for a few minutes in between your working hours. I would recommend taking 10 minutes break after every hour. Taking a break from work doesn’t mean you get onto your mobile phone or TV. You must close your eyes to give them some rest. Follow this, and I bet you won’t feel your eyes tired or strained.
  • Even after taking breaks, if you feel strain you should rinse your eyes with cold water.
  • Put 1-2 drops of Rose Water (Gulab Jal in Hindi) in your eyes because it is good for eyes. I use it as an eye drop medicine on an everyday basis because it helps my eyes stay fit.
  • If you are using old CRT computer monitor, it’s high time you should replace that with LCD monitor because that is good for eyes and they have anti-reflective (Source).

3. Neck Pain

Neck Pain is very common in bloggers and the computer users who consistently work for longer hours. What happens is when you are busy working on some projects, your neck doesn’t move for a longer duration, and it keeps on heading towards the monitor. It leads to severe pain in the neck, and then when you move it left, and right you feel intense pain sometimes.

You can follow a few things that may help you avoid such Neck Pain:

  • I said earlier in this post too, take regular breaks, and either walk or take rest a bit between your working hours. When you take breaks, your neck does not stay in one direction, and it moves here and there as you do other activities or take rest or walk. It gives good relief to the neck.
  • Relax your neck by stretching and massaging. There are various neck exercise and Yoga that you do to get relieved from pain. Always, consult experts or doctors before you start doing any exercise or Yoga because if you do them wrong, they may adversely affect you.
  • Maintain a good angle of looking at your computer monitor as it helps you avoid neck pain in most cases. Look at the image below:
    monitor screen angleSource: gvsu.edu

Just changing a little bit of your habits of sitting, and keeping the sitting angles into consideration, you can avoid such kind of pains easily.

4. Headache

This is the most frequent problem in the people of our generation, however for computer users, Headache is more frequent. I am also a victim of it as I work for longer hours looking at my laptop screen. However, I found a few ways that help me avoid such headaches. Check them out below:

  • I have discussed about eye problems already in this article, and let me tell you that when you have some problems with eyes, most likely you get a headache as well. Therefore, always try to keep your eyes healthy and relaxed. For more you should read the ways of keeping it well as I shared earlier in the post.
  • Sometimes when you are working for a longer duration, the mind goes blank, or you don’t feel like working. But due to the pressure of meeting deadlines, you don’t stop working and keep putting pressure on your mind which may cause an intense Thus, when you feel tired or having a low headache, stop working and relax for some time. Better if you can go out with your friends or family for a walk in the open air.
  • You may take tea or coffee while working but that too in limits. Don’t intake too much of these as that may affect adversely. Take them in limits and they will help to keep headaches
  • Adjust the brightness and contrast of your screen because too much or too less of them may put a strain on eyes that result in a severe

5. Weight Gain

One of the biggest problems of today’s world is obesity, and for computer users, it is becoming even worse because they keep on eating fatty, sugary and salty stuff when they feel hunger while working. Due to which they intake huge amount of calories, but they hardly go for a walk or do exercise. Thus, those calories result in weight gain, and if it is not monitored properly, the situation goes out of control.

Weight Gain

Putting up a lot of weight may cause several other health problems. Therefore, you must be careful.

A few things are there which you can do to avoid being fat:

  • The one tip is common for all problems that do take breaks and go for a walk.
  • Avoid eating high calories as while working, when you intake calories, they don’t get burned due to lack of physical activities. That creates the problem so if you know you cannot spend much time on walking and exercising, limit the intake of calories.
  • I would recommend going for 30 minutes’ walk in the morning and 30 minutes in the evening for burning calories. If you cannot go for a walk outside for some reasons, you may buy a Treadmill to do the running at your home.

6. Deficiency of Vitamin D

It is not so common but I wanted to include it because bloggers do work by sitting in their study room, bedroom or office.  They don’t go outside frequently, and due to which their body doesn’t get exposed to Sun that leads to the deficiency of Vitamin D because Sun is the richest source of it. Therefore, do go out and get some Sun bath frequently. It is important because deficiency of Vitamin D leads to many diseases, and the dangerous Type 1 diabetes is one of them. Be careful!

