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TAGG Inferno Bluetooth Headphone For Music Buffs [Review]

TAGG Inferno is a must have Bluetooth headphone for music buffs. 4Com Technologies has done a great job by providing awesome features like noise cancellation, sweat resistance, weightless and sleek design and much more you name it, and TAGG Inferno has it for you. With such great and advanced features, there is no doubt why TAGG Inferno is rated on top among all Bluetooth headphones available in the market.

There is no time and space constraint when it comes to music buffs as and when we get time off from work or meetings we like to peep into our list. We live in a digital age, where entire ecosystem is on the internet, and headphone like TAGG Inferno comes handy and dandy. Unlike traditional hand free where you miss the beat untangling the cords. With TAGG inferno, you don’t have to worry about anything right from the user experience to the quality of the product. The most striking thing about this Bluetooth headset is its cost and magical features which are rare to find with such a nominal cost as low as Rs. 1999/- only.

When it comes to headphone, honestly I am not a great fan of earphone that comes with the phone. They hardly serve any value. This is the reason why we adore headphone that can offer HD quality sound output with noise cancellation feature. Since, there are Bluetooth headphones available, very few people go for wired one.

I have once reviewed iBall Glint BT-06 Headphone which is awesome, and I loved using it. Moreover, I have got TAGG Inferno for me as I wanted to try out a new one in the market. It is awesome for listening to music and fairly great for receiving calls is a bonus. I have been using it for around a week, and I must say, 4Com Technologies has done a fantastic job of equipping it with so many great features and HD sound quality.

In this blog post, I am going to review this marvelous Bluetooth headphone. Let’s go for it then.

Inside The Box

 TAGG Inferno Headphone

The product is packed sensibly in the box. TAGG Inferno comes with a carrying case, instructional manual, charging cable and 3 pairs of ear buds with one line hanging, and a clip. You can see in the image below that how well managed all the stuff are put inside the case.

Before taking out of the box, see how well the packing was done that let’s not damage the product while it is being delivered to you.

I really loved the packing part, and the carry case is what I adore the most because this case helps keep the headset and accessories at once place and carry anywhere.

Features of TAGG Inferno Bluetooth Headset with Mic

Let’s have a look at the features of this Bluetooth headset, and know more about it in a whole better way.


The very first feature is that it’s a wireless which means hassle-free. You don’t need to connect it to your phone or untangle it. All you is need is to turn it on, and your phone’s/PC’s Bluetooth and pair them. All done, now receive calls or listen to music whatever you want you can do.

Moreover, there is a string of wire joining the pair which keeps them from falling apart.

Stylish Ergonomics look

TAGG Inferno has been designed keeping the style in mind. The look of this headset very stylish and it does fit easily in the ear.

The front part looks stylish with TAGG’s logo, and the cushions are quite comfortable and designed intricately.

In short, I would say it is a perfect pick for those who want to look trendy and tasteful. A bulky headphone on your head is a big NO, but TAGG Inferno makes you look not only trendy but also comfortable wearing them. As for most of us, style comes with comfort.

Excellent Sound Quality (The bass is too good)

If you’re a music buff like me, then you know how important is the quality of sound and TAGG inferno surpassed all my expectations while sound testing.

To test the same, I played music with heavy beats and set the highest possible volume.  It didn’t disappoint me as the bass was banging with thin treble; even in full sound, there is no difference in the quality of sound. I felt like some home theater is being played in my room.

Quick Controls

There are volume(+) and Volume(-) buttons available on the headset, and also there is a power button which you need to press for 3 seconds for turning it on or off.

Instructions to use Controls:

  1. Long press the Power button for 3 seconds to ON or OFF the headset.
  2. To answer a call, simply press the Power button which is also called Home Button. To cut the call, press the same
  3. Change songs while listening to music, you can use Volume (+) and Volume (-) buttons.
  4. To increase the Mic volume while you are on the call, press the (+) button and to decrease (–) button.

Other features of TAGG Inferno

  1. Noise Cancellation: The most talked about feature of TAGG Inferno is the noise cancellation which reduces the unwanted ambient sound to give you finest listening experience while you are on call or listening to songs or watching movies.
  2. Sweat Proof: It is sweat proof which means the sweat it gets from your ears won’t impact it in any way. So, you don’t need to worry even when you are jogging, and perspiring while it is on your ears.
  3. Battery: It has a built in 100 mAh battery inside which can be recharged using the data cable comes with it. It has space for USB wire, connect the wire to it, and then to the PC or laptop, and let it charge for 1-2 hours for it to get fully charged.