Wrapping Up

As you read what types of health issues bloggers may get when they work day and night, you must be very careful and consider the suggestions which I have shared for each problem.

Apart from all these, a few things you should always do are:

  • Drink plenty of water every day.
  • Take proper sleep of 7-8 hours.
  • If possible play games like football, cricket or any other outdoor games.

Though I am not a doctor or an expert; I have shared these suggestions as per my experience as I am one of those bloggers who work for longer hours every day. After all, health is the real wealth and we all should take care of our real wealth.

What types of health issues you are facing, and what are you doing to avoid them. Do share your views and feedback in comments.

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Atish Ranjan

Atish Ranjan is an established and independent voice dedicated to providing you with unique, well-researched and original information from the field of technology, SEO, social media, and blogging. He has in-depth knowledge of computers and tech as he pursued computer science.


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  • Hi Atish,

    Some interesting points, I daily go for morning walk and do it for almost 40 minutes. I generally try to take break after 2-3 hours for at least 10 minutes. It helps you concentrate more while working on PC.

  • Really health cautious article, I think it’s really essential to take proper sleep no matter what your profession is. Try to drink a lot of water, it keeps you moving as you have to go to toilet regularly. 😉

  • A great tip that someone gave me to rest your eyes is to look at the keyboard while typing instead of looking at the screen, the way we normally do

  • Great tips dude . One of the common problems faced by bloggers is eye effect . To avoid this , we should use protective glasses in our monitor or laptop screen . Personally , I often use to eat fatty subtances , I think its the time to break this bad habit !

  • Yeah, it is a real strain to maintain healthy – I like to go for a run in the morning and afternoon – it breaks up the day

  • Hey , i can’t believe that you have posted my problems. Now only i am realizing that this problem is for all bloggers, i thought it is only me. You know, i am sitting infront of my pc for 16 hours that brings heavy pain and weight.

    Thank you for this health tips apart from the tech tricks.

  • thanks atish, since last year i got an eye irritation i didnt have before and i think in order to make it disappear i need to stay away from laptop for a week or two during christmas holidays. Ive no choice :O

    thanks a lot

  • These are the most helpful health tips for all the bloggers and computer addicts or the people who has to sit on computer for long hours.

  • Back pain, headache and weight gain is my problem. I always have this experience of blogging for 8 straight hours and participating into different discussions while eating my favorite snack.

  • Hi Atish. Wow! This post open my eyes. thanks for the post. In all the bade side effects of blogging weight gain is what I need! I’m so thin and I hope through blogging I will gain weight. Do you have some tips for me to gain weight? lol

  • Great tips, I have problems with most of the things mentioned above. I Have been trying to start a better routein but have been seriously failing.

  • Hi,
    nice post and nice tips Atish These are the most helpful health tips for all the bloggers Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks For your kind words TechGadget. I want to let you know one thing. Please try to write your name and then keyword. example name@keyword. It will give you benefit because this site is keywordluv enabled.

  • These are very common health problems which can happen for a professional blogger. You have provided some good solutions to prevent these problems. Thank you for sharing.

  • Personally, I just force myself to get up from my desk and get out and do something – anything – at least two or three times a week. It’s tough sometimes, but it works for me. Thanks for the post!

  • Whenever I feel pain in my eyes, I paused for a while and then look in a distance. This helps me relax my eyes, 5-10 minutes would be better. I’m just wondering, wouldn’t be harmful to your vision if you would wash your tired eyes? I believe, this is not applicable, just need time for your eyes to relax first before making it wet.

  • Back pain and eye problem are major problem for bloggers. it is recommended to use steel chair instead of soft sofa chair. And have a juice dring in between to make your self fresh

  • really a different topic and a important one for every blogger as it is difficult to maintain the physical appearance as well blog.thnx for sharing these tips.

  • Most Important Thing for Specially bloggers who spend almost whole day on Pc or Laptop he Should use Specs while we work on PC or Laptop.

  • I try to get up and walk around as often as I can. Drinking lots of water = lots of bathroom breaks.

    Its also a good idea to move your shoulders around as being hunched over all day can play havoc with your joints/tendons – as I’m experiencing right now 🙁

  • I wonder if someone could possible to utilize all such kind of recommendations daily. I think he will not be able to work, because of lack time to work 🙂 Anyway, exercises in very very important indeed.

    • Yes You are right but we should care about our health as well as our work. I know its tough to follow all but if we maintain a proper schedule then we can improve our health and work.

  • I personally walk around the park half an hour daily but can have much time for Jogging but after reading this article now i must have to start jogging as well.

  • “Drink Plenty of water instead of taking tea or coffee all the time.” Whats bad to drink tea? This is the first time that i heared about not to drink tea. Im shure u dont mean icetea! 😀

    • taking tea is not bad but excessive intake of tea or coffee is bad for health. And bloggers always take tea multiple times when busy with work without realizing that they have already taken so many cups of tea. So I want to say that take tea or coffee but just 2-3 times in a day. Drink lots of water this can improve concentration.

  • All these tips are so true. For the eye problems, you can just make sure not to stare at the screen too long. It will help if you keep making sure that you are blinking instead of just stared at the screen. I am in front of the computer all day, but i make sure that i have to at least take one hour out of the day to hit the gym. Just make sure to tell yourself that gym is mandatory and you can skip out. 🙂

  • I can relate with this one. I was thin before but the moment I got busy doing online stuff I gain to much weight 🙁

  • I can really relate to this post. I’m not a blogger, only a freelance writer, but like bloggers I stay in front of the computer for long hours. Writing online or blogging really is not as easy as other people think it is. Problems with my health started when I quit my day job to work from home full time. Online work made me sit for longer hours which led to problems with my blood circulation. I experienced hyperventilation because I didn’t move around like I used to. It was really a scary experience and I learned my lesson. Now, I make it a point to stand up and walk around every 2 hours when I’m at work.

  • Thanks for sharing these useful guidelines Atish….Money is just one part of our life..but maintaining health is also very important part of it becuase as we know Health is Wealth….

  • Thank you so much for your reminding. Nowadays, we more and more rely on PC, nevertheless do the website business or work in office. So it is necessary for us to pay more attention on our health, Your blog give a lot wonderful method, thanks 😀

  • I agree with your post. I know the big thing for me is my posture while on my laptop. Not having the proper posture while working will affect your walk, sleep, and other things.

    I’ve had to sleep on the floor just to get my back right after messing it up not sitting properly. I now have a chiropractor that I see regularly to keep standing tall. I definitely have to keep the other things in mind….especially the eyes.

  • Thank you for the tips, they are very helpful. My problem was with the eyes. They would strain to a near breaking point red, and had no clue how to deal with the problem effectively. Im really interested in this julab gel. What does it do exactly and where can you find it? Thanks for sharing I appreciate that!

  • Great points, but I think it is true with any screen based work. I remember the days when I would spend a good 10-2 hours sitting in front of computer, but with more and more people blogging these days, a reminder won’t hurt. now if I could just remember not to slouch

    cheers .

  • a very nice post while reading i was thinking that you are explaining all my problems and you give a excellent solutions

  • I like your post a lot. All of us are exposed to so called “microtraumatism”‘ – repeating movements that are potentially harmful for your health. And it is good that you emphasize on that! I can recommend at least weekends some active physical exercises.

  • I think we should give 2 hours to our body like we must do excercise or join arobics ,gym classes because if we not do weight gain will cause severe damage to our health and we lose all things that we are doing for our life even our life too ..lots of risk in future

  • Hi Atish,

    Another thing you can include in your article is circulation problems. Spending the whole day sitting in the same spot can cause bad circulation or even blood clots. I often get pains in my legs due to this, so I try to break up the day by walking to the store, along with stretching and exercising.

  • I try to avoid weight gain by doing short jogs once I take a break from blogging. My eyes and back are usually my problem. Sometimes when focusing too much on my writing, I forget my sitting posture and end up slacking. That is when I realize I need a good chair instead. Thank you for the tip on applying cold water on my eyes, I wasn’t sure before this would solve my problem.

  • The best tip I can offer to avoid all of this is to try to maintain a schedule that balances your health with blogging. For example, go for a run or cycle before you start blogging in the morning, take a break at lunch (don’t eat anything that’s bad for you though) and then have an afternoon break to stretch your legs.