I have once charged it completely, and kept on listening music; it runs quite well till 5.5 hours, and then in another test, it worked till 6.5 hours. So, I would say it gives a music play time around 5.5 – 7 hours. And, for talk time testing, it worked well for around 7 hours.

Note: Use only the charging cable you get with it in order to better the battery life of the headset.

There are LEDs that blink when you turn it on. They also blink differently for different things you do with it.

The details of LED blinking:

  • When the headset is being charged Red LED will be ON.
  • When it is fully charged, Blue LED will be ON.
  • When the battery is low, Red LED starts blinking twice after every 4 seconds. And, you will hear a voice telling the battery status.
  • When it is paired, Red and Blue LED start blinking and flashing.

How to Connect TAGG Inferno with Your computer/laptop or Smartphone?

Connecting TAGG Inferno Bluetooth headset is very easy. First of all, turn on the headset by long pressing the Power button. Once it is on, you will hear the voice that says it is “Turned on”.

Now, turn on your smartphone’s or laptop’s Bluetooth On, and let them search the nearby device. Soon your device will show TAGG Inferno in the nearby Bluetooth device. Just tap on it, and it will be connected. For me, it was connected without asking any passcode. However, it asks for the password or pin, just enter 0000, and tap, Yes.
Hurray, it’s connected. You will hear a confirmation voice prompt as “connected”. Now, play the music on your phone and listen in the headset. It works quite well within a 20Ft range which means if your phone is within 20ft, the headset will work well.

How to Get TAGG Inferno?

TAGG Inferno is available on Amazon.in, and you just need to visit this link and order it online. As simple as that!


With a price tag of Rs. 1999/- TAGG Inferno stands top on the list of wireless headphones available in India. With all the incredible features and cost this product has surpassed my expectations. Without burning a hole in your pocket, you can enjoy all the supreme quality features with Tag Inferno.

I have been using it and enjoying it a lot lately. I have mentioned all the things about it which I observed; I loved the each of its feature. I am sure you will enjoy music with TAGG Inferno too if you get it.

If you are already using it, do share your views and experience in the comments.


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  • Big surprise in small package!!! This is by far the best among the lot. Some of the noticeable things about this headset are
    Awesome clarity and adequate bass
    Active noise cancellation while on call
    Comfortable fit on ears
    Only con is song change option button not given

    • Oh Yes, I almost forgot about the song change option while writing the review. Thanks for mentioning about this, Kai.

      Glad you liked the post.

  • Hi Atish,

    This looks like a really good bluetooth headphone solution.

    I especially like the ergonomic comfort factor … that’s such a big thing for anyone who has used these devices.

    Thanks for the thorough write-up on this… no questions left unanswered 🙂


    • Hello Donna,

      Indeed it is a superb headphone, and I am totally loving it.

      Thanks for coming by.

      Enjoy the Holidays!

  • It looks like a paid review! I bought these earphones on Flipkart for 2099 and they were just a piece of Junk. The worked fine for just 7-10 days, later i they failed to charge. I tried contacting the company in Delhi, and they turned out to be a big fraud. They made tall promised, later i ended us wasting my 2099. Would never recommend or buy again from this cheap Brand. Buyers beware.

    • Hello Nitin,

      First thing, this is not a paid review. I bought it, and that is why I thought to write about it. I have been using for quite a few time, and it is Working quite fine for me. I am not sure about their service centers, but the device is working fine for me till today.

  • I am unable to listen to any media once this is paired with me phone, however calls are fine. Any idea what may be the issue?

    • Hello Reema,

      When the device is paired, did you hear the sound from phone if it doesn’t come out from the headphone? Or just you cannot hear from headphone and not even from phone as well?

    • Hello Ravi,

      I don’t think the battery is removal. I tried checking that but was not able to do. I think need to take it service center only or call them.

    • Hello Vikas,

      I haven’t personally used QCY qy8 but using TAGG Inferno, and this is working great for me. I am enjoying it.

    • Hello Nirav,

      seems both have almost similar specs. Moreover, I have used Inferno only, and it is doing pretty well.

      • Hi Atish,

        How long has it been since u started using it? How much has the battery life and performance of the item changed over the duration??

        • Hello Sunder,

          I started using 1 month before I posted this review. So far, it is good. If it is fully charged, it works great for a long time. I am not headphone guy as I listen to music on speakers. But, I do use once in a while, and it’s doing pretty well for now.

          There is not much difference over the time but surely if you will be using for years, you can see a little bit less battery backup for sure which is common.

  • Hey could you please tell me is the headset still working and deliver same quality .. How about voice call clarity .. How about pairing between two devices.. phone and laptop..

    • Hello Raghvendran,

      if your device’s bluetooth is working fine, there won’t be any problem in pairing. Voice quality is nice.

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