    Sometimes it can be difficult to stay in a schedule but it should be worth it in the end.

  • Hi Atish

    You make some very good points along with some practical advice on dealing with the problems of being a full time blogger.

    My own ways of trying to maintain a healthy existance start with my chair – which is a very comfortable high back chair with lumbar support. I also take regular breaks to rest my eyes, with a view out of the window that allows me to re-focus at regular intervals. Finally, I go to the gym 3 times a week, on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I usually go just after lunch so it splits up the time that I’m sat in front of my computer.

  • I love this article, since I experienced, so I may suggest to do yoga and daily jogging for 1-2 hours a day to keep you feet.One time I have pinched nerves, so painful I had to to Sinshe to fix that problem.Now I don’t have to.

  • I go to the gym regularly, because i am aware that most of my time is spent on my butt in front of the computer and if i don’t… i will end up looking like the guy in the post image.

    Although, i do need to rest my eyes more often. Matter of fact, they ache right now because i’ve been staring at the screen all day!

    These are some excellent tips and this is a GREAT post. Very unique and helpful. Thanks!

  • Nice article. Good points you mentioned.
    The only think I don’t do is the 7-8 hours sleep, the rest I do more or less.

    Thanks for great post.

  • Eye Problem is my Problem.I changed my CRT monitor to LED monitor.I think it may help me……Tell me other technique….Whether sun Glass can protect our eye during blogging..?

  • ya it is equally imp to take care of health if we are fultime bloggers.
    health is wealth. otherwise no matter u have 100 blogs earning decent revenue..what is the use of it, if we cant enjoy the fruits of our hardwork.
    always take atleast 2mins break for every 20 minutes at the screen, there are also softwares available to remind this. or u can keep screensaver or schedule it accordingly.

    • Thanks for your comment Priya. can You please share that software which reminds to take break. if you have time then For TechTricksWorld’s Readers write a guest post here about that software.

  • I often stretch a lot when I’m sitting at my desk. It’s also nice to have a window close by, I find it rests the eyes to look outside, especially if it’s a beautiful view. I didn’t know rose water was good though, I’ll have to check it out!

  • Great points, but I think it is true with any screen based work. I remember the days when I would spend a good 10-2 hours sitting in front of computer, but with more and more people blogging these days, a reminder won’t hurt. now if I could just remember not to slouch

  • Also if you want to lose your weigh then go for walk in the morning and try to run for 15-20 minutes continuously on daily basis. Keep up the good work !

  • A nice article about blogging activity impact. The problem that I feel is often eye problems and weight gain. Eye problems caused by beam monitor. Weight gain due to lack of movement.

    After reading your tips, I will try to implement. But the tips are terkhir hard for me to apply my ingredients every night because i insomnia. Was it impact of the computer screen radiation?

  • Atish,
    This is the first time I actually read a blog that discusses the healthy aspects of writing a blog. Though all your tips are pretty standard and known, it is amazing the number of people that do not apply them. Very informative.
    The water tip at the end of your article, should normally be the easiest – but then again many people forget to drink enough.

  • Thanks for sharing guys !! Yes, i totally agreed with this. Before i started blogging, i am having six pack and now i have two family packs…lolz……
    But i have started running lets hope it will benefit me or not.

  • those were some really nice tips to remain healthy… drinking lots of water is a good habit….. i put protective monitor color in order avoid any problems…

  • Great stuff. really liked this article, i will read a bit more in your site after i’m finished with my work! =)

  • Internet marketing and blogging can be rewarding and like having a day job, can expose us to the same illness and could give health risks too. The posture in sitting plays a big role when it comes to body pains. I stand every once in a while and stretch my back and arms to avoid having back pains and so that my arms won’t be strained too much. Maintaining a balanced and healthy diet is the basic and most important regimen that each of us should do daily to keep our body strong and healthy.

  • Really cool tips. i have no any other problem except eye. While i am on screen of my PC, i lave my eye in every hour and i feel better.

  • Very good article, I try my best do a lot of stretching…since my back hurts a lot from sitting so much. Back pain and eye problem are major problem for bloggers. really liked this article, i will read a bit more in your site after i’m finished with my work! i have no any other problem except eye.

  • Very essential information it is. Most of the case bloggers work at night. I think we need at least 3 times tea break on hole night. What you think ?

  • OMG !! while reading this i thought u have written this for me. 😛
    All the problems are already with me Back pain, Head ace,Eye Problems, Neck Pain,Weight Gain and not for only bloggers but also Student like me who continuously sit in front of PC and searching Stuffs related with our studies and also doing Face Book 😛
    well thanks for sharing so useful tips m trying to follow some tips but i can’t 😛 but from today i will surely try to do all 🙂 🙂

  • Hey, how you consolidated all my problems and gave remedies for those?. Really i got addicted to blogging and sitting for long hours infront of my laptop. So am getting these common problems and just thinking that it would be better if i follow some tips shared by you to manage my health problems. Keep posting the heath tips that a blogger must follow..

    • Nirmala,

      I am not a doctor or something who can give expert advices but yes these are the common problems which can be seen in an Internet addict. you can follow these tips to stay healthy.

      Thanks For dropping by.

  • Great post, as always!!!
    Its always a pleasure to read what you put up here, Atish! 🙂
    Yea, we all need to be careful.
    No health- no wealth. Remember this adage?
    Besides, I would also like to point out the value of sleeping in time at night. Staying awake till late at night (and that too, night after night) takes a heavy toll on the metabolic system and nervous system too.

  • Eye sight weakness and the belly fat issue these are the two issues i am facing a lot.

    For reducing body fat i am preferring two to three cups of green tea in a day. Green tea is a very nice medicine for the fit and and fine body and it is also very useful if any one wants to burn the extra body fat.

  • problem related to spine is too much effecting now a days to professionals who have very long sitting habits its better to have a short break in between and to some yoga,mediation to retain energy..as someone says “health is wealth” and it will remain wealth always

  • Well that was really a good article comparing health to blogging. Really we get many problems. Working regularly we may feel back pain, eye problem and many. So we need to take care of both blog health and our health really helpful tips. Thanks.

  • Hlo Atish, I feel that you are rising and shining all the way from technology to personal information. Your every blog got a voice. I will also follow in my everyday life your tips on health which is very remarkable.

  • Aha!!! @Atish Bro.

    You are right.. I am affacted from Back Pain.. 🙁

    This is Too Painful for me .. This Computer is Useful and also Harful for our body.

    But Now I’m Doing care of My Body.

  • Ahh, all things that most of us bloggers don’t consider until they actually start to happen.

    Taking small breaks to go for a walk or do some other exercises along with drinking water have been two of the best remedies for me as they renew your energy and can bring fresh ideas. Besides that, proper sleep has got to be the most important.

    Better to be aware and prevent these issues from occurring before they get out of hand.

    Thanks for sharing, Atish.


  • Health is wealth! Its been always said since ages and Yes I agree because if you have health then only you can earn better so with taking care of work you also need to maintain health. Great health tips for bloggers, Atish. Thanks for putting up together.

  • Hi
    Yes this post is right,yaar as a blogger i am facing these problems, most important is increased weight 🙁 ,your suggestion of taking water instead of tea is good,i think now its time to change habits .

  • Great post.

    Being a blogger, these issues are serious, in the adventure of earning money and visitors, we forget completely about our health.

    I’ll try to put these tips in the implementation. Thanks for sharing.

  • Hi Atish,
    A very well written article. This is probably one of the best article for Bloggers to maintain their health. I also work around 10-12 hrs infront of PC. So these tips are really gonna help me. Thanks for sharing with us 🙂

    Soumyakanti Ray

    • Thanks for coming by Soumyakranti. As I always said, Health is wealth and bloggers do need to care of it. Keep coming to my blog Mate.

  • Good to see that you’re updating your old blog posts. Things have definitely changed with time. Health is now one of the priorities. A blogger spends full time in front of his PC or laptop which sometimes can affect his health. The tips mentioned in this post will allow some of the bloggers to get a better health even after working very hard.

    • Hello Mohit,

      Glad to see you back on my blog. Yes, health is the real wealth, and we need to take care of it first.

  • Hi Atish,

    I’m going out today and purchasing rose water! My eyes do get itchy and dry from sitting in front of my lap top all day. It sure beats putting in some chemicals.

    Oh yes…back pain and weight gain. I do a lot of work during the winter months. I’ve gained a little weight and do need to take those 30 minutes a day at least to work out…take a walk…anything lol. But as the weather gets nicer, I do have the incentive to get out there.

    I do eat healthy…no sugar, or fatty snacks. So much so, I never eat while I’m on the computer.

    But the best thing of all here is that I am pondering to re-post some of my old ones, especially those that people were interested in. It seems to be a good trend people are doing lately.

    Thanks for all the tips and I’ll try to sit up straight!


    • Donna,

      Great to know that you are going to use rose water for your eyes. However, you can get expert suggestion on this from any doctor. It is doing great for me. Good to know that you don’t eat while you work. Me too, I don’t eat much but I do have a few cups of Tea and Coffee, I have to control on that.

      Winter is bad for me too as I become lazy and keeps on working on my laptop only. I find difficult to get out my warm bed. As I am a Type1 Diabetic, I need to do more physical activities than what normal people do.

      Thanks for sharing your views, Donna. Enjoy the weekends!

  • As a programmer that spend all day with a PC, I recommend you to get up from the chair every 30 minutes and to look at the horizon else you will have big problems in future. Because most of all forget to get up, I recommend to use a phone alarm that repeat every 30 minutes to remember you. But well this is a nice article. Thank you for share with us.

    • Hello Radulescu,

      Thanks for coming by. I can relate to this scenario. I am not a programmer but when I was pursuing my bachelor’s degree with computer science. I use to practice code, and until a program compiles successfully, it is tough standing up from the chair.

      Thanks for your views and tips.

  • Hello Atish Ji,

    It’s very necessary to maintain our health while working day and night specially in blogging. And you have written this post In a nice way to understand our health and maintain it perfectly.

    Nice Post 🙂

  • Hi Atish,
    I am happy that you posted this kind of Post. While blogging we should take care of our health and exercise regularly in the morning for about 40 minutes. keeping our body fit and the points you have mentioned are must be kept in mind also .
    Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Robin,

      We must need to take care of our health because it’s the most important thing.

      Thanks for coming by.

  • Hi Atish,

    Glad to be here after a long time and it is very interesting to see one of your old posts. Health issues related to long hours of sitting and using the computer is very common among people. The thing I am worried is the fact that even if we know about the ill effects of sitting for long hours, we forget to take proper steps to avoid such problems when we deeply get involved in blogging related activities. Anyway, this post is a timely reminder for me to be careful in future.

    Keep sharing.

    Best regards

    Reji stephenson

    • Hello Reji,

      Good to see you back. Thanks for that!

      I am happy that this blog post is kind of alarming thing for you. Hope you are going to take these healthy habbits into consideration soon.

      Have a great week ahead.

  • Hi Atish,
    It is nice to take 7 or 8 hours sleep per say but what should be do by those people who don’t have time to sleep 7 or 8 hours. May be they have only 4 or 5. Can it be dangerous for health?

    • Hello Alice,

      If you are not taking enough sleep, It may adversely affect your body. Sooner or later it may be very dangerous. Proper sleep required.

  • Hello Atish Ranjan,

    Great post buddy 🙂

    No body lately talk about the health problems that are caused by involve in too much of
    blogging activity.
    I have faced issues like weight gain and itching eyes, they are one of the greatest fear of mine.
    Sometimes my eyes are like a burning grille, and it led to headache too.

    Indeed some sort of outdoor activities are very much required. I love to play cricket, this
    installs a freshness inside my self and I am ready for the next day work.

    Thank you for sharing this among us.
    Have a great week ahead.
    Be healthy and Keep sharing 🙂

    Shantanu sinha

    • Hello Shantanu,

      I am happy that you found this post useful. Yes, it’s important to do some physical activities to stay fit. 30 Minutes of everyday walk is what important at least. More is better.

      You too have an awesome week ahead.

  • Hello Atish,

    in fact is is a real problem to stay healthy all the time. Sitting many days without any move and bad nutrition are the main issues. A good way to avoid back pain in the office is, to make some small workouts. There are many exercises to do that way. I use these kind of traing by myself. There is a good app in Google store called 6minutes back pain relief. Its easy to use and the workout are very simple to do in the lunch break.

    Thanks for your good written article. Many people work on the computer alle the day long and forget do do things for their own health.

    • Hello Sven,

      Yes, not moving for a long time is the main issue. It affects people in many ways.

      Thanks for sharing your views. I will go check out the app you suggested.

      Blogging is addictive, and when it makes you money it becomes more addictive so it is important to take care of health because if you are low on health what you will do with the money then. Health is the real wealth.

  • Hi Atish,

    Great health tips indeed and much needed because, like most bloggers, I spend many hours in front of the screen.

    One tip I would add, based on the recommendation of Harleena and Vinay, I got myself a “standing desk” and find this very beneficial.

    And now I will try and implement your tip about getting enough sleep – but sadly I think I’ve failed already as it’s creeping up to 2am LOL.

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

    • Hello Joy,

      Thanks for coming by, and what a great contribution you made here. Yes, I missed it, but it is a great idea to get a standing desk.

      No worries, take care of your sleep from tomorrow. LOL.


  • Great post Atish! This post received a lot of comments because many freelancers could relate to this problem. Aside from the tips you have provided above, you can also do regular exercise for your eyes to keep them healthy. You can also massage them to ease the discomfort.

    • Hello George,

      Thanks for coming by, and sharing your thoughts. Yes, exercise is important as I mentioned that 30 minutes everyday walk is imperative.

      Thanks. Have a great time ahead.

  • problem related to spine is too much effecting now a days to professionals who have very long sitting habits its better to have a short break in between and to some yoga,mediation to retain energy..

  • Great Post. Very useful article not only for bloggers but also for people who are spending most of their time with Computers. Thanks for this Health Cautious Article.

  • Hi Atish Its really awesome articles, It is very useful for all bloggers or others who work minimum 5 hours on computers, I’m also a Blogger, In that case My eyes reduced some power. Now I used Spec for my eyes. If I get this post before when I’ m in normal…then I think its All Good. Bye d way Thank You Atish.

  • This article is really useful for a blogger like us. We spend lots of time in front of computer and are unknown about the healthy measures. Thank you for the article.

  • Wow, nice tips Atish. Yes according to me eye problem is the worst. I faced lots of issues with my eyes last year while working on one blog. I used to seat for long hours in front on my laptop to complete the work. But now I take regular breaks while writing post or doing some work online and not feeling much pain.

    • Hi Sarika,

      Good to know that you are taking care of your health while blogging.

      Keep up the good work.

  • I’m currently having some eye related issues due to blogging. But beside that I’m ok. But thanks for the tips bro! I will try to follow them. You missed a point i think, i think you should include water intake rules, because we blogger keep forgetting about drinking water. 🙂

    • Hello Bhabesh,

      Thank you for adding drinking water. Yes, it is very important to drink water at regular intervals. I am happy that you are fine overall. Eye problem is common, you should check them out from some good ENT doctor.

  • You are right dude! I think I have all these problems. :p Thanks for these helpful tips. I would definitely try.

  • the most i think is Eye health important in Blogging,

    Apart form back pain and all, Eyes are getting harm maximum while sitting in front of a Screen, Doctor told me to take break in every half hour for 2 minutes and see far distance to relax your eyes,
    There are lots of drop available which can reduce eye strain, Or we can use anti Glare Glasses when working on computer or laptop.

  • Very Informative article admin… rightly said.. even i have facing headache and eyesight problems…. thanx for sharing ..

  • Hi Atish,

    Heath is indeed the most important thing for every individual, with the help of good health one can perform batter in our life. You have shared all the possible health related issues which bloggers faced during blogging. In-fact i am also a victim of eye pain, headache and wait gain.

    Many thanks for excellent share 🙂



  • Great suggestions. It doesn’t require brilliance to realize that we need to exercise in the morning and turn off the compute at night, and yet I still don’t do it. Thanks for the friendly reminders.

  • Great tips dude . One of the common problems faced by bloggers is eye effect . To avoid this , we should use protective glasses in our monitor or laptop screen . Personally , I often use to eat fatty subtances , I think its the time to break this bad habit !

  • Hey Atish…
    Really health is wealth. I used to spent 10 hours per day i online activity. Backpain is very painful. By reading your valuable health related post i got the way how to sit. Thanks for kind of post.

  • It is only the living that can blog successfully. This is the greatest article I havr ever read this year. I am actually a victim of two or more; sitting longer and close to the monitor, not doing much exercise to burn calories. I am highly inspired to maintain a healthy lifestyle while blogging for a living.

    Thanks for this wonderful post. Seriously, it can save a life.

    Many of us are focus on making money to the extent that we forget put health. This guide is a true reminder of how I should balance my health and blogging life.

  • Hey Atish ,

    I was searching for some helth related post today when I came across techtricksworld.com.

    Awesome post!

    Actually, This is very glad to read this informative and health related post. Who does not want to live and lead a painless life. I am a content writer. I used to sit at least 10 hours per day on my desk. Backpain is my regular matter. Through your post i really got the tips how to sit properly. Hope all the readers get touch to this great suggestive post. Keep posting like that.

    Have a nice day dude..

    Md. Sayedul Islam

      • Health is very important specially for people who forgot to take care of themselves because they focus more on getting the results they wanted than taking care of themselve. this is a good topic and a reminders for us as well. great post and indeed very informative post.

  • Blogging takes time and to become professional blogger needs to work for long hours. Long hours of work increase health issues. So it is really necessary to keep ourselves healthy while working in the most profitable industry.

    Your health tips are really helpful to relax. thanks for sharing.

  • Hello Atish,

    This article was really amazing. Many people do not adopt a good posture of sitting. This does not impact then, but later on, they face many problems.
    I too had the same problem while doing more work with my laptop. Thanks for your valuable suggestions.

    D. Bala Ravi Teja

  • As a Blogger, I face many health problems. I have insufferable back pain and a little problem with Eye vision. Surely will follow your steps,

    Thanks for sharing by

  • Hello Sir,
    I am a new blogger, my website ewalletdeals.com i have very slow speed can you please tell me how i cam increase the opening speed of the website. I will be thankful to You,. Thanks

    • Hello Nishant,

      I would say, do test your site with Google’s Page Speed Tool, and see what they recommend to improve the speed. Do them first. Also, Try using WP Rocket plugin, it does help to speed up your site.

  • Hi Atish,
    Well done for creating something unique which is very important for bloggers. Because today everyone neglecting health for their profession. The Same thing also applicable for bloggers also.
    Sometimes it takes hours to complete a project and we have to sit in front of computers for a long time.
    You have mentioned some serious health issues which are common for every blogger apart from these sitting for a longer period of time regularly in a place is also very bad for your heart.
    You did the right thing by sharing some effective tips to maintain health while blogging.
    Anyway thanks for sharing.

  • Aweome Post.This is more than needed.
    I specially feel very tried for doing this long hour tasks.
    Atish beside gulab jal what more can I use eye problem during the long work hours?

  • Great suggestions. It doesn’t require brilliance to realize that we need to exercise in the morning and turn off the compute at night, and yet I still don’t do it. Thanks for the friendly reminders.

  • If you want to maintain your health while doing blogging. Take time to rest, sleep on time because indexing your post will take time, dont rush. Relax and take tine on blogging

  • Nice article. Read first time any time on health importance. Blogging is really time consuming, demands very hard work for success. One may find no time to rest which is also very very important. I must say that one may write article in advance to find some time for rest as well publish an article daily.

  • This is so generic article. Being as blogger maximum working more than 12 hours is a not appropriate way working so in such scenario coming like this helpful informative article and helps to improve positively our health.

  • Hey Atish Ranjan,
    Great post. Since my childhood I have heard “health is wealth” . The pain you have mentiioned are really true and relatable. Talking about me, I alway do some exercises in the morning and drink atleast 5 litres of water per day but my sleep cycle is not so good. Anyway Thanks for sharing these tips .Keep up the good work.

  • Hi Atish,

    great article! My eyes are often strained because I spent too much time on my laptop. That’s why I’m trying my best to incorporate regular breeaks into my working shedule. Hopefully this will help my eyes.

    Thank you for sharing these health tips. Bookmarked this website.

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